Flower Essences for a New Rescue Animal

With so many beloved rescue animals at the farm, we get endless opportunities to put what we know about Flower Essences to good use.

The latest rescue to join us is Po. We have welcomed him with open arms and LOTS OF FLOWER ESSENCES!

Po #1

Po was found in a drainage ditch near where Katie Carpenter lives in Vermont. He had so many burrs on his coat that he could not open his mouth. He was emaciated and in very bad shape. After an extensive search for his original family, he has been taken under Katie’s wing. Quite literally!


He is the sweetest dog. One of our theories is that he was discarded by a puppy mill as his tail was docked but he has a slight problem with his right back leg. No matter what went before, he has found his forever home where Flower Essences and love are flowing like river water!

Po with Katie

I try to simplify giving our animals their Flower Essences, so I mix 2 ounce bottles with everything our animals need. This is what I did for Po when Katie first took him in.


His initial mix contained many Flower Essences.

Abandonment & Abuse– Every rescue can benefit from this mix even when the rescue was many years in the past. It helps to unwind the electrical tangles which early life trauma left in the animal’s electrical system, glitches that can lead to lots of fear based PTSD behaviors. This remedy does profound work but it also takes most rescue animals many months to learn all they can learn from this remedy. I am going to encourage Katie to keep Po on this for at least six months if not longer. This remedy has been central to our work with hundreds of thousands of beloved rescue animals, and I know it will be central to Po’s journey to health and wellbeing.

Digestive Woes– Because Po was so emaciated, the Angels said his journey back to a healthy weight might involve some digestive difficulties. Digestive Woes is in his mix to help with this. He is a very smart dog, nudging Katie’s with his paw whenever he needs to go outside. I am happy to report he has gained weight and is not going outside at night as frequently.

Anxiety and New Beginnings– These two remedies are so important for rescues. They are understandably so anxious and so uncertain about whether this truly could be as good a new beginning as it appears. These two remedies help them feel calmer and more ready to enter into a new life with their new people.

Animal Emergency Care and Recovery– These two remedies really help with the adrenalized and exhausted state most rescues are in. They arrive into our lives exhausted from the trauma they have been through then the stress of their new lives exhausts them further even as their new lives are all good news. Think how often we too have a physical reaction after some traumatic circumstance has occurred. This is true with these beloveds too. The Animal Emergency Care helps ease the over-adrenalized responses, and the Recovery helps restore their whole electrical systems. As the years go on, I find myself reaching for Recovery in more and more situations. It has such a solid, restorative vibration thanks to all the Tree Flower Essences in the mix. It is excellent for so many diverse situations. Here it helps Po recollect himself and find his strength and the fiber of his being.

Run & Play and Watch Your Back– Because of Po’s problems with one of his back legs, I included these two remedies in his mix but I think most rescues can benefit from these two. Run & Play will help with all orthopedic issues an animal faces, and the Watch Your Back is something we have seen help with all hind end issues. It gets energy back to the end of the animal’s spine so maximum healing can occur.

Healthy Coat– This was to help Po’s coat recover from all the burrs, but it also soothes the internal tissues of the digestive track so it was good for him as he returns to eating food after many weeks without enough food.

Golden Armor– You didn’t think I was going to do a post without mentioning this one did you? OF COURSE NOT! This one is important for so many reasons. Po needs sanctuary as he collects himself and moves forward into life with the most wonderful new person. This gives him personal space as he engages with a complicated but wonderful new world. And as any of you who have read anything I have been saying about the world and this remedy since its creation in 2001, this remedy gives animals information they need about how to buffer out all the dissonance of the modern world’s technology. This is incredibly important information for all of us, most especially the animals who hear and feel this dissonance so much more than we do.

Po loves his Flower Essence mix and cheerfully licks it from Katie’s hands. We have been lucky enough to have Katie bring Po to work with her this week. He has played with Grace and Sheba as if they are old chums and helped us with all office tasks including loading 54,000 bottles into the barn on Wednesday! Welcome Po!

Po with Sheba and Grace
Po with Sheba and Grace in the gardens.


Po helps load the last of the bottles into the barn. We are officially ready for winter!


Po & Katie. A Happy New Beginning for them both!