Feedback on our Watch Your Back, Snapdragon and Grounding Flower Essences and more about the New Website


Opening the mail is a really fun job here at the farm. Sometimes we race to get to the office first in the morning just to be in possession of the mail pile.

We all want to open the mail because we get so many wonderful, love filled, funny, beautiful and wise letters from all of you.

Here’s a letter in yesterday’s mail with a tale of three of our Flower Essences:

“The essences arrived right before I was off to work with a healer. She was impressed and had me hold each bottle to “see” the effect.

With Watch Your Back she saw a shield go up over my back with patterns on it specific to my needs. She thought the patterns would look different for each person.

Snapdragon scanned my body ( they each did before starting to work) then started healing something in my jaw. (I’ve been clenching my teeth at night).

Grounding went to work on my throat chakra. A block there has been keeping me from being fully embodied.

The healer then promptly asked for your address/website! Thank you for all the love and care that goes into the essences. Thanks also to the angels and elementals” M.T., Columbus OH

Speaking of the website, we are close to the launch of the new version of our site. Web maestro Ben thinks it will be ready in two weeks. Today, we are having a staff meeting about the transition to having ALL our information readily available on the site. Before the launch we will test all the links and wander around the whole site getting to know it so we can accurately tell you where everything is.

Katie has helped us create a lot more opportunities for you to share on the website. There will be a place for you to tell your stories directly as well as for us to post stories that we receive in the mail like the one above.

Many of you have asked for more content driven blogs in addition to my silly rambles so there will be an email address where you can send me questions and thoughts you’d like me to write about for the blog.

There will be a place for you to share photos of your animals. Every wall in our office has photos of your animals that you have sent us. We even have animal photos taped on our printers! How much fun it will be to have this rogue’s gallery for you!

Another thing we are adding is a place to post my choice of a handful of Flower Essences that I believe are particularly important right now. Needless to say, I will need to keep changing this group as circumstances change. Another reason why I don’t know what these choices will be is because I want my choices to be both Flower Essences calling to me and Flower Essences calling to YOU.

I’ve mentioned it before but it is truly startling to see the patterns in what Flower Essences you work with. Last week there were so many orders for Sunlight Datura and Moonlight Datura. We have no idea why, but we LOVED the synchronicity of so many of you wanting to work with this Flower Essence simultaneously. This week we have had many orders for Paul Neyron Rose. This is a lovely robust and invigorating friend but it has not been one of our more popular Rose Flower Essences until this week. This Rose’s affirmation is “I AM the glory of life incarnate”. How heartening that so many of us want to ground this vibration!

And how happy I am that on our new site, we will be sharing all these wonderful quirky ways we are connected to each other!


So having added two photos of Datura and one of Snapdragon to this post, I will race to the main office and snag the mail!