More Friends in the Gardens

The Day Lilies continue to make a wonderful midsummer splash.


So too this Rose Bon Bon Cosmos, blossoming in this year’s Venus Garden.
Just when I thought I had bid adieu to the Rose season, this new one, Westerland Rose bloomed for the first time here at the farm. Of course I ‘m making it into an Essence. Its out there today in the beautiful clear air and bright sunshine. Can’t wait to find out what its gifts are. It was very particular about how it wanted to be made into an Essence, In my experience, when a Flower is so clear about how it wants things done, it indicates the Flower Essence will be a strong one.


And speaking of strong Flowers with strong purposes, it is always lovely to welcome back the Echinacea family which bloom in late summer; Echinacea is such a key Flower Essence in our Immune Support mix!

Here it mingles with Sweet Pepper Bush Clethra alnifolia, a very old fashioned flowering shrub that also asked to become a Flower Essence today. I look forward to catching up with all these lovelies when the dust settles out in the gardens. Maybe October????? Right now things are full tilt with many hands out in the gardens harvesting, weeding, pruning, and yes, enjoying all the glories of July.

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