Teasel Power

Teasel Flowers are a fortress of protective architecture with each blossom unique in the energy issues it addresses.

When making our Teasel Essence, the Angels and Elementals choose many blossom heads with rings of petals in different locations on the blossom head.

This is because the location of these rings indicate the particular strength of each Flower. The position of the rings correlated to our chakras. Rings at the bottom offer first second or third chakra strengthening. Upper rings indicate upper chakra strength. Double bands mean the Flower works on two chakras, and top petals indicate a focus on the crown chakra.

By choosing a diversity of blossoms with rings in different positions for our Teasel Essence, the final Essence is guaranteed to help you with energy issues in any chakra.

I can’t exaggerate how important this Essence is! While it has gotten a lot of attention as the Flower Essence for Lyme disease, it supports all of us to strengthen our chakras and live with greater vitality and energetic integrity.