The Summer of Ben

When the kid’s Uncle Steve coined the phrase “The Summer of Steve” he was talking about his fantasy summer of boating, golfing and kicking back on his deck with Sports Illustrated.

For us, “The Summer of Ben” is an entirely different kettle of fish, at least as fantastic as “The Summer of Steve” and actually involves fish….. as in fried fresh sardines, shown below with roasted garlic and fresh pea tapenade, fresh salsa with cilantro and homemade bread.


Yup, “The Summer of Ben” involves Ben laboring all day on his thirty five acre piece of farmland to open up the hedgerows, clear the field of wild roses


and of course throw the ball for MayMay.



THEN…. he comes next door to cook dinner for all of us. EVERY NIGHT!

My only responsibility is to tell him what’s out in the vegetable garden up for grabs then during the hour or two that I have always spent tossing together a meal for the family, I go off and read or take a swim or putter in the garden. BLISS.


When I said broccoli and red onions, Ben delivered a bacon, raisin and broccoli salad.


When I said green onions and carrots we feasted on a sesame cold noodle salad.


When I said high summer, Ben tossed out pizza with scratch dough and homemade mozzarella and homemade pesto along with fresh tomatoes and zucchini.

When Will clamored for his idea of food, Ben made him


Spareribs and


Crab Rangoon- for the same meal!

May “The Summer of Ben” last forever!