Maybe We Should Call it Land Tuning instead of Land Clearing

I often leave gaps in my explanations and directions for processes so I appreciate your questions about the Land Clearing process I gave again last week. If you have a question, no doubt other people have the same question. So keep those questions coming.

Questions I have received since my last blog about Land Clearing had two main concerns. When you do this process are you dumping negativity from the land you are clearing onto some other piece of land? As one Green Hope friend said, “Do I really want to rob Peter to pay Paul, clearing my own land and dumping this cleared negativity onto some other piece of land?” The second question revolved around this thing I called a “christed grid.”

These questions made me realize that maybe Land Clearing isn’t a very good way to describe this process. Maybe it would be better to call it a LAND TUNING.

Land, like everything else vibrates at a variable rate of speed. These vibrations are a kind of music. The lower or slower the vibration, the more heavy, dense, and negative the land feels. Land so encumbered is too burdened to make beautiful music or express its truest self in song. When land is cleared and the vibration is high, there is a greater likelihood that the land will be free to sing the song of its true self.

We all know pieces of land that feel just right, places where you just know the land is singing its music freely and gloriously. Land is really no different than a musical instrument. Just as with a musical instrument, you can bang out notes on an out of tune instrument and get the drift of the melody, but after a tune up it’s a different musical experience entirely. The more frequent the tune ups, the better the music. And just as when you tune a musical instrument, these vibrational tune ups on a piece of land don’t dump anything on anyone else.

I imagine you mostly thought of wild places when you thought of lands that sing, but even these places need tune ups nowadays.

Where does this negativity come from? Land’s vibration is affected by negative events that happened on the land as well as negative man made creations on land. I don’t think any land is meant to host a war, store nuclear waste, or be the sight of an arms manufacturing plant. Land that has suffered from these degradations screams out to be tuned and will continue to need this tune up until it gets this tune up, even if the war that threw it out of tune was centuries ago.

Land also can be adversely affected by other factors. Even an argument between a couple of people leaves negativity where the fight happened. There are so many ways negativity gets deposited on land. I often think that the reluctance people have about going to the dentist is in part because of the accumulated negativity dumped by all of us in the dentist’s office. While I try to be appropriate about what land I clear and whose business it is to clear a piece of land on a routine basis, I do clear my dentist’s office before I go for a cleaning. It may be the dentist’s responsibility the rest of the year, but I clear the office for my hour. This is one of many places that accumulate negativity at a dizzying rate and that could benefit from routine daily clearing.

Even if a spot of land receives little or no direct dumping of denser emotions like fear or anger, all land needs clearing. Wind and rain deposits negativity from other sources onto land. Dissonance from our modern technologies also affects the vibration of land adversely as our technology affects the vibrations everywhere on Earth. This is why even wilderness can benefit from land clearing.

In my experience, two things happen when you do the Land Clearing process. In response to your request to clear a piece of land, the Angels and Elementals raise up the vibration of the land and everything on it to a higher frequency AND negativity that does not belong to the land is returned to whomever it belongs to.

The tune up part, “the clear and illuminate” part is no different than a request to the Angels and Elementals to tune a musical instrument. The Angels and Elementals are well suited to any tune up job including tuning land.

The Angels’ work in general is to take some aspect of consciousness that is vibrating at a low rate of speed, say the emotion sorrow and raise it up a few octaves to express the higher spectrum of this emotion which in this case is the vibration of joy. The Elementals’ work is about raising up the vibration of anything in form to its highest level of vibration, for example taking the idea of a carrot and manifesting in form the most beautiful carrot possible. This means both the Angels and Elementals come to this work of raising up the vibration of land as a duck takes to water, well prepared and happy to do this work.

The tune up that they do in response to your request doesn’t leave a detritus that is being dumped on anyone else. It’s an energetic process in which something manifest, in this case the land you are working on, is made more full of light and higher in vibration by experts in this field of work. The Angels and Elementals are like piano tuners. This tune up work does no one and no other land any harm.

The “cleansing and rebalancing” part of Land Clearing does involve movement of energy but again, this part does no harm. It is more a process of a restoring things to their natural order. The cleansing and rebalancing aspect of Land Clearing involves the Angels and Elementals returning other people’s negativity to them when they have either consciously or unconsciously dumped it on a piece of land. Perhaps an example will make this part of the process more clear and help ease any concern that cleansing and rebalancing land means indiscriminately dumping junk on someone else.

Let’s say you have a beautiful japanese Maple in your front yard. Let’s say many people drive by each day and send this tree appreciation and love. This appreciation raises up the vibration of your land as does the presence of this lovely tree singing its note of beauty on your land. Let’s say however that there is one person who drives by every day and feels really jealous and angry that you have this lovely tree in your yard. This person’s thoughts accumulate on the land as negativity.

When you clean your land using this thing I called a christed grid, you are asking the Angels and Elementals to take this negativity dumped on your land by this angry person and return this energy to this person without a return address on the energy. In other words, the energy that was of this angry person’s own creation goes back to this person, but it is returned in a form that doesn’t indicate that it was you who sent it back.

People dump negative energies here, there, and everywhere. In cleaning your land, you want to make the return to sender process a neutral process of returning things to their rightful owner. Without the christed grid filter, the energy would return to this person but with your energetics on it. This person would receive back his or her own energy but might think it was a new negative emotions sent from you, not negativity that belonged to him or her. This confusion might escalate the situation and lead this person to send you and the japanese Maple tree even more negativity. With a christed grid, people get their own negativity back to process as their own business and the circle of sending negative emotions back and forth to each other is not continued. This is true rebalancing.

Let me know if this leaves further areas unclear. I know I keep on and on about Land Clearing or Land Tuning, but in my conversations with the Angels and Elementals, they encourage me to write about this more than any other topic. It really is that important.

I will close with a heartening story.

A Green Hope friend on Mauritius, a beautiful paradise in the Indian Ocean, wrote that after she read the blog message from the honeybees, she noticed there were no bees in her garden. When she realized this, she redoubled her land clearing efforts. Just this week she was sitting in her study, windows wide open, and a bee flew in to visit with her for a moment. She knew it was not a disoriented creature who had strayed accidently into her home. She knew it was a bee who had come to say thanks.

May you too be visited by a grateful bee as you help the land where you live to sing its song!

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