May Bliss


May is bliss and not just for cats who can hide in the Flowers.

May is bliss for bees.

And Tree Peonies.

May is bliss for Emily who graduated from high school this weekend.

May is bliss for first year teacher, Ben just about to dive summer vacation.

May is bliss for cousins William and Taylor. Taylor tries on the cap for size and finds it a good fit. Will notes that of the next four family graduations, he is the graduate at three of them; his eighth grade graduation, his high school graduation, and his college graduation. Only Emily sandwiches in there with her college graduation.


May, or at least the tail end of it, is frost free bliss for all the baby plants in the greenhouse and cold frames that can finally get planted and out of their cramped quarters into the good earth.
May is bliss for Sophie and Emily, outside at last, planting the Cherokee Trail of Tears Garden.


May is bliss in the Venus Garden. Its planted, weeded, watered, and feeling the morning sun come up from behind the barn to shine on all the new sprouting plants.


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