Where We Are Now

As so many of you know, the Angelic realm is responsible for planning and designing manifest reality in alignment with divine will. The Nature Spirits do the work of translating theses plans into actual form. Nature Spirits or the beings I call Elementals are necessary for the manifestation of all things.

In most minds and most places what I just wrote is thought to be crazy talk. This leaves Nature Spirits pushed outside humanity’s mindset about what constitutes “reality”.

This attitude doesn’t stop Nature Spirits from doing their work. They just do it with no sense of inclusion in humanity’s conception of life. I am always awed by the Nature Spirit’s reserve when it comes to us humans. In humanity’s general unconsciousness of the sentience in all life, so many humans disregard Nature Spirits completely and trash the beautiful world they have created for us. I stand in deep gratitude that Nature Spirits stick with the divine plan and keep manifesting Earth for us. If I was in their shoes, I expect I might have a hissy fit!

One of the things I love about Ireland is that the Nature Spirits feel more tangible there. There are lots of reasons for this, but I am certain one of them is because more Irish accept the reality of Nature Spirits. In Ireland there is a general acknowledgement of a world shared by other beings. No one looks askance at you when you mention a love of fairies. In Ireland, gnomes and elves are more than just fodder for fairy tales but beings included in daily life. As a consequence, it must be easier to be a Nature Spirit in Ireland than in a lot of other places.

One particularly blessed group of Nature Spirits works Omey Island off the west coast of Connemara. This tidal island is unlike any other place I have been, and I treasure the Flower Essences we have made on this island. Of late we have noticed a specific Flower Essence from Omey Island calling out to a flood of you. How heartening it is when so many of you hear the call of a Flower! It reminds me that those of us listening and hearing our co-creators in Nature will by our listening and by our actions AWAKE our sleeping fellow humans who continue to trash our planet in their state of unconsciousness.

The Flower Essence that has been calling to so many of you is Thyme from Omey Island. Here is this beloved Flower powerhouse covering the slopes of Omey. The Thyme is the pinky purple Flower everywhere.

The flood of orders for this gem has me asking “Why now? Who is this bright star of an Essence? Why is this Essence’s gifts needed so much right now?”

Here is what Thyme from Omey Island had to say in the last Guidebook.

Thyme from Omey speaks for itself, “ I offer you the Celtic wisdom of time. Some of my gifts I leave for you to discover. I will tell you that I help you to slow down into the now so that time feels stretched out into timelessness. I also help you to use time to your advantage, such as encouraging healing to move faster in time. If you want something to mend quickly, use me in combination with a remedy like Recovery. If you want to expand an experience of joy or magic or happiness into an extended experience, use me in combination with a remedy such as Wild Fuchsia that is all about joyous play. Time is much more malleable than you think. Let me show you what this means.”

I AM the ancient one that lives in the eternal now.

This description made me think of this Emily Dickinson poem:

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Success in circuit lies,
Too bright for our infirm delight
The truth’s superb surprise;

As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind,
The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.
The accounting this Essence gives of itself is circumspect and casual, oblique and mysterious. Thyme tells the truth but tells it slant as if the full truth would dazzle us too much.

When Emily Sheehan was six or so she wrote out a list of her favorite Flower Essences describing each with a succinct phrase. For Thyme from Omey she has written the phrase, “the eternal now.”

Just this week Emily returned to this topic when she told me about a TED talk she heard in which the person speaking about happiness said that the two key factors in happiness were being absorbed in the present and living more slowly.

What good news that so many are seeking the support of the Flowers to help them do this. I can’t think of a better support for this state of being than Flower Essences as their whole point is the help us be present in the present. And look how specifically Thyme from Omey supports this, “I help you to slow down into the now so that time feels stretched out into timelessness.”

This summer Green Hope Farm returns to its roots with the young people here expanding the gardens and generally digging in to many of the kind of projects that were central to our very first years.

In the preparations to grow more food as well as Flowers, there are seed flats are everywhere. And stories too as I try and share what happened once upon a time to help encourage each of these young people as they embrace their own relationships with the Angels and Elementals of Nature.

In the first summers of the farm, I dove head first into creating gardens with the Angels and Elementals. I was fearless and confident all our needs would be met. If I required a piece of equipment I did not have or a job done I could not do, I had faith that in the eternal now, the problems would be solved. And they were. I trusted in designs and directions from my Angelic and Elemental partners even when these designs were nothing like my ideas of gardening. As I let go of my ideas and embraced those of my partners, I opened the doors to gardens glorious beyond my imagining.

What a time it was! And it is so fun to tell this new generation of the adventures and joys of this beginning, knowing the same bold adventure is there for them to carry forward just as it is there for ALL OF US to carry forward.

As the farm continued after the first few years, my personal lessons went in other directions into the drama of my family of origin splintering in the face of my younger brother’s death threats against our children. I sought Divinity out more and more and more in this time but the eternal now was a different kind of place. I sought safety not a kubota tractor. Through the gardens the Angels and Elementals addressed the issues I was dealing with and brought many deeply helpful Flower Essences. The gardens were radiant and deeply healing and the work continued on but there wasn’t quite the unburdened joy of our beginnings.

So this time of new beginnings with the young people here feels very precious to me. I am so grateful that our attention can be on tractors and mulch not on issues of safety. To be digging more gardens, filling every cranny of the farm with seed flats and sinking into the eternal now of gardens created in partnership with our dear friends the Angels and Elementals feels like a great blessing.

I am looking forward to sharing these new beginnings with you all!