Flower Essences for this Unusual Energetic Time

What energetic shifts we have navigated this fall! And the shifts keep rolling!

The Angels describe the energy as like a tornado hovering over our inner landscape uprooting everything that needs to go. Some days it feels like everything that needs to go is literally everything.

To put it mildly, this is one heck of a complex energetic shift we are making!

My understanding is that we have at least a few more weeks until this particular energy push eases and another kind of vibrational encouragement is felt. I thought it might be helpful to mention the Flower Essences that have been flying off the shelves to support our alignment with this planetary energy work.

Wing Span of the Senses and Golden Armor
Good boundaries are a must for all of us right now. We have a right to have our energy field respected. In addition to the support that Golden Armor gives us to maintain the sanctity of our energy system, Wing Span of the Senses supports us to find clarity about our interactions with others, especially if we are in caregiving/service/ teacher/healing fields. This Healer’s Toolbox gem has been the GO TO to for this work as it helps us maintain our energetic integrity even as we stay in the trenches supporting others with kindness and compassion.

Zucchini, Charles de Mills Rose, Vitality, Recovery and Austrian Copper Rose
This particular energy shift has been very exhausting for many. These Flower Essences have been particularly popular to help us feel refreshed and restored during these shifts.

Zucchini is one that we are paying attention to because so many of you all over Earth are sending for it. This is always a sign to us that an Essence is addressing the particulars of a planetary energy shift.

Charles de Mills #3

Charles de Mills Rose is one of the Angels introductions for this fall. The New Essences are always tied in to energy shifts the Angels know we have to navigate.

This is what one of you said to us about the New Essences in a letter to us today, “I celebrate the timeliness and extraordinary gifts of the New Essences for 2014. They have been included in every custom blend I’ve made since the package arrived. I feel the flowers and their essences in this group are availing deep benefit to each individual who takes them which is also benefitting the collective.”

Vitality and Recovery are two tried and true Essences that are calling to many of you right now. Recovery has many Tree Flower Essences in it that help us feel strong down to the very fiber of our beings. Austrian Copper Rose is another one of the new Essences showing surprising versatility. It is deeply restorative.

Austrian Copper Rose

I haven’t connected with anyone during this time who isn’t navigating a lot of change and dealing with a lot of interpersonal drama in the wake of the everything these energy shifts are precipitating. All this rapid fire change can be very disorienting. Here are a few different groupings of Flower Essences that help us with this situation.


Indian Pipe, Anxiety and Arbor Garden
These three help us with the underlying “What the heck is going on?” feeling. While Anxiety remains our most popular Flower Essence remedy, Indian Pipe has been particularly popular as it anchors us to an experience of elemental peace and brings home the truth that peace is the reality beneath the surface tumult.

The Arbor Garden helps if the changes include the loss of beloveds. It helps us feel the oneness that connects us even to those who have died.

The animals also love these three Essences as they are feeling these changes intensely as well.



Grounding and Rosa Gallica
So much rapid change can make us feel ungrounded and disoriented. Grounding not only helps us stay present in the now of our life just exactly where we are, but it also helps us feel strong enough to stay the course. Like Recovery, it has many Tree Essences in it. These always support us to stay rooted, even as we are blown about by the winds of change.

This fall the Angels brought forward Rosa Gallica from its long time quiet presence on our Additional Flower Essence list. This very ancient Rose helps us ground to the heart of the Earth. This is different than simply being grounded to Earth. Since Earth is a sentient being, when we ground to the Earth in general we loop into everything on the surface of the Earth. This is a mixed-bag needless to say! However, when we anchor to her heart we connect to the timeless, eternal, love reality of our planetary home. This helps us too live from a place of clarity about what is eternal and what is temporary.

Among the Flower Essence collections that people gravitate to in intense times is the Irish collection. This collection also taps us into our eternal identity beyond temporary circumstances and helps us navigate things falling apart with equanimity. Omey Island and Thyme from Omey are among two of the Irish ones that have been very much in demand. We have also noticed a lot of Common Knapweed going out the door.


It is important for us to be kind to ourselves during this sort of upheaval. This energy shift is global, but it affects us in the particulars of change and oftentimes loss. Common Knapweed helps us be kind to ourselves and not fall into a mind trap of “I am doing something wrong.”

I also like the new Venus Garden Essence, Effort and Grace, for this, as it reminds us our effort is enough no matter what does or does not happen.


With so much turmoil and change, there are many Essences for helping us deal with our grief. Grief & Loss is joined by a new Rose Dainty Bess which helps us when we are laden with griefs we wish to lay down.

I thought it was interesting that the Angels chose this time to introduce Golden Hedge-Hyssop. This is a Flower Essence that supports us when we feel shame about how much we are feeling. There is a lot going on. There is a lot to feel. Shame just gums the works. Golden Hedge Hyssop helps us see our feelings as guideposts on our path not liabilities.

In the comfort of Flowers and their Flower Essences, the Angels remind us that they are ever with us, helping us through this time. They know this is a lot to navigate, but they stand ready to help us in each and every moment. These many Flower Essences are one of the many ways they are caring for us as we awaken to a more expansive understanding of ourselves.