Quarantine Cuisine

There is a 2 year old, a 7 year old, a 30 something and two 60 somethings living here at the farm right now. In between all of us working to keep the orders flowing out the door, there is another preoccupation…. quarantine cuisine. 

I thought you might like to hear about our version of this culinary style because, well, it might give you a laugh. It certainly won’t give you any cooking ideas!

Week #1  As were survey our chest freezer for the weeks ahead, we pass on the freezer burned frozen vegetables. Week #5  Freezer burn vegetables form the centerpiece of many a meal.

Our coop allows us to buy 20 items at a time. They put our requests/their substitutions out front of the store for pick up. What’s in the box is ours! There are many surprises!

Week #1  Our shopping list: kale, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumbers. Week #5  Our shopping list: Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes, mint chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes chocolate, Newman’s Own Sandwich Cremes peanut butter. If we are very lucky, we win the snack lottery and get one sleeve of cookies.

Week #1  Potatoes are a side dish. Week #5  Potato salad with some very strange ingredients is the meal, served by the chef with a hiss, “and you’re going to love it.”

Week #1  Granddaughter Grace and I make whole grain bread like a scene out of “Little House on the Prairie.” Week #5  Throwing caution and nutrition to the wind, Grace and I make garlic knots three times in three days. Her knot skills are now outstanding.

Week #1  We ask the coop for wraps then shake our heads when we get a 3# bag of bulk flour. Week #5  We ask for wraps and gratefully receive the 3# of flour. MORE GARLIC KNOTS!

Week #1  We laugh at all the memes about toilet paper. Week #5  We wish we had saved those ancient Sears catalogs.

Week #1  In lonely splendor, I eat the sprouts I grow each week. Week #5  A crowd gathers of toddlers and grownups when the sprouts are ready, and they disappear in a flash. Who would have thought a 2 year old would like broccoli sprouts?

Week #1  We find a stash of tough, dried out raisins and toss them back on the shelf. Week #5  We retrieve the raisins and google recipes calling for a massive amount of raisins.

Week #1  Our motto, “Capers improve everything.” Week #5  Our motto, whispered wistfully, “Capers improved everything.”

Week #1  Jim’s nightly rifling through the pantry for snacks yields a cookie or two. Week #5  Jim spends so much time fruitlessly searching for a snack in the pantry we think maybe he has passed out in there from the extreme effort to find something vaguely interesting or palatable.

Week #1  A long row of dried beans displayed in canning jars sit on the shelves, unloved as beans so often are. Week #5  Bean cookery takes center stage. Oddly our efforts yield massive quantities of bean dishes with no noticeable decline in bean inventory.

Week #1  Thank goodness for pasta. Week #5  Thank goodness for pasta.

Sending you all much love! Take precious care of yourselves!

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

How are you all doing? All of us here at the farm are thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all your love and moral support as we shift gears to keep your orders going off to you with a small staff (so far, so good).

I was solo in the office yesterday, so I drafted seven year old granddaughter Grace to help me (I promise it was only when she had finished her remote learning homework). She and her family are sheltering in place here with us so Grace helped to put stamps on packages and generally keep me company. She decorated the room with ribbons and sailed around on a scooter, singing at the top of her lungs. It kept me going! I hope there are quirky, unexpected gifts keeping you going too. Bless you all!

I just had a dream that felt relevant to this time. In the dream, I walk by a basement apartment I lived in during my early twenties and I realize I need to go in and clean it out.

I go into the apartment, and it is filled floor to ceiling with very strange junk. Peculiar Shakespearean play bills, odd kitchen tools that make no sense and don’t work, garish dolls with technicolor hair, shapeless clothing and charmless pieces of furniture. I recognize none of it, and as I examine one bizarre gew gaw after another, I find nothing I want to keep. There also are other people’s tag sale items in big heaps everywhere. It is a sea of useless crap.

I leave to find garbage bags to start the immense clean up, and when I come back, there is a group of young girls who say they will help me clear out everything if they can take anything they want. This seems like an excellent deal to me. As we clean, we talk about Flower Essences and how their energy shines right through the bottles.

Several very old men come in and tell me I need to save stuff in case the owners come back. I ignore this advice. Not very far into the job, which looks to take weeks of effort, I leave the room for a moment and when I come back everything but a few pieces of big furniture have been packed up by the young girls and is gone. I see them merrily departing.

I don’t always have an immediate hit on dreams. Like another of last night’s dreams in which I am rooming with some teenage boys and have to peel potatoes for supper on a toilet lid. I am mystified and a bit horrified by this dream! But this first dream seems ripe for my understanding.

This “Time Out” we are in is quite naturally a time in which we can let go of a lot of old useless crap- old habits, old fears, old ideas, old inner junk. It is all coming to the surface, and we can release it all! And crews of merry Angels are going to help us easily do the clear out just as they did in the dream. Thank Divinity for that!

Two other things I want to say about this dream before I stop. First, as far as those Angel helpers in the dream go, in my waking life I have never seen so many Angels as I am seeing now. I don’t know if it is that more Angels are here or if I am just seeing better because they have cleaned out the basement room in my energy system but HOLY MOLY! Angels are with us! Please ask for their help. They are literally standing next to you. Of this I am sure!

The second thing is about this cleansing process and what is going to fill the void when the old stuff is gone. I have been meditating daily for 36 years. I don’t spend too much time each day assessing how well a meditation has gone. I can’t really know what happens in any given session, but sometimes it feels like the clouds part and light, bright as the sun, pours in with a brilliance that takes my breath away.

In the past, a meditation like that was unusual, remarkable and rare. In the past few months however, it is as if the very Earth has spun her way out of a bank of solar clouds into the sunlight of pure Divinity so that when any of us sit down and close our eyes SO MUCH LIGHT IS THERE. And that light is there to fill us up when we let the old crap go.

Regardless of what the story looks like on the surface, something amazing is happening. Incredible light is flooding into this planet for all of us. We don’t have to practice the lotus position or live in a cave wearing a hair shirt and eating twigs to receive this light. It is there for all of us right now (though speaking of twigs, some of my quarantine cuisine has been about as tasty as twigs).

My dear friends, we are at the turn we have long been waiting for. It is why we came and it is happening. Beneath the very real sorrows and challenges of this time, something amazing is happening.

PS And of course I thought of that great song, so apt for these times, when I wrote my title for this blog!

PS 2 Don’t you just love it that even in my dream I am saying no to patriarchs who want me to hang on to their old junk!

Green Hope Farm Flower Essence mix for the Corona Virus

Many of you have requested we make a mix to support everyone through this time and to address the Corona Virus, so we sat down with our Angel and Elemental partners. This was the recipe we were given for a combination remedy containing many powerhouse Flower Essences and Flower Essence combinations. It is available now on this page.

Below I have listed the ingredients and given some possible reasons why the Angels and Elementals included these Flower Essences in the mix, but as always, their choices are wiser than I can imagine and words will always fall short of explaining any Flower Essence or Flower Essence combination remedy.

We offer it with MUCH LOVE from all of us here!

Our Corona Virus Mix– contains the following Flower Essences:

Breathe– This Flower Essence combination supports the health and well being of the entire respiratory system including the lungs. To underscore this focus on the lungs, the Angels picked a photo of Lungwort, a Flower Essence in the Breathe mix to represent this Flower Essence mix.

Corona del Inca– A gift from the southern hemisphere who asked to come online this year, Corona del Inca explains, “I act to neutralize even repel… negative energy so that your electrical systems and physical bodies can remain serene and unaffected by these low vibrations much like a mosquito net protects from mosquitos.” Please check out Corona’s full description.

Don’t Worry-Bee Happy– This was one that the Angels suggested from the first whisper of Covid 19 explaining that it is vitally important for us to try our very best to keep our vibration as high as possible at all times. This Flower Essence combo from the Venus Garden is a game changer for this.

Emergency Care– Our “Go to” Flower Essence combination for any acute emergency situation or illness, Emergency Care helps us calm and stabilize our electrical system during intense stress.

Epstein Barr Release– This one has many Flower Essence intent on fighting viral infections, so it translates into an excellent ally in this situation.

Feverfew– This beloved Flower Essence, first brought to my attention by a shaman from the Andes, supports us to find calm and go inward to a place of peace amidst this chaotic situation.

Flow Free– This one helps us move out stuck and low vibration energies in our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies which positively impacts our health and immune system. Please see the recent blog on this.

French Marigold– One of the best Flower Essences for fighting viral infections, French Marigold also offers great wisdom about adaptation and navigating radical change. Additionally it helps us go inward and hear our guidance better than ever

Golden Armor– Offering the immense protective energy of Archangel Michael and the Angels of the Blue Ray, this is a powerhouse of protection.

Immune Support– This is our beloved remedy for strengthening the immune system. It is another powerhouse.

Mutabilis Rose– For any species, including us, successfully navigating inner and outer change is an essential skill, and this Rose offers incredible wisdom about successful mutation.

Teasel– An individual Flower Essence offering unrivaled wisdom on protection. Vitex– This Flower Essence helps us get all the nutritional support from our food possible to keep us as healthy as possible.

A Slowed Down Life or the View from the Evaporator

Wow! What a show the moon put on for all of us this week. What intense beauty! I spent more time with the full moon this March than most months because it’s maple sugaring time here which means I am outside day and night enjoying the sky.

Maple sugaring is such a glorious, wonderfully messy and satisfying affair. And how lucky I am that it happens each year! Ours is a small maple sugaring operation. This size and our bootleg equipment make it what is known locally as a backyard sugaring operation.

A new generation takes up the tools of the trade

We tap a lovely clutch of maple trees across the street from the farm and another group of old maple friends in our village. We “under tap” the trees which means we put very few taps into any tree. This year we had a neighbor who is a vascular surgeon help us tap and not surprisingly his taps are running well as he seems to have hit good veins in the tree. Jim does the lion’s share of drilling these taps with a lovely old hand held drill that his father gave him. I follow him around hanging the buckets and thanking the trees. We hang about forty buckets.

Every sugaring job needs an inspector or two

We usually tap late in February. Sometimes we get early runs then and sometimes things don’t really start until the middle of March. This year the season began early and has kept going strong.

Conditions have to be just right for a run of sap. The nights have to drop below freezing and the days have to get up into the 40’s. Brisk winds, too warm a night and other factors can stop the sap from running. But then as soon as one comes up with a theory about the whys of a good run, there will be a day when conditions don’t seem right at all, and the buckets will be spilling over with sap.

Believe me, this holding tank is a vast improvement on earlier sap containers which mostly allowed for all collected sap to slosh on the road before arriving back at the farm.

When the sap runs, we collect it in a holding tank that sits in the back of Jim’s ancient farm pick up. I am in charge back here with boiling the collected sap down to make into syrup. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup. We make ten to fifteen gallons of syrup each year depending on the vagaries of the season. While we feel quite blissed out when we have a big season of fifteen gallons, our numbers stand in stark contrast to staff goddess Emily McNamara’s family operation. They make upwards of ten thousand gallons of syrup at their sugaring operation each year, and while my evaporator is a small tin contraption that sits outside on a half barrel fire box, the McNamara evaporator is the size of a freight engine and takes logs taller than me!

Guess which evaporator this is?

Staff goddess Vicki also has a bootleg operation of her own. She and her family make about the same amount of syrup as us. This morning Vicki and I were chatting about our big haul of three gallons of syrup to date and sweet Emily quietly reported yesterday’s yield over at their place was 475 gallons.

Even if I made no more than a pint of syrup a season it would be worth it to me, because gosh, what a great excuse to be outside feeding a raging fire. Plus, maple sugaring taps me into all these wonderful spring moments. When I hear the honking of Canada geese, I just look up from the evaporator to see them all flying north in their V formations. On trips from wood pile to fire box, I watch clouds and smoke merge in the skies above the evaporator while at my feet, I get to welcome each Crocus and Snowdrop that appears as the snow melts. The season finishes with the arrival of red winged blackbirds and spring peepers. Does it get any better than this?

But back to this full moon and its particular luminosity, it reminded me of the light pouring into creation this spring. This light feels very strong, stronger than just the return of spring light. When I sit in quiet to welcome this light into every cell of my being, I am startled by its brightness and fullness and strength. It floods me with hope and gratitude. And it keeps me returning inward to work on grounding this light within myself and in the Green Hope energy grid.

This going inward is not such an alien activity during sugaring season. I think it is pretty much a natural part of sugaring.

Most traditional New England sugaring operations boil their sap in an enclosed building with the boiling done at night. There are practical reasons for the night boils. The fire burns hotter in the night’s cold so the sap boils off faster. But there is also a great culture that goes along with night boiling. When I was a teenager, I helped at a sugarhouse where everyone sat around the evaporator at night watching the boil. There was chatter, but there was also a lot of quiet. Everyone seemed to go inward into the last dreaming before the big, busy push of spring.

I liked this meditative mood then, and I still like it. I try to use pretty much everything that happens to motivate me to go inward, so I like it when an activity naturally sends me this direction, and watching sap boil definitely does this.

I don’t go inwards to run away or game the system. When I was younger, I probably thought that going inwards and following the guidance I received there would always make things go better. Now, I still feel going inwards is the answer, but experience has tempered my belief that my efforts to go inward will spare me all sorrows.

I’m motivated to go inwards because it is the only place I know offering timeless calm, light, peace and serenity no matter what is going on around me. The eternal verities that infuse our world with things like full moons and geese in formation are like a stream taking me to the sea. Inwards is the sea. Inwards is the place where I feel our indivisibility and everything dissolves but love.

When an attitude of separation creeps back in, going inwards helps me let that go. We are all in this together. We are all one.

During this time of clamoring news pulling us into a sinkhole of fear, I have used every tool in my toolbox to stay on this inward trajectory. My main tool is to slow down my external life even more than usual. And that is saying something, because for many years, I have had what most people would consider a slowed down life. Not much travel. Most days spent at the farm. When I say a trip to the post office is a big outing, people think I am joking. I am not.

How on Earth did I come to live this slow life? It began decades ago because one of my children almost always screamed loudly and continuously when we left the farm. He did this FOR FIVE YEARS.

After those years, I was in the habit of asking the still small voice of my heart, “How is it going to go for us if we go to the grocery store right now?” I had learned to listen to the guidance because of the disasters when I didn’t. By the time this child outgrew his aversion to life beyond the farm, I was used to always seeking guidance about what to do or not do. Oddly, even after he was happy to leave here, my directions remained mostly some variation on, ‘Stay home.”

In my quieter life, I am rarely bored. It is amazing how interesting life in the microcosm can be. Sometimes I am resentful of my peers with their endless conversations about their trips. Sometimes I am irritated by the cultural assumptions that traveling is necessary to a fulfilling life. Mostly I am awed and grateful for how much beauty and wonder unfolds literally at our feet.

I stumbled on writing this blog because I know a lot of people are temporarily having to live a quieter life, and I thought maybe sharing a bit about my experiences would be comforting.

When I think of small things that have made it easier for me to stay home, one of them is reading books from earlier generations, say those written in the 1930’s. Old books embody the pace of many generations ago- books like “The Herb of Grace” by Elizabeth Goudge- where most people stayed home as a matter of course. They help me feel it is not so strange to live such a slowed down life. They also give me a sense of other generations prevailing through challenges that we know in hindsight got solved but to them were as unknowable as the place we find ourselves in now. For example “The Herb of Grace” is part of a trilogy written before and during WW2 by an English writer. Each book grapples with the way the experience of another world war affects the characters, yet each is also about how the goodness in life goes on no matter the difficulties.

In her determined faith and deep enjoyment of the small pleasures of life, the grandmother of the trilogy, Lucilla, reminds me that life is wonderful no matter the challenges. None of us get out alive, so maybe its okay to simply enjoy the blessings of each day and deal with the dificulties as they arrive without going down the tubes in advance. Yes, I know I am in the high risk demographic for this bug, but would a consuming fear in any way help me or give my life more joy or meaning? I think not. I am just going to continue to savor the moon, boil the sap and leave the rest to Divinity.

A Flower Essence Approach to Increased Immunity: Cleansing our Etheric, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies

The following blog offers one way to think about Flower Essences and improved immunity. While this blog includes a description of the different energy bodies that compose our energy systems, this article on the resource page of the website goes into more detail.

Flower Essences give us energetic information that help our energy systems raise their vibrations. Once we make the vibrational information of a Flower Essence our own through exposure to the Flower Essence’s wisdom, our electrical systems maintain this higher, lighter, better feeling vibration and have an easier time rebuffing the lower vibrational energies like illnesses that challenge this vibration. But why is this so?

Our energy systems want us to be well and want us to maintain this state of wellness. Our energy systems like Flower Essences because they help us both tune up our energy system to optimum wellness and also clear out any energies that would derail this process. This tune up and cleanse skill set make Flower Essences a particularly useful healing tool.

Raising the vibration of our energy systems to be well and maintain wellness is a complex process. As one area of our energy system rises in vibration, it puts pressure on other areas to also rise in vibration to a higher rate so the whole system can work in harmony. A lot of this work is transforming dense, heavy vibrations into higher energies that can hold more light. This is one of Flower Essences great skills: they show us how to take the low vibration expression of a certain energy and raise it to its highest vibrational level. Transforming hopelessness into hope would be one example of this.

Flower Essences not only give examples of how to raise the vibration of energies, but they also move into all the energy bodies of our energy system to move out old stuck energies which do not serve our light systems. This blog is primarily about how Flower Essences work in the many energy bodies of our energy system to perform these roles.

To take a step back, each of our energy systems is not just a physical body but a complex overlapping reality of many different energy bodies. The three “subtle” energy bodies I discuss today are the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. These three energy bodies overlap with our physical body while our other energetic bodies existing at a greater distance from our physical bodies.

In this blog, I am going to talk about what gets stored in each of these four bodies and how introducing the information of Flower Essences into these energy bodies improves our health and immunity.

If you are wondering how on earth all these energy bodies co-exist or work together or if they are even real, here is one experience you might have had that demonstrates their existence. Have you ever walked into a dark room and known without seeing anything that someone else was in the room? What happened is that your subtle bodies bumped into the other person’s subtle bodies before your physical bodies interacted. This happened because your subtle bodies extend out from your physical body.

As far as how these bodies work…… For thirty years I have availed myself to many conversations with the Angels about these bodies, all of which make me most grateful that they understand them better than me and know which Flower Essences will help which energy body cleanse and heal.

But in the interest of explaining Flower Essences and enhanced immunity, I am going to work my way through an explanation of each energy body by discussing my own experience with one lower vibration challenge I faced, and how Flower Essences helped each of my energy bodies heal this issue.

The lower vibration energy was grief, and I am going to share how it affected my health and well being in my life before Flower Essences.

I doubt any humans get through life without feeling grief, nor do I believe this is the point. For one thing, grief is a vital part of experiencing our illusion of separation from Divinity. Grief has a deep purpose in our spiritual evolution, because grief encourages us to seek conscious reunion and oneness with the Divine. However, grief has a low vibration. It has a role to play, but grief is not meant to be stored long term in our energy systems.

Grief stored long term brings challenges to our energy systems, causing a wear and tear that invites in illness and other energetic difficulties. In addition, stuck grief makes it hard for Divine light energy to flow through our energy systems and this in turn impedes our evolution as spiritual beings.

In the physical body, stuck grief can lead to lung infections and respiratory problems. This is because our lungs are the place in our physical body where most of us store our grief.

Lung problems were a nearly continuous experience of my childhood. The adults in my family were not comfortable expressing or acknowledging grief or sadness (or really any emotions). They were not comfortable when other people, even children expressed and released grief. From a very early age, I got the message loud and clear to swallow my grief and even take on the unexpressed grief of the people around me. Energetically this grief settled in my lungs.

This process began when I was only a few weeks old. Perhaps my mother was suffering from postpartum depression. Even if she was not, grief is something all newborns contend with as they leave a state of womb oneness to experience the challenging earth “reality” of separation. In my case, the pediatrician said I was failing to thrive because I was too polite and never cried. From the beginning I got that my mother could not cope with my feelings. So began a childhood in which I tried to handle my emotions on my own with no idea that I was meant to let them go. I also got the memo that it was part of my job to take on the unexpressed emotions of the other people around me as well.

When I began working with Flower Essences thirty years ago, healing this situation of chronic lung complaints was one of the first things I experienced. That first year with Flower Essences, I had very little understanding of what Flower Essences were beyond encouraging Angelic messages that Flower Essences were safe to use and going to be helpful in my life. I had very few expectations about what they would do.

I made Flower Essences from the Flowers the Angels guided me to select, and my children and I started to use them each day. I had no concept of why the Angels had chosen the Flowers they chose. From my point of view, it was about as scientific as when I made “Goldenrod tea” in the backyard when I was eight. However, the Angels clearly had a plan- a BIG plan as it turned out- but it felt pretty relaxed to me.

I was guided to take different Flower Essences several times each day. Some Flower Essences cropped up daily and some more sporadically. I kept track of the Flower Essences I took and what my guinea pigs children took in a little aquamarine book where I also noted “results.” I had a dim idea that Essences would help with emotions as well as physical complaints, so I frequently wrote about the moods of myself and my children before and after taking the Essences.

I was open to seeing improvements but didn’t expect the positive shifts in my physical health that quickly occurred. Until I started using Flower Essences, I got bronchitis and/or pneumonia eight times or more a year, yet suddenly I stopped getting either illness. Within a year or two, I lived with different lungs. The Flower Essences had unpacked the stuck energy of grief I had carried so long in my lungs, and it was gone.

The Flower Essence work was not just with my physical vehicle but with my other subtle bodies as well. That is why the healing was permanent. I had a childhood rife with antibiotics, yet always the same infections reoccurred. With the introduction of the Flower Essences, all this changed.


Flower Essences work to cleanse and clear the subtle body known as the etheric or memory body where we store memories from this and other lives.

Because of the repetitive experiences of grief which so many have gone through during the kali yaga/ iron age/age of patriarchy/whatever the heck you want to call this last cycle of time, many people feel immersed in inescapable grief and memories of grief. There have been so many experiences of the same old story of power imbalances and grief amongst the disempowered that grief feels like the theme song of existence. This is partly because if we hold onto these memories in our etheric/ memory body, when new griefs arrive, we tap into all the similar griefs of the past and reopen old scars with new material. Needless to say this is overwhelming, especially for all the light workers out there who have been beaten down life after life for shining their light.

The particular inner grief theme song I carried led me to resign myself to my fate of absorbing all my family members’ grief in a desperate attempt to not have them hate me all over again. Somehow I knew they didn’t like me and never had. I was that odd ball kid who remembered past lives and I remembered they didn’t like me. Once again, I was with these SAME PEOPLE trying to change their opinions of me by taking on their emotional burdens including their grief.

For anyone who has read this blog, you know how THAT turned out, what with the death threats from family members and the eventual disinheritance, but hey, at least Flower Essences helped me stop carrying their emotions for them and cleared my etheric body so that I could face these familial dramas without being overwhelmed in grief.

Clearing our etheric bodies with the help of Flower Essences or some other tool is really important. When we keep grief and other difficult memories in storage, we fill our etheric bodies and compromise the ability of our etheric bodies to do their jobs. The etheric body is meant to be cleansed and healed from damage done by the memories of difficult events, so it is free to remember Divine Reality. Cleansing and healing also frees the etheric body to be the primary vehicle through which Divine life force or prana flows into our energy system particularly the physical body.

Thirty years ago, as I worked with Flower Essences including Comfrey, I had no idea these Flower Essences were giving my etheric body information about clearing out old stuck energy so that higher vibrations could flow in. However, this is what happened.

Other Flower Essences we would come to make in subsequent years for cleansing and healing the etheric body include Abandonment & Abuse, Alba Maxima Rose, Alignment Garden, Black Currant, Bottlebrush, Cedar, Comfrey, Dandelion, Desert Forget-Me-Not, Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue, Flow Free, Hops, Ladies Bedstraw, Maple, Rosemary, Spruce, Sweet Olive, The Thread of Change, The Three Phacelia Sisters, Violet Transmuting Flame Violet, White Hibiscus and Wound Healing .


As I dove into using Flower Essences, much healing began in my mental body as well. The mental body stores the Divine Plan for us. However we often cannot access this information for ourselves because our mental bodies are crammed with illusions, ideas, concepts and opinions gained through the limited perspective of our five senses experiencing the illusion of stage set Earth.

In the case of my grief, I had an enormous file cabinet in my mental body to back up the illusion that grief from my experiences of disapproval and ostracism was the logical consequence of expressing my light. I stored these ideas because not only did the adults around me in my childhood make it clear they experienced me and my light as too much, but they were the same souls I had travelled with in other lives who had ostracized and disliked me then too. This led me to fill my mental body with burdensome “proof” I was too much and deserved their dislike. My misunderstandings meant I filled my mental body with everyone’s low opinions of me and thought these were truths. Memories stored in my etheric body of similar situations heightened my confusion and disempowered me from unburdening myself, however Flower Essences were on the job to change all this.

Flower Essences are a gift of such grace. Even before I understood anything about them, their love and wisdom was setting me free.

In cleansing my mental body with Flower Essences thanks to the Angels’ wise choices, I began a many year process of releasing all these ideas that there was something wrong with me. It is pretty amazing how fast dumping some of these toxic illusions improved my physical health.

The Taiwan collection is immensely helpful in clearing the mental body. One of it’s main purposes is removing old mental concepts of kowtowing to outside authority. For example, in my case, I let my elders define me and had to learn that only Divinity defines me.

Other Flower Essences that help heal, cleanse and clear the mental body include: Alba Maxima Rose, All Ego Contracts Null & Void, Canary Island Broom, Cedar, Coralita, Grapefruit, Lauriana Rose, Lemon, Musk Thistle To Thine Own Self be True and the ever useful Flow Free.


The third subtle body storing grief related energies for me was my emotional body. This body is where we store emotions. It is meant to hold the higher frequency emotions, but when we don’t know how to upgrade or release lower vibration emotions, these get stuck in our emotional body and gum everything up. We can clean up our emotional body so it holds just high vibration energy by clearing out the storage of all these lower vibration emotions. It is not a denial of these emotions or their purposes so much as acknowledging what they shared with us then letting them go.

Just as we deserve an uncluttered house, we deserve and need an emotional body filled only with emotional vibrations that make us feel good and allow for the movement of more love and light through our energy system, not an emotional body crammed with grim emotions that takes us down into a nonstop experience of toxic heavy vibrations.

Some excellent Flower Essences for healing, cleansing and clearing the emotional body include: Allamanda from Taiwan, Arrowhead, Avocado, Bee Balm, Bleeding Heart Vine, Bignonia, Broccoli, Calliandra, Cedar, Cucumber, Eyes of Mary, Lantana Involucrata, Lavacolla, Montbretia, Musk Thistle Orange, Outburst, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Trillium, Water Hyacinth, Yellow Water Lily and yes, Flow Free.


If the three subtle bodies are cleared of stuck lower vibrational energies, there is no need for the physical body to outpicture what is being stored in these bodies in order to give us insights into what is actually going on for us. When we don’t know how we really feel or think or remember things, it is a kindness our physical bodies take on to show us through illness and challenges. If we can clear these bodies, then the physical body does not have to take on this role.

It is easier to find a course correction for our energy system before the low vibrations stored in our emotional, mental and etheric energy bodies have have built up to the point that the physical body needs to outpicture the problems with physical challenges. If we find ourselves in an illness process, it is always helpful to work to clear the other energy bodies too for complete healing.

Once we are in a physical challenge, many Flower Essences will also help us clear or re-orient stuck lower vibration energies in the physical including harmful bacteria, viruses, low vibration food related consequences such as toxic heavy metals stored in our organs and confused cells.

Flower Essences for cleansing the physical body include: Avocado, Beggar’s Tick, Bottlebrush, Burdock, Cilantro, Dandelion, Date Palm, Eggplant, Lemon, Musk Thistle, Spanish Bayonet, Tomato and of course Flow Free

How does all this tie into improved immune function? If we have etheric, mental and emotional bodies cleared of lower vibrations, energy moves through these bodies into our physical bodies unimpeded. There are no lingering lower vibration emotions seeking to express themselves through our physical vehicle to get our attention. Viruses pass us by as offering us no useful learning lessons. Our energy systems have the life force flowing through them to keep tuning up the whole system to the highest vibration possible without the need to detour into inservices about issues still stored in the other subtle bodies. We can be in the flow.

What I learned unexpectedly when I began to use Flower Essences is whether we expect this or not, Flower Essences work on all four energy bodies. Not only that, but they know the nuances of these bodies interrelationships and know how to coordinate the movement and healing of these energies in the whole complex system. Just like Flowers, Flower Essences give us models for a very high vibration throughout our energy systems and support us every step of the way to find this vibration in ourselves and hold it in form in our entire energy system.

What I unexpectedly learned during these early years of “fooling around with these things called Flower Essences” was that Flower Essences offer us so much with such incredible generosity and grace. My energy bodies had been gummed up with the heavy vibrations of upsetting memories, erroneous mental beliefs I was a bad person, toxic emotions including guilt, doubt, fear, anger and grief. Flower Essences helped me empty myself of these energies so I could welcome in the abundant light energy that Divinity offers all of us every second of every day.


As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!