Our Bumpy Flight into Freedom

It has long puzzled me that the people who work the hardest to be a healing force on the planet are also the ones who get slammed first by the rising vibrational energies of the planet. Somehow I have never been able to quite wrap my head around the fact that those who try to be the most loving actually feel the rising vibrations before people who aren’t so occupied with trying to be their most loving selves.

Finally a healer friend shared an image that helped me understand the why of this. Caretakers, healers and those involved in trying to be their loving best are like the head geese in a formation as the formation flies into new territory.

Situated at the head of the formation the head geese shelter others and take the brunt of the headwinds. Like head geese, caretakers take the biggest battering from any shift in energies as they literally push into new territory first so it is not so hard for others to follow.

There has been a big amp up of energies on the planet in November and now December. This means caretaker head geese are feeling both tired and perhaps a bit perplexed by the radical contrast between the old energies and the new energies we have all flown smack into.

There is something incredibly exhilarating and alive about this new energy we’ve all flown into, but it doesn’t always feel great. At least , not yet.

This new energy can feel very disorienting. All activities not grounded in selfless love feel lifeless, while on the flip side, when we are in our hearts and acting from this place of love, everything feels radiant and amazing. But it is a challenge to stay in that love place. We need to be gentle with ourselves when we slip into the disorienting zombie place of old dead illusionary and habitual preoccupations.

Let’s face it, this flight into spiritual freedom is probably going to happen in a messy, bumpy way. We are all used to slipping back and forth from heart felt love to ego activities without feeling such an enormous difference in the two states. One always was a state of sleep/illusion and one was always a state of awakeness/love/reality but NOW it suddenly feels that way. There is just no confusing the two states of being. But the thing is, its disorienting to suddenly experience this divide so clearly.

Per usual, a big wave of interest in the same Flower Essences by all of you underscored our own sense of this dramatic transition. It reminds us that there are a lot of us trying to creatively and lovingly make sense of this new terrain.

The rise in vibration has been quite alarming to many and never before have we sent out so much Red Clover to help people stay calm and not panic. Understandably, if habitual activities and pursuits suddenly feel completely dead to us as in ZOMBIE DEAD, it’s a strange new world.

Fortunately, everything is solved by the same activity- centering in our hearts and living and loving from that place- and not only are there are Flower Essences that support us to go there, ALL CREATION supports us to make this leap because our planetary home is now holding this higher vibration.

Our Venus Garden Flower Essence combination for this season, Love It and Leave It was created by the Angels and Elementals before we knew we would need this support, and I appreciate the grace of this. We must really let go of all that was and embrace what is.

The Angels’ Flower Essence creations for 2013 are just one of many reminders that we are not alone as we deal with this bewildering if amazing territory. We have wise helpers and each other. And the particular helpers from the Angelic and Elemental realms remind us that being a force of love is our only way forward and show us the way through such models as the Flower Essences.

Love is the only real thing and in this brave new world, it is definitely feels that way!