Wherein I Outsmart Myself

Where there are young adults, there is Facebook . And where there is Facebook, there is Facebook Deflation Syndrome wherein teeth are gnashed and hair is pulled when it appears that everyone else on Facebook is having a much better life with better hair, better shoes and better destination vacations.

Today, I thought I would take the edge off Facebook Deflation Syndrome’s kissing cousin, Blog Deflation Syndrome by showing you my choice of tomato varieties for this growing season.

Last year, 83 of my 84 Tomato plants packed up from the combined effects of three months of daily rain, the Irish potato virus and a sum total of five minutes of sunshine. Being somewhat irritated at my partners in the garden who suggested I grow 84 tomato plants, I didn’t pay ANY attention to their suggestions of tomato varieties for this season and didn’t listen to their suggestions about numbers of tomato plants to grow either. I wasn’t about to believe we could have a hot summer of lots of sun. No sirrreee! I was planning on RAIN.

Think adult gardener sticking her fingers in her ears, singing at the top of her lungs and simultaneously saying, ‘I’m not listening to you.” A mature moment.

Making decisions on my very own, I decided to grow only small tomatoes like cherry tomatoes because they were the only ones to survive last year’s wet conditions.

Only I couldn’t be satisfied with CHERRY sized tomatoes or even GRAPE sized tomatoes, I had to go with a variety of CURRANT sized tomatoes. And I didn’t hedge my bets with much of anything else. Yes, there is the occasional rogue normal sized tomato out there in the garden, but mostly there are 25 plants of CURRANT SIZED TOMATOES.

Do you know how small a currant is? Or a currant tomato?

Let me show you.


No, they look too normal in this artsy shot. Let me try again.


And those shots on other people’s blogs of enormous tomatoes? Those really ARE redder, riper, juicier, bigger, better tasting tomatoes, because frankly, how could they be smaller? I have cornered the market on that!

PS If this is not enough to finish off your case of blog deflation syndrome, let me give you a stove update. Still broken. some burners functioning now but 50% of the time the oven shuts off during preheating with an F5 error message and Sears has stopped returning our calls……..

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