An Overview of the Sicily and Santorini collection and descriptions of Essences from Siracusa and Taormina

The view of Mt Etna from Taormina, Sicily

The island of Sicily has a strong sense of self, born in part from experiences of violation, subjugation and attack. Through trial and tribulation, Sicily came into an ability to move through tumultuous experiences while anchored in a clear experience of her eternal identity. She learned to be Sicily no matter what transitory experiences swirled around her. This wisdom is one of the essential gifts she imparts to us via her Flower Essences.
Islands frequently have a very strong sense of self-identity and self-awareness, and this is particularly true of Sicily. Her Flower Essences help us take forward a similar deeper understanding of self and soul purpose no matter what events fill our daily life. These Essences help us harvest the wisdom from painful experiences while also helping us understand ourselves to be undiminished by these events. These Flower Essences help us anchor in our eternal identity as a soul.
Sunset in Santorini
Santorini is all that remains of a volcanic explosion that destroyed a larger island 3600 years ago during the height of the Minoan civilization. Just as Santorini pulled the threads of its geography together again, its Flowers echo the strength it found to recreate itself. These are Flower Essences to help us find a bead on ourselves after explosive experiences
The view from Emily’s apartment in Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily

Emily Sheehan lived in Ortigia, the oldest part of Siracusa, Sicily during the winter and spring of 2010. She created this collection of Flower Essences in the same order as her travels in the Mediterranean. Initially, Emily perceived her time in Sicily and her geographical travels in the Mediterranean to be random, yet as she learned about each of the Flower Essences she had been called to make along the way, she discovered this collection reflected and offered a purposeful journey of self definition in the face of challenges and self expression in alignment with a deepening experience of self.

Emily made these Flower Essences and took on the responsibility of bringing them forward as a collection. Working with Jessica Miller, she designed a logo for the collection based on the landscape of Cefalu and La Rocca, Sicily. All photographs posted on the website with the collection were taken by her during her time in Sicily. In the following document, Emily describes each Flower Essence as well as the places where they were made. The writing process was a collaborative effort of give and take with the Angels, Emily Sheehan and Molly Sheehan.

This collection of Flower Essences and these descriptions were over a year in the making as we worked to find the authentic voice of each Flower and its Essence. Ultimately, Emily and Molly felt they had been given an experience of what it was to be Sicily, holding fast to her truth and authentic self.

A Lemon Grove outside Siracusa, Sicily

Early on in my time in Sicily, I took a walk with a friend in search of green space. About an hour walk outside of the city of Siracusa, I discovered a lemon grove in a field of Wildflowers. Here in the fresh soft light of late afternoon and early evening, I found myself surrounded by Flowers and enveloped in love and light. The first steps in any journey of self-discovery are self-care, surrounding ourselves in love, light and comfort as well as asking for what we need.

These two Fumitory Flower Essences support us to take care of our most basic needs and essential selves by seeking fundamental and simple ways to comfort and wrap ourselves in loving light. On that day in the lemon grove, it was reading and napping in the shade of the lemon trees, lying in a bed of Wildflowers. At that moment when my body and soul were craving nature to hold me and help me let go, breathe, and just be, I found these two Flowers calling to offer their support.

Fumitory Bella

Fumitory Bella Fumaria bella
The blossoms of Fumitory Bella are a strong pink tipped in a deep red. This Essence supports us to fill ourselves with light and life force energy and in doing so, create and sustain an energy reserve so that we have the energy to do the trying, tiring work of self-articulation. In addition, Fumitory Bella helps us to envelope ourselves in love and light.

This Flower Essence works well with Ramping Fumitory because it is only with our energy system contained by appropriate boundaries that we are free to restore ourselves with the vibration of love and light.

I AM the restoration of my self.

Ramping Fumitory

Ramping Fumitory Fumaria capreolata
The blossoms of Ramping Fumitory are white with intensely dark red tips. Each petal resembles an arm extended outwards. This Flower Essence helps us find the delicate balance of self-protection without defensiveness. Ramping Fumitory supports us in creating, maintaining and enforcing self-supporting boundaries that keep us and our energy fields clear. This Essence allows us to radiate our own energy and vibration at a higher level by keeping us tuned to our truest selves while also keeping other influences and energies at bay and out of our energy fields.

I AM the balance of self-protection without defensiveness.

Flower From The Gardens Of Taormina

Flower from the Gardens of Taormina
In the beginning stages of movement towards more alignment with divine will and the divine plan for each of us, this Flower Essence will encourage acceptance and openness even as things appear to fall apart. The beginning stages of this work can leave us in a vulnerable state. As the path we must take begins to unfurl in front of us, things fall away. Often this is a sorrowful place of uncertainty.

This Flower Essence supports us to trust the path as it presents itself to us, trust that even when there seems to be only loss, there is love and light and divine order which will become more apparent as we move forward.

In the uncomfortable early moments of anger, lack of understanding and denial, this Essence supports us to let go of outcomes. It supports us to keep untangling and keep moving towards acceptance of what is and isn’t meant to be.

I AM open to the path that is being laid before me and I understand that it is in service of my life to move forward this way.

Seaside Flower From Taormina

Seaside Flower from Taormina
Found at the base of Taormina near the beach to Isola Bella, this Flower Essence helps us to be optimistic and positive in the face of hard circumstances and challenges. This Wildflower lives in a harsh and windy environment but maintains its sweet appearance, positive nature and high vibration. It is soft, kind and open amidst difficult conditions. This Essence supports a positive state of mind when accepting what is happening in our lives and where they are headed.

No matter the winds of change, I AM optimistic and of good cheer.

Isola Bella

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