A Variety of Questions about our Flower Essences

I have begun to get questions for this blog. The following are some that I have received. I have edited the questions slightly to protect people’s anonymity.

Q: Can my Flower Essences go through airport security?

A: Flower Essences can go through airport security without their vibrational information being damaged. I always ask the Angels to keep my Flower Essences safe and protected when I travel as they can be pulled on energetically by people and animals in close proximity to the Essences, and this can drain them of their information. But the machines do not damage them. Someone also asked if their Flower Essences would get confiscated. The bottle size is under the legal limit. I have heard of no one getting their Flower Essences taken from them at the airport.

Q; My rescue dog has gotten very quiet even withdrawn since beginning to take Abandonment & Abuse. My instinct is to keep giving him the Essence. What do you think?

A: Every animal is going to make use of the information a Flower Essence provides in a different way. I had a number of back and forths with this GHF friend about her dog, a 5 year old rescue who had been in his new home with her for 3 months. Ultimately she decided to keep giving him the Flower Essence. We both agreed that the dog was really taking in the information of the Essences to heal, and in that place of deep healing work, he needed the quiet and the space he was taking.

I appreciate how animals have the wisdom to take sanctuary when they are healing versus trying to engage in the world full bore while also doing this healing work. This is something a lot of us people could learn from! It struck me and this dog’s person that he was wisely taking a time out to do the work of healing his trauma and would re-engage in the world when he knew he had done this work. This dog felt to me and to his person to be an extremely wise animal practicing self care while letting old traumas surface to be released.

Here the two newest rescue beloveds at the farm, Sheba and Po, meet at their version of the office water cooler!
Q: What is going on with your Guidebook? Are there still copies available?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! We DO have copies available and we want to share them with those who want them!

As you may have noticed, we have made a sea change in how we are sharing this book! Quite unexpectedly, the Angels encouraged us to get all our information onto our website and let the Guidebook go. Because I have loved writing and sharing different editions of the Guide during the last 25 years, this guidance reflected a big change for me. However, as the creation of the new website unfolded, I could see that the information on the website, i.e. my rewritten Flower Essence descriptions combined with photographs of the Flowers, really did a wonderful job conveying the energy of the Flower Essences. I fell in love with the whole approach! However we want to have Guides for people who do not have computers or easy access to the internet or for those who love books as I do. So we have kept back what remains of the Guidebook to offer to those who need or want it. We are asking people to pay $10 for the Guidebook from here on out so that only those really interested in reading it will request it.

Q: I have just been told there is a long list of essential oils unsafe for cats and that I should discontinue using your Essences.

A: Flower Essences are not chemicals, and they are not essential oils. They do not contain the actual plant. Instead they are energetic information of the Flower transferred from the Flower into our Red Shiso stabilizer. Red Shiso is a mint and is not toxic to animals. Additionally, it is not necessary to give Flower Essences to animals internally in order for the animal to learn from them. Topical applications or misting Flower Essences mixed with water over the animal and around the animal often work just as well if not better! How to use Essences on the website explains this better. This document explains this in even greater detail

Q: I have two Shelties and we will be moving soon to a new state. What would be best to make this move easier for them? How far ahead of the move should I start giving it to them?

A: New Beginnings and Anxiety are great to give dogs well before a move since they pick up all the energy of the move beforehand and may need reassurance even then. Anxiety is also great for car travel; It helps with motion sickness among other things as does Chinese Hat Plant! Depending on the circumstances, Grief & Loss can be helpful if they miss their old home- but this may not be a factor- It is certainly great for you to take the Essences with them as you are going through a lot also! I like Grounding for after a move. It really helps everyone get grounded in their new home!

Q: I see you have some Flower Essence suggestions in your document Green Hope Farm Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns Do you ever do custom mixes for fertility?

A: We do have many Flower Essences to support fertility concerns- There are some really wonderful Flower Essences for this, and we love supporting people to get pregnant when that is what they want- A custom mix is an excellent way to go and we can explain our choices of Flower Essences if you have any questions- We have done a lot of work on this and love supporting people in this way.

Q: Your new site is BEAUTIFUL but all I want is to look at one Essence and a few others and I’ve been pushing and clicking and decided I like the “old site” better. Please tell me how to get to the simple menu that you had before. I am one who can live wonderfully well without electronics. I am electronicked to death in many ways. Just a simple list for each collection and an empty little “search” box that I can fill in with the name of the essence I want.

A: We are working on creating a search bar. We may also create an alphabetical list of all Essences linked to their pages. We are listening to all your thoughts! The new website is a work in progress. We are adapting from everyone’s feedback both positive and negative. When we began the re-creation of the website, our goal was to make all the information we have about our Flower Essences much more accessible. That is still our goal, and we will be working in the weeks and years to come to improve this website in every way you suggest!

And Finally- This is not really a question but I wanted to share this person’s thoughts about Caretaker from our Animal Wellness collection because I love this remedy so much and sometimes feel it gets lost in amongst all our other offerings. Here is her quote exactly, “It seems to me Caretaker is absolutely essential in mothering. I was out of it for three days and noticed I had anxiety in “what to do” for my baby for the first time since she was born. It really helps with being just completely in tune and harmony with the person you’re caring for. I think it’s really amazing stuff and I think it’s my first “staple” find–the one I will need for the rest of my days!”