Land Clearing, an Elemental request

If you have read our newsletters, you may remember that for many years, I rarely left the farm. Going into the village of Meriden to get the mail became a big expedition. In my effort to align myself with divine will, I ask for guidance about what to do and not do in my life. In effect, I use my free will to turn over my decision making to the still small voice of my inner divinity and my Angel guides. I do this because, like a hiker up Everest who seeks the best sherpa guide possible, I am also on a spiritual mountain that I don’t know how to climb. Seeking guidance from God as I experience God and the Angels as I experience them feels like a wise choice to me.

As I said, in recent years, my marching orders from my guides have been non-marching orders. After awhile, I came to expect that I would always have this quiet life. When I was guided to go on two big trips in 2005, one to Ireland and one to St. John in the Caribbean, I was surprised. I was also grateful for this opportunity to stretch my legs!

During the trip to Ireland in June and July, I had many conversations with Irish Elementals. Elementals hold all creation in manifestation. Particularly in Ireland, the Elementals have a long history of being acknowledged and honored by humankind for their work. Sometimes the core of what they do has been misunderstood or forgotten by us, but at least in Ireland, the Elementals are often acknowledged as real.

On this trip to Ireland, the Elementals were impassioned in their requests that humanity clean up its emotional garbage or suffer the consequences of much water cleansing our world for us. Since these conversations, we have lived through all the hurricanes of 2005 and fall flooding in the Northeast. And water keeps coming. On the day I started writing this entry, we had such serious rains fall on partly frozen ground here in New Hampshire that local streams and rivers flooded their banks. Clearly, we have much work to do before this kind of watery cleansing is not necessary.

In December, my guides sent me on a trip to St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. I thought a lot about the Elementals of Ireland while conversing with the Elementals on St. John. While they conveyed the same message, the demeanor of most of the Elementals I spoke with on St. John was in sharp contrast to that of the Irish Elementals.

This summer, the Irish Elementals called a spade a spade. They spoke vehemently about humanity trashing the Earth. They noted that the consequences for our trashing were coming soon. They also very much wanted me to make many Flower Essences that would help humanity with the challenge of cleaning up our garbage and taking responsibility as co-custodians of Earth. They deeply cared about our fate and wanted to help. I felt great urgency from them to get a move on but also some semblance of affection for humankind despite our errors.

On St. John this past December, I met with Elementals that were so weary and beleaguered that I felt they had completely given up on us. They were dispirited almost beyond sorrow. During my last visit in 2002, I had felt a partnership with the Elementals of St. John. This time, while I had the occasional spirited exchange with an old or new Flower Elemental friend, the mood was generally somber, even dire. Most Elementals I talked with seemed beyond caring what happened to us or their island world. Many didn’t even want to talk. It felt almost like they were no longer holding the land in form.

I was upset to see the Elementals of this region so despairing. Since my time with them, I have tried to figure out why so many of the Elementals of this region were so world weary and hopeless. The geographical position of the region seems a key factor.

In thinking about the energetics of the United States and the Caribbean region, I see comparisons between parts of our country and parts of the human body. The Mississippi River is an enormous cleansing mechanism for our country much like the intestines and the urinary tract of the human body. In this analogy, New Orleans becomes the place where the waste materials leave the body of the United States and flow out into the sea. This analogy offers one possible reason why New Orleans might have attracted such a big watery cleansing event. This also suggests that the Caribbean region, where the waters of the Mississippi eventually go, is the dumping ground for our refuse, much as a toilet receives human waste.

I think it is fair to say that the dumping is both metaphorical and literal. We pollute the region but also use it with impunity as a place to act out our second chakra garbage. This trip suggested to me that the Caribbean has absorbed as much of our negativity as it can and that the Elementals of this region are literally waiting for a big flush.

As I thought about the Irish Elementals and their ability to hold on and keep encouraging us onwards, I realized that they may have more fortitude in their dealings with us because at least at times during their history with mankind, they have been acknowledged and appreciated. There hasn’t been this appreciation for the Elementals in the Caribbean. As far as I can tell, they have just had to keep dealing with our energetic garbage with virtually no gratitude from the human community.

How long could any of us keep cleaning a community’s garbage without any kind of acknowledgment? The Elementals of the Caribbean have been at this work for centuries with no support from the human community who makes the mess. Little wonder they wait for a big cleansing flush and don’t really care what this flush takes out.

So what can we do? Send LOVE to the Elementals of our planet! Send LOVE to the planet and consider incorporating the following energy cleansing technique or some variation of it in your daily regime. Bless you! Thank you!


Negativity builds up on land in many ways. Human discord of any kind settles on the land where the discord took place. If you have a temper tantrum in your backyard, that energy remains in your backyard. Even the most pristine piece of land, uninhabited by humans, will have negativity delivered to it by wind and precipitation. For example, rain clears the atmosphere of negativity but leaves this negativity on the land.

This discord stays in the land UNTIL the negativity is either cleansed energetically in conscious cooperation with Nature (ie the Angels and Elementals) or is forcibly removed through extreme weather such as hurricanes,thunderstorms, floods etc.

When land is energetically cleaned, the vibration is raised and the negativity is dissolved or transmuted without any side effects. Elementals and Angels, particularly the Elementals, do the actual energy cleansing but this group CANNOT do this work in the same benign way unless a human asks them to do it.

It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation and maintenance of Earth.

If a human doesn’t ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land and this land is holding a lot of negativity, the Elementals only options for removing this negativity is extreme weather. Because the Elementals are supposed to keep the planet in form, steadying and balancing it as we go, they WILL clear land that is very negative in order to help this balancing process. Without our help, big weather events are the operative mechanism for such clearings.

If you can do this every day, this is of maximum benefit to land you live and work on, but even occasional cleansing will be a great help! It should not take more than a few minutes. I like to sit quietly while doing this but if need be, do it on the fly. The cleansing will be done when you ask for it, no matter how or when you ask.

You can ask for assistance from
1. THE OVER LIGHTING DEVA of the piece of land you want to clean.
This being from the Angelic kingdom holds the divine plan for this piece of land.
They work with the Deva of the land.
These are the beings who bring your land into actual form and then hold it there so we can live in a world of form.
4. PAN, Head Elemental of Earth
There may or may not be any connected depending on the piece of land.
6. Deva of the Earth’s atmosphere, LUNARIA
7. Deva of the Earth’s surface, SAPPHALO
8. Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, DARNDELLA

You do not need to list all the names above to get help!
YOU CAN SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS and ask for the Angels and Elementals of the land to help you-

After you call in some variation of this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, REBALANCE, AND ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing. You can ask them to clear the EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND ETHERIC BODIES of the land of everything that is not pure divinity.

Ask that any negativity be released through a CHRISTED GRID. This is not a religious thing. This is just a way to describe a cleansing filter that purifies the energies so that they do not come back to the land again.

You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below and above ground or you DON’T HAVE TO VISUALIZE anything. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done.

If you want, after the cleansing, you can ask that the land that has been cleansed be filled with divine love and light. This fills the land that has been cleared of negativity with positive energies so that negative energies don’t just rush back in to fill the void created by the clearing. This is an optional step but a good one.

Please close the session with a thanks to everyone involved. AND I THANK YOU as do the Elementals for your efforts!

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