Some Serious Oneness Going On

We have a new person coming to work here soon. We are going to have to say goodbye to darling Yessenia soon. She is in the third trimester of her pregnancy with her baby due in early spring.

Today was the first day for our new person, Jane Taupier. She lives just down the hill from us on a beautiful farm that she and her husband created together. I have known her for twenty four years. We were dorm parents in the same dorm at Kimball Union Academy when our babies were little. Many an afternoon was whiled away with our toes in the same sandbox. When Jane’s children got older she went off to teach while I was off on my own adventures here at Green Hope. Now that her life has changed directions, she is free to come work at the farm. We are very excited about this.

The Angels suggested for day one that all of us take Jane on a walking tour of the office space. It was such fun! As we yammered away about our little world here, we got a glimpse of this landscape through each other’s eyes. For example, we were surprised to discover exactly how seriously Jayn takes her responsibility to keep a sterile sink when she bottles! I don’t think any of us will ever consider putting a dirty dish within a 50 yard range of her bottling zone ever again! The whole tour got us laughing and telling funny stories. It was a wonderful, unexpected moment of community.

One thing that was particularly fun to tell Jane about is the synchronicity of orders here. It doesn’t take very long before anyone shipping or invoicing orders begins to notice that there is some serious oneness going on in the world. On a regular basis the following drama takes place. A sweet Flower Essence, usually one that has had a relatively quiet presence on our shelves, suddenly is ordered by a large number of people all over the planet. This wonderful mysterious flow has nothing to do with us and we love this!

These dear Flower friends wait with infinite tenderness and readiness for their moments. Then, when the moments come and they fly out the door to you all, they go out like joyful music into the world.

Some of the beloved Flower Essences that have stepped to the front lines in recent times include Niella, a marvelous mint Flower Essence that offers wonderful information about aligning the chakras. Loquat, a powerhouse of information for the digestive system and Ixora one for discernment of appropriate and affirming sexual boundaries are two from Bermuda that stretched their legs recently. Pink Laurel, an Adirondack gem that helps us be our most articulate and truest self, and Agrippina Rose, an ancient rose that supports us to turbo charge our healing process also flew out our doors.

It is true that these are useful Flower Essences most all the time. They move steadily into the world throughout the year. Yet the fact is that this lovely big holograph we are in seems to support healing some issues more at some times than at others. We notice this on the phone and on e-mail too, not just in the waves of same Essence orders.

When an issue has cropped up in our lives here in the office, in your calls and e-mails to us you often speak of the same issue. The issue is ripe for healing and when all of us look to the Flowers for support, the Flowers are ready. The Angels know what we will all be working on and when. They get the very Flower Essences we will need all lined up and ready for us to offer before the issue comes to the fore.

This was never more apparent than this past year. On my trip to Ireland in June of 2005, I was asked to make so many Flower Essences for watery times, times of constraint, limitation, and unexpected difficulties. When I returned to the farm with these new Flower Essences, one of them, Yellow Loosestrife, explained its area of service in this way:

“I AM indefatigable gratitude for this life of life, even amidst trials and tribulations. I AM joyful appreciation for life no matter the circumstances. I will help you to find the bead on the positive and valuable in your life during flood times and turmoil as well as during times when things are flowing more smoothly.”

No sooner had we started bottling these precious new Irish Flower Essence friends than we were swept into the flood times of last fall. The very Essences needed were in place. We were ready to serve displaced folks, rescue animals, and all the myriad people suffering in wake of all the water.

Its not always easy to be here on Earth, but daily life here in this little office reminds us that we are not alone in our suffering. So many beloveds are looking out for us. That is sweet comfort.

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