Life with Sheba

Sheba has been with us for almost a month. Life with this four pound bundle of mischief is an adventure. Here’s my first report on what I am learning.

When it comes to Flower Essences for Sheba, all I can say is thank goodness for spritzer bottles.

Sheba is a rescue puppy. She needs Flower Essences but doesn’t exactly sit in front of me and open her mouth like dear old MayMay and Riley learned to do. There is just no other way to get her Flower Essences to her other than spritzing over her as she races by. This is actually quite fun as I enjoy her little dance as the Flower Essence spray hits her fur. You know you love it Sheba!


A fifteen month old baby girl and a three month old puppy take mayhem to a whole new level. Sheba and Grace are quite the combination. They think as one. If I turn to see what on earth Sheba is chewing, Grace will dump over a 25# bag of bird seed and begin to spread it all over the kitchen floor. The quieter these two get, the bigger the mess. When both of them are not in the same area, I have to chose my target priority and Grace always wins. Sorry about that Miguel. They were nice shoes before Sheba got a hold of them but Grace heading for the flour bin had my full attention.


Here they are trying to break out of their controlled environment to join Reina in a romp for the ages. Sometimes they work the perimeter like the raptors in Jurassic Park.


Puppies like yarn as much as kittens and frankly they do a lot more damage than kittens AND a lot faster. This is the before picture. I will spare you the after one.

There was a reason people suggested that getting a puppy in winter was not the best idea. Think 5 am trips outside when it is 20 below and dark! Really dark! On the bright side, I have been seeing a lot of the moon.

As so many of you told me, terriers have a lot of personality and I love it.

No regrets.


Well maybe some regrets if you are Ben and it is your sweater with the strange holes.