Where Was Rhino When I Needed Him?

Besides uncanny bee sting placements, there was another strange event of note the last few days.

Rhino took off on a much anticipated trip to another hemisphere AT THE VERY SAME TIME that the dishwasher died. Coincidence? I think not.

While Rhino was AWOL, the Sears man was here citing me for “customer abuse” for not rinsing our dishes properly before putting them in our “No Rinse” dishwasher. Without judge or jury, the Sears man made his ruling. Our dishwasher was reported as dead from “customer abuse.”

I have never been cited for “customer abuse” with an appliance. It’s not a nice experience. The Sears man must have already had a bad day of too many dust bunnies under too many refrigerators before he got to us, because he had a multitude of complaints about his visit to our house. He used the words “customer abuse” so frequently both out loud and as typed into his computer that I expected to see myself blacklisted on the internet or subpoenaed to appear in front of a senate subcommittee before the afternoon was over.

He did not like the placement of our 911 emergency numbers on the road. He did not like our water pressure. He did not like our lukewarm mid afternoon water temperature. He did not want to hear about our energy saving technique of turning the water heater off during the daytime hours when there are no teenagers in the building needing their first second eighth shower of the day. He did not like my choice of ecological dishwasher soap or the way I put the soap in the built in soap dishes. According to the Sears man, you should never put additional soap in the secondary soap container next to the one with a lid. Forget the notion that a soap dish is placed there to receive soap, because according to the Sears man, this is not true. Most of all, he did not like the fact that I had not been cleaning my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

The Sears man claimed that putting dirty dishes into my machine had violated the warranty. The engine did seem to have seized up due to something resembling bubble gum. It would be just our luck that with Rhino AWOL, a rogue child would put his or first dish EVER into the dishwasher and it would have bubble gum on it.

Oh well. No use crying over spilt gum. We hope Rhino will send us a email photo while on his journey abroad. In the meantime, we are enjoying washing dishes the good old fashioned way, with soap and water and without the possibility of further criticism from the Sears man.


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