Golden Wings

One new Rose Flower Essence from this summer is Golden Wings Rose.

Right now, a time when most Roses are past, Golden Wings is giving us all a lovely second showing of Flowers and her haunting fragrance fills the gardens.

Here is our working definition for this new friend, a definition that will no doubt shift and deepen as we all get to know this Flower and her Essence better.

“A stunning single Rose in an ethereal yellow with red and orange stamens. Aptly named, this Rose helps us find freedom from fear, specifically the fear that we are doing the wrong thing. It is an Essence of Faith for the earnest seeker, reminding us that we cannot get lost from God or fall outside of God because we are in God always. Golden Wings Rose notes, “You never left the Garden of Eden because you are the Garden of Eden. That idea is just a cultural sanskara that I will help you release.” (For more on sanskaras, see blog on 3/7/2007 on ‘Carry Less’)

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