News of the week, then a Shower for Vicki!

As Vicki and I were assembling all the ingredients for Golden Armor on Monday, we noticed a few more Essences we needed to make before winter.

Whenever I take a walk, I visit with the Flowers I find along the way. over time I come to look for specific Flower friends in specific places. So when we noticed our low inventory on a couple of seriously in demand Flower Essences including White Yarrow and Self Heal, I was pretty sure I could find some of these Flowers still in bloom.


May May, Riley and I did find them, here in this meadow. What a glorious day it was!

I took a photo of Pearly Everlasting, still blooming strong in this meadow. It’s one of the new research Essences from this summer. I thought you might be interested to see how this Flower keeps looking absolutely fabulous week after week after week. You can imagine the strengths this brings to the Essence!


As the dogs and I turned for home with all the Flowers we were looking for, I found the surprise gift of Nodding Ladies Tresses blossoming in the bottom of this meadow.

This is a lovely late summer orchid that we had as a Flower Essence awhile ago, kindness of former staffer Catherine Barritt. I am very glad to welcome Nodding Ladies Tresses back to the collection. The Flower is much prettier than this photo. It has lovely fringed blossoms that dip and curve in a very sassy manner. I recall that it was an excellent Essence for de-tangling knotty situations. I will sit with this Flower again before posting a definition on the research list.

I also took two photos of Purple Flowering Raspberry. I thought you might like to see what its fruits look like as they ripen in the fall. On the left you see the Flower and some unripe fruit and on the right, some riper fruits. The berries have a strange dry consistency, but are strikingly lovely in the woods this time of year.

Jane has seen a bear twice on our road in the last month. Perhaps he was snacking on these berries as well as the blackberries that have been so abundant.

Yesterday, we had a baby shower lunch out with Vicki who is due with her first baby in a week or so. Yessenia, who left us to have her second baby in the spring, came to the shower with Svia, who is a charming baby of nearly five months old.

Svia was extremely well mannered throughout the whole long lunch. None of us could remember one of our babies behaving as well in similar circumstances.

In the photo, Vicki is holding up the sweater I knit for baby Ramos-Glew with Svia looking rather bored. Who can blame her. She already got her sweater. With this sweater, I officially swore off #1 knitting needles, but no one believed me. Next baby is getting something made with super chunky yarn on #15 needles. Really!


Here’s the crew out in the restaurant parking lot on a post shower sugar buzz. From left to right, Deb, Jane, Lynn, Yessenia, Vicki, and Patricia, with Svia peeking out from her blanket. What a great crew of fairy godmothers for Vicki’s baby! We can’t wait!


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