Why Flower Essences Matter & More about the Need for Energetic Sanctuary

As the vibration continues to rise, dramatic situations intensify, ever reminding us to ground in the sanctuary of our hearts. Because everything that is occurring is first an energetic circumstance that then plays out in the material world, Flower Essences are an extremely important tool for right now.

Here is a message I received from my “upstairs” guidance recently when asking for advice about how to explain to folks about the need to take energetic care of their Flower Essences:

“Humanity is going through many electrical shifts. Mechanical and chemical tools do not address electrical shifts. This is why Flower Essences matter. They are electrical tools not mechanical or chemical tools so they can efficiently and effectively solve electrical concerns. They need to be treated with reverence. They have waited in the wings for their time. This IS their time. They will do what is needed to bring necessary electrical changes into manifestation in everyone’s electrical systems. They need respect not so much because they can hurt but because they cannot hurt and because they can help when so much else cannot help.

People are casual about things they need most: air, food, water, divine light and love. They often come to Flower Essences with the same casual attitude just when they need them most. It is good you treat all Green Hope Farm Flower Essences with care and suggest others do so as well. People will look back at this time differently. They will see the gifts of Flowers and their Essences were in plain sight yet few saw this. It will be like one of those gothic stories in which the heroine misses the obvious- doesn’t see her circumstances clearly and doesn’t choose until almost too late to do what she needs to do. Keep focusing people on the wonderful, practical, effective, life preserving, life enhancing and life changing nature of Flower Essences. Keep reminding people to take care of their Flower Essences. What they do with this information is on their watch.

Just as Divinity exists in the midst of people and calls to them and many do no hear this call or open their hearts, many will not notice the gift of Flower Essences. This is not your concern. Your concern is taking Flower Essences seriously and offering them to those who have woken up to their gifts. Sometimes the answers are in plain sight and few see this. This is the case with Flower Essences.

The vibration has hit a level in which most people feel something is going on, but for those who do not quiet their minds and listen to their hearts, it is going to be hard not to just go on with the patterned response of doing more of the same solutions that did not work. For those who have somehow noticed something different and experienced something that has shown them there is another way to proceed, this noticing will be a saving grace and will lead them forward to tools like Flower Essences and an understanding of the energetics of a changing reality.

It is funny and quite wonderful that so often it is the animals in people’s lives that show them the gap in the curtain of a mechanical and chemical world view. The electrical sensitivity of the animals shows them an alternative way to proceed. It is quite heartening and all humanity should be grateful to the animals for this.”

So in response to the many questions about care for Flower Essences, I would like to say that because they are energetic and hold energetic information, our best bet about caring for our Essences is to energetically care for the space where we keep our Essences. The great thing about this solution is that it allows us to live in energetic sanctuary at the same time as our Essences. Additionally, we can use our Flower Essences to create this sanctuary by putting Essences in a spritzer bottle with water and energetically clearing the space we live in by spritzing this space with the Flower Essence in water solution. Here is more about spritzing.

I encourage you to energetically clear the space you live and work in each day for your own sake as well as the sake of your Flower Essences. Because there is so much going on energetically right now, many people are responding to this shift in vibration in dramatic ways that often times feel particularly aggressive. This means that creating sanctuary and routinely cleansing this sanctuary is more important than ever both for our Essences and for ourselves.

The Angels went so far as to create a Sanctuary Flower Essence combination remedy last year to address this concern. There are many Flower Essences that help clear a space including Comfrey, Violet Transmuting Flame Violet, and Flow Free and there are many that help maintain the energetic integrity of the space including Golden Armor, Teasel, Pennyroyal and Wing Span of the Senses. Check our the topics of Protection, Cleansing and Boundaries for more Flower Essence suggestions.

At the close of our long description of our Irish Flower Essences is a General Template for Land Clearing. Scroll to the end of this document and you will find this template. This technique works equally well for clearing an inside space as an outdoor area. In fact, any request you make to the Angels and Elementals to energetically clear any place will be honored. My template has certain specifics that I have found improve the efficacy of energetic cleaning. However, the Angels and Elementals would much rather clear your space however you ask for clearing than have you live in a pocket of heavy, stuck energy. Why do you need to ask for this clearing? The Angels and Elementals must respect your free will and energetic cleansing happens only through extremes of weather and geological change unless you get involved and ask for a more gentle cleansing.

Recently I have been working with a wonderful and earnest vet to help her keep her inventory of Flower Essences clear and vibrant. While she was keeping the Essences away from the computers in the office, she had not thought about other particulars of a vet’s office and why energetic clearing and protection was so necessary.

People come to a vet’s office with their ailing, beloved animal friends. The animals are going to soak up any good vibration in the office to help them feel better including the high energy information of the Flower Essences on the shelves. The people visiting a vet’s office are often releasing much emotional energy of an intense, confusing and dense nature. They too will tap into the Flower Essences on the shelves. Because absorbing our dense electrical energies is part of the animals’ service to humanity, they will absorb as much of their people’s heavy energy as they can. However, there will still be a lot of heavy vibrational energy left over. As you can see, there is a lot of energetic activity at a vet’s office!

If the people working in a vet’s office could see the energy left behind, they would do the energy clearing without fail each day. Without this clearing the space gets denser and denser with sorrows, fears and other dense energies to the point that of course our animals don’t want to go to the vets nor does it feel like a sparkling serene place for the animals or veterinary staff to be. Flower Essences can help with specific issues animals are feeling but will get drained off of their information quickly if the office remains full of heavy energies and they are the only candle in the dark there to assist the caring vets with the energetic work of the office.

There are many spaces where this kind of energetic issue is a serious concern. Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any group in the country. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of heavy, dense energy dentists work in as most of us leave a lot of emotional energy at the dentist’s office when our teeth (representing the very roots of our lives) are cleaned. Doctors’ offices are the same as are many other places. Any building where people congregate could benefit from being cleansed.

What to do about all this? We can all help by clearing these spaces before our own visits to the vet’s, dentist, doctor’s or other space where we know a lot is going on. When you routinely clear your own home in the morning, visualize clearing another space too. We can clean up the messes we have created! Excellent tools are in our hands and helpers more helpful and loving than we can understand are with us!