Brooklyn’s Finest

Summer’s bounty comes in many shapes and sizes. This weeks bounty included a surprise visit from Catherine Boorady, former staff Goddess now Queen of Brooklyn, her husband Michael, and dog Motomo.

During our visit, Michael helped Jim build a door for the woodshed place to toss bikes lawnmower palace much deserved woodworking shop for Jim. Yes, we have finally talked him into accepting a space designated for his tools, woodworking equipment and projects.


Michael, now a contractor in Brooklyn, helped Jim to build and throw up this sliding door faster than you can say Park Slope.

Michael and Catherine’s regal companion Motomo broke all the rules (AND GOT AWAY WITH IT) by swimming in the goldfish pond. Blessedly, a befuddled Riley and May May observed but have not copied said antics.
In the office, we put Catherine back in the saddle for a day putting labels on bottles.

She said it was “restful after life in Brooklyn”. We said “thanks” as we were grateful for her experienced help during the summer rush of things to do inside and out.

After his refreshing dip, Motomo came in to make sure Catherine was doing a good job (She was).

The visit culminated with a festive dinner (of course) with the first ever Green Hope Farm apple crisp.

After everything I said with such confidence last year about clearly not having apple trees that cross pollinate properly and therefore long years without apples stretching ahead, I am literally having to eat my words!

We are having a heck of an apple year with all the apple trees groaning under the weight of ripening fruit. (Add this to the mounting evidence that I do not know what I am talking about.)

The first laden tree is ripe for the picking.


Having lost my early map of Green Hope Farm plantings, I can only guess what variety of apples these are. I think they are Yellow Transparent, a lovely August ripening apple, delicious fresh off the tree but also excellent when cooked, though not much of a keeper ( this last detail according to my apple book, former details now road tested by apple crisp recipients and wandering children who have been eating these pale yellow lovelies off the trees all week).

The fact that these are not terribly good keepers means I must stop now and leave you to go to the kitchen to do something with today’s haul. Ciao!

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