The Eight Garden Delivers

When it comes to birthdays, some of our gift giving has become as ritualized as a court dance at Versailles.

For example, when Ben’s birthday rolls around in November, I elaborately wrap up two movies for him; “Torn Curtain”, an Alfred Hitchcock thriller with Julie Andrews and Paul Newman and “My House in Umbria” starring Maggie Smith. Then, when my birthday occurs in January, he returns the favor and gives these movies back to me.

Usually at some point during our birthday galas, we pop “Torn Curtain” in the machine and watch the infamous bus chase scene. It is perhaps the most ridiculous chase scene ever filmed. Not even old Alfred could make one bus racing after another across 1950’s East Germany seem anything but absurd.


With “My House in Umbria”, we don’t even watch the movie. It’s not a bad movie, but that has never been the point of this gift. The point of the gift is that it gives us a few moments of complete silliness as we all talk about…….. what else but……. My House in UMMMMMBRIAAAAAAAA.

Ben in particular can roll this phrase off his lips with particularly pomposity and can keep us all laughing about said house for a good twenty minutes.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s post. Today I broke with tradition and defaced the “My House in Umbria” video cover then anonymously popped it in the mail addressed to Ben.

You may or may not care to ask why, but I plan to tell you anyways.

Before I explain my grievous break with tradition, I want to back up for a moment to talk about last year’s gardens and in particular, the Eight Garden.

The first time we planted an Eight mandala was 1993. Three friends joined me in creating about a dozen gardens of vegetables, herbs, flowers all planted in unique mandalas. Each garden had a different name and a different energetic purpose. Each brought its own gifts, but the garden that had the most radiant energy and caused the biggest stir when we opened the gardens to visitors was the one we called the Eight Garden.

From the beginning the Angels told us this garden was about moving things in and out of manifestation ie moving energies that no longer served out of manifestation and bringing in new healing energies and experiences. As the summer unfolded, there seemed no end to the wonderful healing experiences people had in this garden. As far as Green Hope Farm was concerned, the garden appeared to jump start our mail order business in a big way.

We began the garden season with no mail order business and no thoughts of a mail order business yet ended the season a few short months later with daily UPS pick up for orders we were shipping all over the world. I know there are so many factors involved in the manifestation of anything, and I have certainly seen things I hoped to have manifest not happen, but somehow the Eight Garden came to represent to me the magic of when we step into something we are well and truly meant to do, and everything flows.

As the years unfolded, I have loved how generously the magic of this garden has continued to share itself. The vibration of the Eight Garden lived on in many of our Flower Essence combinations that contained some of the original Eight Garden Flower Essence in them. Via the Flower Essences the garden continued to support radical transformative and healing change in so many lives.

As 2010 began, it was with considerable regret that I saw our stock of this remedy dwindle down to a cherished few bottles, and I wondered what our remedies would be like without the Eight Garden vibration informing them.

I didn’t have to wonder for long as the Angels told me then that it was time for another Eight Garden. This was thrilling news. Not only would the Flower Essence combinations get to keep their Eight Garden wisdom, but a new version of the garden after a seventeen year learning curve might hold even more evolved information about transformative change. Plus, I suspected this new Eight Garden would mean magical changes were coming to the farm, the same kind that had happened in 1993.

Would these changes come out of the blue as so much of the change here had or would these changes have a meant to be feeling? I wasn’t sure what form the Eight Garden magic would take.

A year later and one piece of manifestation has revealed itself to us. Green Hope Farm just got a whole lot bigger in a farm sort of way. It’s been a bit of an out of the blue thing but also a meant to be one.

Hence the reason for defacing of the “My House in Umbria” DVD cover…..because Ben’s riff is about to change from My House in Umbria to My House in MERRRRRRRIDENNNNNN as Ben has just bought the farm next door.


Okay, so maybe the house is the size of the tool shed at Maggie Smith’s place, but it is a house and it sits on some beautiful land!

And its a joyful full circle moment for all of us as 25 years ago I would sit in this tiny little cottage with my dear friend Teddy and look out across the field where our farm now sits and dream of living next door to Teddy and her husband Malcolm.

Now Teddy is in her 90’s and is living in Kauai with her son Kalani while her husband, our dear friend Malcolm is in a nursing home. This fall we have watched their house sit empty and wondered what was coming next. It was quite a surprise to all of us when in a big whoosh of activity, it was suddenly possible for us to help Ben buy this house and the beautiful 37 acres that come with the place.

When we planted last summer’s Eight Garden, we knew it was going to bring change as it had the first time we planted the garden in 1993, but we didn’t see this coming. As things fell in place, we were all so happy that it was Ben that was meant to live in this house. We knew it would feel right to Malcolm and Teddy, and we knew it felt incredibly right to all of us.

So now Ben has a house in Meriden right next door. He takes over the helm of the place in March but is already enjoying homeowner activities like shoveling three feet of snow off the septic tank top for a septic inspection and now I hope it will be practicing his riff on his house in MERRRRRRRRIDENNNNNNNN.

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