New Flower Essences from Green Hope Farm 2014

Here they are! The New Flower Essences from Green Hope Farm for 2014 including our new Venus Garden Flower Essence combination, Effort and Grace.

The Angels encouraged me to have them ready for you on this full moon in November! Every Flower Essences has a photo of its Flower except White Mulberry. This will have a photo as soon as we find the ones we took!

These Flower Essences will soon have their own section on the main website, but for now, this is the only place where you will find their descriptions (we are also going to send a hard copy of their descriptions out with orders!)

These new beloveds are not yet on the order blank but are ready and available for you now! So with much joy and excitement, we welcome these new beloveds!

Austrian Copper Rose

Austrian Copper Rose
Rosa foetida bicolor
Reawakens passion

This Rose helps us reawaken passion after firestorms have left us drained and flat in our enthusiasms. It sparks us to deeply embrace our life situation again with a zest tempered by the wisdom gained from the firestorms. It helps us move forward to refine our passions in more evolved ways in alignment with our unfolding experience of self.

-Helps elevate a relationship or creative endeavor to a whole new level of loving expression.

I AM ardor refined and restored.

Nuits de Young

Black Moss Rose Rosa Black Moss
Being true to our core self and values even when others oppose our choices

Black Moss Rose helps us hold true to our core identity as a divine being when surface circumstances or other people press us to change. It is particularly helpful when our heartfelt choices don’t make sense to others. Black Moss Rose helps us make peace with our purpose so we can stay true to self regardless of external pressures to change course. Our destiny is between us and God and no one else. This Rose helps us know this!

-When we are in a place of uncertainty and others behave as if they have the inside track on our lives, Black Moss Rose helps us be comfortable in our uncertainty until our own heartfelt guidance about the way forward grows clear.

-Helps us reframe what others might see as liabilities or challenges in our situation so we experience them as strengths that help us stay the course.

I AM unwavering in my trust of myself and my path.


Blood LilyHaemanthus albiflos
Emotional calm during extreme situations

This Flower comes from the Cape Floral kingdom of South Africa, the source of so many wise Flowers here to help us cross the spiritual thresholds of this millennium.

Many varieties of Blood Lily have blood red Flowers, but this variety has luminous bundles of individual white filaments tipped in large yellow anthers. It holds information to help us shift from fear and panic to centered calm during extreme dramas or situations that feel like bloodbaths. It helps us transmute our fear during intense situations into a measured, balanced response infused with wisdom and clarity.

-In heated interpersonal dramas this one helps break the cycle of reactivity by helping us find within us calm and sure knowledge that we have many choices about how we can to respond.

-Helps calm fears around scary events like epidemics. This would be my suggestion for those worried about the Ebola epidemic.

In any situation, I AM calm, certain of my choices and measured in my response.

Charles de Mills #3
Charles de Mills #2

Charles de Mills #4

Okay, you probably didn’t need three, make that four pictures of Charles de Mills but it is SO LOVELY I couldn’t resist!

Charles de Mills Rose
Rosa Charles de Mills
Restores and refresh every part of our electrical field

This gorgeous Rose has an Essence that helps us expand our electrical field for the purpose of cleansing, restoring and literally enlightening our electrical field. When our field expands, all parts of our electrical field can be cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated much more easily. This is because healing light moves much more easily through an expanded field than through a contracted field

-Useful when our electrical field contracts with emotions such as fear, guilt, anger and doubt.

-Helps us trust, release and open our field so that light can wash through to cleanse and restore us on every level.

I AM the flow of restorative light through every cell of my being.


Dainty Bess Rose Rosa “Dainty Bess”
Release of our deepest sorrows

Dainty Bess helps us reach into our depths to bring to consciousness hard kernels of sorrow, bitterness and disappointments. She supports us to bring these deep griefs to the surface then let them go knowing the grace of an ever present light will dissolves them all away. This Rose works with an infinitely kind, soft and gentle touch so we never feel shame as we release these burdens. Instead she basks us in an experience of being profoundly loved.

The kindness as well as the thoroughness of this Rose is reflected in her soft pink petals and stamens of a deeper pink that hold aloft many particular maroon anthers. Even in her appearance she shows us how she lifts up and relieves us of all our sorrows.

I AM the sweet and gentle dissolution of any feelings that it would serve me to release.





In addition to these photos of the Effort and Grace garden, there is a film of this garden composed of a photo taken each day all summer of the garden. You can find this film on our Green Hope Farm YouTube page

Effort and Grace
Before we broke ground for this year’s Venus Garden, the Angels told us the name of the garden was Effort and Grace. Throughout the growing season, I spent much time thinking about what was meant by the word EFFORT and what was meant by the word GRACE. However, when I wrote this description the word AND came to feel of equal significance in my understanding of this garden and its Flower Essence combination mix.

The garden was planted by the community of people here at the farm. I have often planted this particular garden, known from year to year as the Venus Garden, by myself or with just one or two other people. It felt significant that a dozen people were involved. It suggested to me that the garden was going to be about community. And so it was.

When we finished planting the many concentric rings of yellow, white, purple and pink Flowers, our final task was to tie twine from individual stakes on the outside of the garden to a very tall birch pole in the center of the garden. The gesture felt symbolic of each of us seeking connection to a greater whole and asking for grace to experience this wholeness.

The summer was complicated with many interpersonal dramas. The group of twelve had many levels of relationship with each other beyond the connection of working here. There were several sets of siblings, spouses and business partners to name just a few of the layers in the relationships. As is typical of the Venus Garden projects, the gardens stirred the pot, in this case bringing to the surface many of the things preventing us from experiencing our oneness.

These interpersonal conflicts in our community were gifts in that they gave each of us opportunities to try and find our commonality beyond the personality shell of self interest. Sometimes we found this common ground. Sometimes we didn’t. The Angels encouraged us to wade into each mess together but also let people be where they were in their varying levels of interest in engagement. We learned that an experience of unity by one person did not mean we all saw the situation the same way or all experienced the same level of connection. The Angels consoled us that our efforts mattered no matter the apparent results.

Toads abounded in the garden. I came to think of our efforts to surrender our differences and seek common ground as like the toads. Our efforts were warty, imperfect, earnest but deeply essential. The way our individual strands of twine were tied in the middle of the garden created a visual diamond shape. We began to call the garden Toads and Diamonds as well as Effort and Grace. We spoke of the grace of certain conflicts finding unexpected resolution and closure as the diamonds of our situation. We thought often of the exhortation, Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. This summer the boldness was going into messy interpersonal dynamics ready to surrender our agendas. Sometimes grace was simply remembering we were all one even when we didn’t experience this truth clearly.

The plants in the garden grew in a way that encouraged us to keep surrendering self to the grace of a greater all encompassing love and oneness. The relatively few vines we had planted next to our individual stakes transformed into an immense and glorious canopy of overarching, connected Flowers. Our warty efforts were merged into an ocean of grace in the form of thousands of Morning Glory Flowers. Their blossoms reached to all corners of the garden and then up, up, up into the sky.

The grace of the garden was a gift to everyone no matter their level of effort. Because of this, we could have interpolated that effort did not matter in the face of this grace. But the AND in the name of the garden suggested that those making an effort to surrender their personality agendas and seek the most loving path were experiencing grace differently. There were no guarantee or promises, but the grace felt deeply sweet to those making an effort. Effort elevated and sweetened grace. Grace elevated and sweetened effort.

Many religious traditions suggest that divine grace is the only factor in play on the spiritual path while others suggest effort is the only thing that matters on this path. This garden suggested both mattered. The grace of an embracing oneness is helped by our efforts to meet the embrace.

This Essence supports us to know our efforts matter no matter the surface outcome of these efforts. It helps us catch a whisper of a glimmer of the abiding reality of love beneath all form and comforts us that our toady but invaluable efforts will be met in full with a grace we can only dimly imagine.


Golden Hedge-Hyssop Gratiola aurea
Release from shame about what and how much we feel

So many of us come from cultures that encourage us to feel shame about the intensity and volume of our emotional responses. This Wildflower offers comprehensive support to release this shame.

While the Hyssop family from which this Wildflower comes holds much information about forgiveness, this specific Flower knows there is nothing to forgive when it comes to what we feel. It helps us release all negative judgment about our emotions by showing us a way to respectfully contain our feelings as purposeful and good.

Released from a response of guilt and shame, we are free to learn from our feelings versus fight to deny them. In this climate of acceptance, we can bring to our emotions the maturity of choice about how we want to make use of the information our feelings give us. No longer at war with our feelings, we can use our resources to bring a measured response to address the circumstances that precipitated the feelings in the first place.

-Helpful for those of us have been shamed about our feelings or have been taught to think of emotions as a liability or weakness.

-Particularly helpful for those of us who have been criticized as too emotional or overly dramatic. Helps us own our feelings as valid and not up for debate.

-In relationships, supports us to move the focus from an attack on us as too emotional or our feelings as inappropriate to the real issues that are precipitating such strong feelings.

I AM at peace with my emotions, embracing them as guideposts on my path.


Goldfinch Rose Rosa Goldfinch
Balm when our electrical systems are frazzled by too much electrical stimulation

Helps us to recollect ourselves and our electrical systems when we are electrically frazzled, especially after too much time at our computers or other electronic devices. Shows us how to smooth and soften the glitches in our electrical field from too much electrical stimulation.

-Very calming for “wired” individuals.

-An excellent remedy to use in a spritzer.

I AM the tranquility and calm of my restored electrical system.


Ispahan Rose
Rosa Ispahan
A clear sense of personal direction no matter the tumult or distractions around us

This Rose was first found in the ancient Persian city of Ispahan. During the middle ages this city was known as “half the world” as its presence on the silk road and forward thinking leadership made it a tremendously beautiful and dynamic, multicultural city.

Ispahan Rose is a strong presence in a garden no matter what other Flowers are clamoring around it. It knows itself and what it expresses. As an Essence it helps us stay on our true course amidst the pull of many diverse forces and distractions. It helps us zero in on what matters to us and let go of what does not. It brings clarity, focus, discernment and determination to our understanding of the spiritual priorities in our life situation and what we need to do to take care of these priorities.

-Cuts through any confusion we have about our situation to help us know what we need to know to move forward.

I AM certain of the truth of my situation and know who I am and what I need to do.

Louise Odier

Louise Odier Rose Rosa Louise Odier
Spirited and determined courage and faith

This warm pink Bourbon Rose blooms vigorously for a very long season. First found on the Pacific island of Reunion, Louise Odier is thought to be the result of a serendipitous cross between Old Blush China Rose and Autumn Damask Rose.

Regardless of our circumstances, Louise Odier Rose Essence helps us have the pluck and resolve to keep going with confidence in the goodness of ourselves and our situation even when others do not share our faith and optimism. It helps us attune to the divine reality beneath events, a reality that always supports us even when surface circumstances suggest otherwise.

-In any undertaking, Louise Odier helps us have true grit: the passion, inner confidence and poise to keep going even when others dismiss our resolve as foolish or misguided.

I AM certain of myself and the purposeful goodness of all of my life circumstances.

Mme I P #3

Madame Isaac Pereire Rose Rosa Madame Isaac Pereire

Rosarian Graham Stuart Thomas said of this Rose, “possibly the most powerfully fragrant of all roses; the flowers are enormous, of intense rose-madder, shaded magenta, bulging with rolled petals, quartered* and opening to a great saucer face.” The Angels describe this as a Rose of Mercy. While Mercy is ever present for us, this Rose helps us feel the love of Angels, their tender concern and the matrix of Mercy which is the abiding reality behind all form.

-Offers us a consoling comforting vibration that helps us feel more connected to the Angels that love us and watch over us.

I AM ever loved and cared for.

*Next season I will try to get a photo of this Rose that shows this quality of quartered petals better. In this photo she has opened past this stage.

Rosa Gallica
Rosa Gallica
Anchoring to the immutable heart of the Earth

This is an ancient mother Rose from which many other Roses descended including Charles de Mills Rose. For centuries Rosa Gallica was grown for its medicinal uses thus it is also known as the Apothecary’s Rose.

Rosa Gallica helps us establish and improve the interface between our own electrical system and the electrical grid of Earth. More specifically it helps us align and ground to the heart of the Earth versus the surface of the Earth. This is a purer, deeper connection to our planetary home and one that is more stable and supportive than grounding to the surface of the Earth. To understand why this is so, consider how a heartfelt connection with another person is more profound than a surface connection.

By helping us plug into the electrical grid of the heart of the Earth, Rosa Gallica helps us be more present, more effective, more grounded, more light filled and more in the flow of our lives.

-The Angels included this Rose in their Angel Set for Abundance explaining, “Rosa Gallica sets the stage so that all good things can flow into your world.”

I AM the full expression of my light.


Square Stemmed Monkey Flower
Energetic sanctuary and recovery for those who have been abused

The Monkey Flower family has been calling to us loudly. We now have four different Monkey Flower Essences on offer. This purple variety specifically helps those of us in abusive situations to find shelter and regain our energetic vitality and sense of wholeness even if these have been badly damaged. Additionally, this Essence helps us stay out of focus so those that might hurt us don’t notice us as easily. This Flower helps us stay out of sight almost to the point of invisibility. It is a very strong plant ally.

I AM beyond the reach of any harm.

I learned about this ability of Square Stemmed Monkey Flower to stay out of focus when trying to take a photo of the Flower. It required meditating with the Flower, explaining my purpose and asking the Flower’s permission to be photographed AND three of us taking photos before we got anything but photos like this.


White Mulberry’s photo will be here shortly!

White MulberryMorus alba
The freedom to express our unique divine identity

As the sole food of voracious silkworms, White Mulberry has been chained to the ego dreams of fortune seekers for tens of thousands of years. In New England the silk industry boomed and busted in the early 1800’s. White Mulberry trees fueled many get rich quick schemes in the region. The industry collapsed when a Mulberry blight killed most of the trees. When I found an elderly surviving White Mulberry blooming with abandon, I knew its Flowers would hold a unique wisdom.

A tree’s destiny, like our own, is to express its true self. This White Mulberry was warped to fuel other’s desires yet matured beyond its original imposed role. In its wise old age it offers us information about the territory beyond the cycle of being consumed by others or consumed by false obligations.

“I sing a song of the immutable God self within those who have lived through the total depredations of ego driven behavior. I am solace and the way forward for those who survive the extremes of human greed and selfishness. If you have been at the receiving end of someone’s extreme selfishness and ego driven behavior, I help you find your way beyond this drama. I am the calm certainty that all shall be restored, and that your eternal self is intact and whole within you yet.”

-Excellent for those in recovery from relationships with narcissists or other selfish or abusive people.

I AM the enduring reality of my divine self poised to begin anew in expression of my truth.