The Angels at the Winter Solstice

I have been fortunate enough to work in partnership with the Angels and Elementals for almost thirty years. Our work together is tied to the seasons. Within this cycle there are four days in the calendar year that are particular opportunities to celebrate, give thanks and take our partnership forward with new plans. These four days are the Autumn Equinox, the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Right now I want to talk about the Winter Solstice with a quick look back at the Autumn Equinox.The Autumn Equinox begins the natural cycle of the seasons. It is a time to lay to rest what happened in the previous growing season, take stock and ask for support for the next year’s growing cycle. IMG_4894

The Autumn Equinox is almost always the day that the Angels and Elementals wrap our joint project to create a new Venus Garden Essence. The Venus Garden holds a very high vibration here at the farm and is regrown completely from the ground up each season.
This garden is one of the main places where the Angels and Elementals bring down the high vibration energies that will help us humans move forward spiritually and electrically in sync with our evolving planet. The Angels and Elementals lock these energies into the Flowers grown in this garden then transfer the vibration the Flowers create together into the year’s Venus Garden mix. This transfer into a readily available Flower Essence mix makes it possible for anyone to access this template for change. The work done in the Venus Garden is the most cutting edge work done at the farm. It is always an effort to make ready the vibrations you will most need to grow and evolve in the years ahead.IMG_0035

The Venus Garden Essences over the years have included Phoenix Rising, The Sunflower Spiral, Love Prevails, The Alignment Garden, Don’t Worry-Bee Happy, Loving What Is, Gratitude, The Eight Garden, Balance in a Blue Moon and this year’s Effort and Grace.

The Autumnal Equinox is a time to harvest what we have learned and acknowledge what still needs to be learned. It is also a time of letting go to the wisdom of our Angelic and Elemental partners about what is needed next. Over the years my requests for help have morphed from me presuming I know what I need to simply asking for help. After thirty years together, I realize the Angels and Elementals know better than me what I need to solve my own difficulties. In other words, I try not to ask for a shiny red Maserati because I am sure it will make me happy but instead ask for help to make the vibrational shifts that will make me happy whether I have a shiny red Maserati or not!

After releasing my hopes and concerns into the hands of the Angels and Elementals at the Autumn Equinox, I turn my attention to the Flower Essences made during the previous season to see who wants to step forward to be shared with all of you.

The new Essences always feel like a cohesive group, and because the Angels have the advantage of REALLY seeing things in overview, they always have ready Flower Essences to specifically help us navigate the vibrational times we find ourselves in. In case you haven’t checked out this year’s introductions, here they are.

Once these new Flower Essences are launched, there is a bit of a lull as I wait for the Winter Solstice. As you may recall from previous blogs, the Angels are the architects of form. They design and the Elementals implement and make manifest the design. Here at the farm, the Angels create a plan for all the Green Hope Farm gardens. These designs are ready for me to receive tonight, the Winter Solstice. They are not available for me to download before this moment, but after the Solstice they will be available at any point throughout the growing season. If I fail to get some detail when I first transcribe the plans, I can go back and get clarification later.

While tonight at the Solstice I can begin to transcribe the designs and specifics for all gardens at the farm next summer, I probably won’t get more than a little bit on paper. Instead, we’ll celebrate!

Because this night is all about the Angels part in creation, I usually drag everyone at the farm out into the snow to light candles in the dark and sing all the songs we know about Angels. Despite some eye rolling before they are out in the snow, everyone ends up loving this moment.


I am particularly grateful to the Angels this year. So many have had a difficult year. It has been a bumpy ride for humanity, but always the Angels have been with us. And they will remain with us ever reminding us that we are not alone in the dark. Angels and so many other beloveds are helping us cross the thresholds to a new humanity. And not only are the Angels there with us, but they know humanity is going to make the necessary shifts. Their presence restores our hope. Love will prevail. Our better selves will prevail, and thank Divinity, the Angels will be with us every step of the way.
I hope you have a blessed Solstice and that you too feel the love of the Angels filling your life with their love and support!