Earth Angels 2011

As this year draws to a close, I want to report back to all you Earth Angels about what we did with your generous contributions to the Japan project.

As you may recall, after the earthquake in Japan, we decided to make a special Flower Essences to send to anyone in Japan who wanted it. Our goal was to send this Flower Essence mix free of charge with Green Hope Farm covering the cost of the Flower Essences and any of you who felt so inclined defraying postage costs.

In response to our idea, you flooded us with contributions for postage, and many people from all over Japan asked for the Flower Essence.

To date, we have sent over 1100 bottles of this Flower Essence mix to Japan. Postage for every package was paid for by you! We continue to offer the mix to anyone in Japan who would like it’s support.

In early days, many bottles of the Flower Essence mix were walked into territory near the center of the damage. Later, bottles continued to go out to the hardest hit areas as well as to people all over Japan who were concerned about radiation and dealing with the trauma as it affected the entire country.

Tomoyo Rezvani was a key person in getting Essences to all parts of Japan but many, many people distributed the mix, often in very courageous ways.

A number of you broadened the scope of your gifts and made gifts for Flower Essences for rescue animals and also people in this country affected by events like the tornadoes in the south.

We also continued to give Flower Essences to those who can’t afford them, and a number of Earth Angels supported us with that effort. One particular Earth Angel created a fund for folks with financial concerns to receive Flower Essences at the close of their lives. Sharing Essences in this way has been very moving for those of us here, and we have heard some wonderful stories of gentle deaths supported by the Flower Essences.

My deep thanks to each and every one of you who gave so generously! Please know we will continue with all these efforts!


One postcript- Our work with rescue animals got wonderfully hands on this month when this dear rescue cat joined us. Pippa is a wonderfully spunky feline with an engaging personality. She quickly made friends with all the cats, dogs and people living and working here. So far, she likes to spend her days in the office watching us pack and ship orders. At night, she is in the middle of every craft project with a particular affinity for yarn. She has all of us laughing at her joyful antics. Jim is usually the brakes in our family when it comes to more animals, but Pippa won him over in a heartbeat.

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