Special Flower Essence Mix for Japan

We have assembled a special Flower Essence mix for Japan. Several hundred bottles are already on their way to Japan.

If you are in Japan and would like this Flower Essence mix or have a beloved in Japan and want to send this Flower support to them please contact us at our email address of green.hope.farm@valley.net.

We have been sending this mix off at no cost. At some point, we may need help with postage. We can send up to 12 half ounce bottles of the mix in one global priority envelope for the cost of $13.95.
Japan does not allow for the import of Flower Essences in an alcohol base so we are very glad our Flower Essences are preserved with our Red Shiso preservative, not brandy. We came to our wonderful Red Shiso preservative because of the use of Red Shiso as a preservative by people in Japan, so it is a very full circle moment for us.

We feel a great kinship with Japan not just because it is the home of our beloved Red Shiso but because we have much loved GHF friends in Japan. We also have several beloved Flower Essences made in Japan by Tomoyo Rezvani and Vicki Ramos-Glew, two of which the Angels included in this special mix.

One Flower Essence the Angels included in the mix is Ume Flower Essence which describes itself in this way, “I bathe the world clean after wintry times…I serve to restore after the literal winter season but also after any passage through a cold, dark time of dormancy or death.” The other Japanese Flower Essence in the mix is Ajisai, or Hydrangea Flower Essence made by Tomoyo in Nagasaki on July 6 and also July 7th or Wishes Day in 2005. Among many other things Ajisai says about itself on our additional Flower Essence list, Ajisai notes, ” I AM the restoration of the eternal. I AM the light beyond the vagaries of history…My July 6th Essence helps restore the beauty of family. This is a soothing Essence for those who have suffered difficulties in the midst of their families.”

This is the ingredient list for the mix including the deeply resonant Flower Essences Ben brought back from Ireland, a place with so much wisdom about watery times and Emily’s Red Flower from Santorini that, “supports our ability to thrive after things erupt and fall apart in our lives.”

Japanese Special Mix ingredient list: Ajisai from Japan, Alba Maxima Rose, Alex Mackenzie Rose, The Arbor Garden, Aspen, Bleeding Heart, Borage, Camaieux Rose, Coralita, Corn, Crinum Lily from Costa Rica, Elderberry, Emergency Care, Golden Armor, Great Willowherb from Ireland, Grief & Loss, Grounding,Harebell from Dog’s Bay in Ireland, Joe Pye Weed, Lemon, Leopard’s Bane, Madame Hardy Rose, Maple, Old Blush China Rose, Omey Island from Ireland, Pink Tecoma, Pink Water Lily, Recovery, Red Flower from Santorini, Greece, Red Mangrove, Rue, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Scarlet Runner Bean, Shrimp Plant, The Sunflower Spiral, Thistle from Omey Island in Ireland,Ume from Japan,Yellow Water Lily

Since we are all one and all in this together, this mix is available for all. For orders not going to Japan, we are asking the same as for any of our combination Flower Essences- $9 for a half ounce bottle and $30 for a 2 ounce bottle plus s/h.

The Angels continue to suggest our combination mix Golden Armor for anyone with specific concerns about radiation. Please email us with any questions about any of this.

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