The Flower Essence Combo that Continues to Fly out the Door : To Thine Own Self Be True

Recently we have sent off so much of the combination remedy To Thine Own Self Be True that I had to mix more of the mother Flower Essences together into the blend in order to keep bottling this for you. I find the demand for this remedy extremely heartening.

Yes, it is a very confusing time with a lot of institutions and structures and ideas that we thought were solid and true falling to pieces. But how wonderful that in response to this, so many seek their own true self as their north star. The Light is within us, and it cheers me that so many are looking there for it.

As always when I assemble a combination from individual Flower Essence mothers, I fell in love all over again with this remedy. It offers much encouragement and wisdom about being true to one’s self in a layered but gentle way. I felt so strongly about the strengths of this mix and how supportive it is for all of us right now that I put a large bottle on my bedside table.

Below is a list of the Flower Essences in the mix with some thoughts about these ingredients. But first a link to an earlier blog in which I explain why our combination remedies have a large number of Flower Essences in them. As you may know, one of my missions with Flower Essences is to dismantle dogma about them, and this blog was one attempt to do so.

One other thought. Many of these Flower Essences are from our Additional Flower Essence list (I indicate this by an asterisk next to the Essence). This is a group of Flower powerhouses that keep a lower profile here for reasons largely unknown to me. Just as the wisest person in a room doesn’t often declare this to be the truth but just quietly lights up the room, these more reserved Flower Essences infuse our whole collection of Essences with incredible strength and insight. You’ll see they do so in this mix.

The complete Additional Flower Essence list is on the resource page, and all are available in individual bottles by clicking the Additional Essence line on the sidebar on the Find a Flower Essence page.

*Agathe Incarnata Rose- This exquisite Rose helps us assimilate the tremendous Light pouring into the Earth right now while also helping us translate our intention to be our most loving self into a fully embodied state of being.

Alex Mackenzie Rose– This Rose helps us have the courage and fortitude to keep going with the task at hand. Not everyone is going to be pleased when you live from your own truth. This dynamo helps you do so anyways.

Baby Blue Eyes– Created because my then four year old daughter Emily said it was needed, this is a beloved of children who find their wisdom discounted on a daily basis even as they are timeless souls living in young bodies. Baby Blue Eyes promotes the flexible, resilient, and detached energy of knowing who we are, knowing our own value and being able to experience what happens to us without taking any of it personally- such perfect support for being true to oneself!

*Bermudiana- This Flower is endemic to Bermuda meaning that this charming little blue Flower was originally found only on Bermuda. As a Flower Essence it helps us find our unique calling in the world. It helps to make our awareness of our spiritual identity and purpose something we don’t lose track of. Bermudiana also reminds us the the still small voice of Divinity within us has its own authority!

Blueberry– So many Essences in this mix help us confidently find our true self and express it. Blueberry helps in this way and is especially helpful for those called to walk a unique and unusual path.

*Blue Eyed Grass- Have you noticed the theme of blue yet? Blue Flowers so often help us be true blue with unswerving loyalty to our truest self.

I am going to share the entire description of this one from the Additional Essence list because it so exactly speaks to this time.

“These are complicated times with much pressing upon all of us. What is our specific role in unfolding events? How do we know when to act and when to refrain from action? With so much conflict and so many conflicting views, how do we stay anchored and true to our own inner wisdom? Blue Eyed Grass offers a vibrational model for this territory. It helps us discern what we need to do or not do and then supports us to march
to our own drummer, even when this may be difficult. It knows that our true blue self-expression is right for the whole and part of the fabric of underlying. unity. This is true, even when our choices appear to separate us out from the pack and appear to cause rifts. Blue Eyed Grass helps us to know our role and feel comfortable in bold choices when our deepest truths call us to a singular path. I AM as I AM. In a sea of unity, I AM true self-expression, one with creation yet true to my unique vibration.

*Buttercup- This one holds the sunlight of midsummer and acts to encourage us on with its friendly inclusive light of unity. After all, we all share one sun.

Cardinal de Richelieu Rose– If institutions, organizations, social groups or cultural stereotypes have boxed you in ( are any of us free of this?) this Rose helps you break free of these cages.

Cosmos– Cosmos encourages authentic self-expression by helping us open and align our heart and throat chakras more fully. This helps us speak and act from our hearts with greater honesty, clarity, power, confidence and in greater alignment with our most deeply held beliefs.

Cosmos has been key to my life with Flower Essences. Flowers were always a great love, but many expressed doubts they could be my purpose too. In turning within and being guided to make Flower Essences (Cosmos being among the first I made), I found myself knowing Flowers were my truth and path and purpose, and it was okay to live from this truth.

Daisy– We are meant to be free to be happy if we so choose. Daisy helps us center ourselves in this truth so we can let go of the niggling voices of those who would tell us its not okay to feel okay. This one has quite an organizing and aligning quality so it helps us shed doubts in a coordinated manner.

Dandelion- I asked the Angels why this dynamo was in the mix ( after all it is their recipe), and they said it helps to clear out the clutter stored in the muscles including those ideas that it is not okay to be yourself.

*Delphinium- Delphinium helps us own our power in any situation and remember our own divine inner authority no matter what we face.

*February Daphne- This one helps sweet people (too often the doormats of the world) to assert themselves. It reminds the downtrodden to assert their vision in the world. It is needed!

French Marigold– Listening to the still small voice of Divinity within us is key to articulating our true self, and French Marigold helps us with this task especially in dynamic situations in which a lot of change is going on.

French Marigold has so many strengths. It helps us with viruses, protects our hearing, helps us successfully shift gears in alignment with the incoming light. It is a treasure, and I am glad it is in this mix.

Gallandia Rose– Here this beloved speaks for herself, “I AM Gallandia. I greet you across time and space. I AM a messenger, a harbinger of good news, yet I also come to prepare your vessel for holding a different configuration in time and space. Welcome me into the matrix of your being for I come to soften the necessary adaptation process you are all embarked upon.”

Gardenia– Sometimes we all need a secret ally in our quest to self actualize, and here Gardenia offers to be that ally. And what an ally she is!

Goldenrod– Actually this is the first Flower Essence I made! Remember that story of eight year old me in the bushes making Goldenrod tea? Even then the Angels and Fairies were with me, and what a profoundly good Flower Essence for a little girl in a family who didn’t understand her at all! Goldenrod helps us have spiritual spine and stand up to all those in our tribe, circle of acquaintances and social world who would squash us and our truth.

Larkspur– Dynamic support for course correction plain and simple.

*Lily of the Valley- Keeps us intent on listening and hearing the sweet truth. It’s much better news than we think!

*Love in a Mist – When we cannot see where we are (ring any bells?) Love in a Mist helps us move forward, putting one foot in front of the other with loving intention.

Maple– Among its many gifts, Maple helps us tap into a sweet flow of confidence and trust in ourselves.

*Prince of Venus- I AM the complete expression of my Christed Self.

Purple Flowering Raspberry– I enjoy this Flower Essence so much. It pulls us into ourselves in such a magic way. Just consider its I AM affirmation, “I AM the song of divinity calling you to the unmet corridors of your heart, and to the glorious wilderness of your soul.

Rosemary– Rosemary has a very grounding and embodying energy. It helps us tangibly feel our oneness which is a really helpful thing during this time in which we are separated from each other in unexpected and difficult ways.

Silver-rod– We manage a lot as we self actualize and raise our vibration to meet the light coming into the planet. Silver-rod helps the master conductor within us to know how to move electrical energy during these upticks in planetary vibration. It reveals to us that we know how to make this vibrational shift.

*Small Woodland Orchis- On the last blog there is a photo of a group of us observing some half floating logs on a remote Adirondack pond. These logs are the only place I ever encountered this orchid, and we only met once. She described herself as a lighthouse for swampy times. Thank you Small Woodland Orchis.

*St. David’s Rose- At a certain point the Angels asked me to grow most of the Bermuda Flowers in our greenhouse so we would have a more regular supply of blossoms. This was a delightful project bringing much beauty to the greenhouse, but there are some gems that I have never found anywhere but in old Bermudian gardens including this Rose. A towering advocate for choosing to be your own authority, this Rose is such an important ingredient in this mix.

Stanwell Perpetual RoseI AM the strength to keep on the path of love.

Sunflower– Sunflower helps us be the super hero in our own life. And personally I feel this is as it should be. No one should be some other person’s or organization’s side kick as their main role in their own life!

Tuberose– Being your fully articulated true self requires energy, and Tuberose is one of many Essences included in this mix that help us access the necessary light to be our true self. Its I AM affirmation says it so well; I AM the force of healing light, moving without impediment through my energy system.

*Wild Columbine- No matter how extreme the situation, Wild Columbine helps us have the tenacity to stay centered, hold the light, and see the truth of the matter. This one is very helpful when a situation has
escalated into violence and we must hold our truth and the light in these
extremely challenging situations.

Flower Essences and I AM affirmations

From the beginning of Green Hope Farm, more than thirty years ago, the Angels have had me end each description of individual Flower Essences with an I AM affirmation.

After I make a Flower Essence for the first time, I sit with the Deva of the Flower. The Deva of the Flower overlights the particular Flower and knows everything about the Flower including its Divine purpose. I also call in other Angels and Elementals involved including the Angel of Flower Essences. Then I ask for information about what the Flower Essence is for as well as the Flower’s I AM affirmation.

This is a process I have written about before of translating non-verbal energy or vibration into language. With the description of the Flower Essence there are so many vibrational gifts to mention, and sometimes what I choose to highlight ends up being not as important as another aspect of the Flower Essence. Just as you might describe someone as being an excellent cook but fail to mention that they can plumb a house only to find that a more needed gift when the pipes begin to leak, so too with Essences. I can mention some of the Flower’s many gifts only to find out its other gifts end up being more helpful to people and animals once the Essence goes out into the world.

As my understanding of an Essence shifts with your and my experience, I adapt the descriptions. It is funny though. My first try often holds more layers of meaning than I am aware of when transcribing them from spirit. I will go back to a description to edit it in light of all you have shared and find that the gifts WERE mentioned, but I didn’t grasp the significance of the language choices at the time.

With the I AM affirmations, it is a little different. I work very hard to get these right the first time and only go with an affirmation when I feel it energetically is as precise as language can be. Some Flowers tell me the affirmation when they are still in the field or garden. This is the group of Flower friends that explain themselves faster than I can write down their descriptions. That is always lovely except when I don’t have a pen on me!

Some unveil themselves more slowly and their affirmations come into focus more slowly as well. This reticence does not mean they are an unwilling participant in the enterprise. Some Flowers are not as connected to human community as other Flowers and coming into conversation is more of a leap for them. There are many other factors as well. No matter what, I ask for permission of the Flower and the spiritual forces that are part of the Flower before I make any Flower Essence. If I get a no, I stop then and there ( and sometimes I do get a no).

This asking is essential. There are no Flower Essences without the willing participation of all the spiritual beings present with the Flower. A Flower Essence can only be made when the Angels and Elementals that overlight the Flower transfer the energetic vibration of the Flower to the water in which the water sits and from there into the stabilized Mother Essence.

So pretty much from the moment I spot a new beloved Flower in field or forest until it goes off to you as a Flower Essence, the active participation of the Angels and Elementals of the Flower are necessary.

As I think I have mentioned before, the Angels and Elementals asked me to go back to the role of bottler in March of this year. During our many decades here, I have been the bottler for stretches of time then been moved off this duty then moved on again. It is sometimes hard for people to understand my complete willingness to switch gears in what I am doing in the office when the Angels and Elementals ask. For me it is simple. This place and these Flower Essences would not exist without the Angels and Elementals and their guidance. I have no idea why they move me around as they do, but their advice has always been flawless. If they ask it, there is a good reason.

I started this farm with no business training and no conscious understanding of Flower Essences and I have been in the classroom with peerless guides ever since. If they told me I needed to stand naked in the garden chanting every night, I would do it.

So when they insisted on I AM affirmations with every Flower Essence, I was, of course, committed to this.

Throughout the years, these I AM affirmations have been a precious part of each Essence’s presence here. On the shelves, most of the Flower Essences have their I AM affirmation under their names, and I like reading the affirmations as I pack orders. They are sparkling bits of poetry bringing home to me the beauty of each Essence. Each I AM affirmations joins the vibration of the Flower Essence to sing a beautiful song. Lately, I have found them a great help and solace in a different way.

As I bottle, I get out the description of the Flower Essence I am bottling and I reread the description with special attention to the I AM affirmation. I find this very uplifting and also supportive to the bottling process. The affirmations also give me a window into the collective which I find very heartening.

For example, this week as I bottled I noticed that the I AM affirmations of many of the Essences being bottling dovetailed together into several themes. Here at the farm we get a constant reminders of the unity of all life: again and again we notice waves of the same Essences flying off the shelves to people and animals all over the world. I really appreciate that as I bottle, I get to see what has flown because these are the very Flower Essences which I need to bottle to restock the shelves. In this way I feel our unity even as I bottle.

I am heartened by this glimpse into our unity consciousness. This week the themes were….. Well, I will share some of the affirmations with you so you can see for yourself.

AvocadoI AM the power of perfect health, returning my being to the divine blueprint awaiting me.

BlueberryI AM the clear note of truth incarnate.

CoralitaI AM the smooth flow of information, free from limitation.

Climbing New Dawn RoseI AM New Life eternal.

Corona del IncaI AM the sanctity of my body, inviolate and strong.

CalliandraI AM centered in the knowing that my heart is the source and my arteries the river of God’s unlimited love, wisdom, and power filling my body

ChamomileI AM the breath of God.

Comfrey I AM the experience of perfect health and divine order in my etheric body.

Fodder Vetch I AM sure of my way forward.

GoldenrodI AM God’s truth at my point in the universe.

Indian PipeI AM one with the eternal verity of peace. Wherever I go, I AM this peace and so with each step I take, I illuminate the world.

Moldavian DragonheadI AM a songline of happiness.

The combination Flower Essences that I bottled that have no I AM affirmations dovetailed with these themes included The Way Forward from the Camino collection, Golden Armor, Precious Blood and To Thine Own Self Be True.

In these Essences you had asked for I see us confidently take back our own authority and commit ourselves to health, truth and moving forward in peace and happiness.

As always, I salute you all and am grateful to be a part of your brave and steadfast efforts to be your light in the world!

A Loving Tune Up

The Angels’ analogy about the piano in my previous post continues to fill my thoughts. I remember the piano tuner that used to come to my childhood home. For hours he would hit each note then turn the wire behind the note with a particular wrench then play the note again, repeating these steps until the note was just right. It was a loud, long and complex process to tune the whole piano- all 88 keys. When he was finished, the piano tuner would always give the piano a workout, playing a wild improvisation of crashing chords and enormous runs up and down the keyboard. I was mesmerized by this man and this process.

Piano tuning is like the planetary healing underway. Just as every note gets meticulous care because it is a needed part of the whole, so too with every one of us. This light pouring in is for all of us.

Someone just commented that talking about the light energy coming in is a somewhat controversial thing to do since so many of us are being heartbroken by life events right now. I hear you. I don’t mean to be glib about anyone’s heartbreak, and I am sorry if it ever feels that way.

This year has snowplowed into just about everyone, me included. I want every suffering person to find respite and healing, and I believe the light flooding in is part of the healing package we are receiving. I find it comforting to think about this light, and that is one reason why I mention it so much.

As events batter us, the presence of this light helps me know this time is a loving tune up not just a battering. I am glad for the ways the light is awakening us, and I truly feel Divinity is orchestrating this light in as gentle a way as possible. And I am grateful to be here during this time because I believe it is the time we have been waiting for… for like forever.

From Fear to Love with Flower Essences

Flower Essences impose no agenda on us. Instead they offer a template for us to raise an expression of an energy that may currently be dense, heavy and uncomfortable to a higher expression of itself which is lighter, happier and more expressive of love.

When asking the Angels for an analogy for this, they suggested I consider a piano. It exists as a unified object, yet it can express deep bass notes and also high notes. The pianist makes the choice of what to express. The pianist has all the volition about choices. The teacher teaches the pianist how to use the piano to express both high and low notes and move without impediment from one to the other.

Our energy system is the piano offering an immense range of self expression. Heavy vibrations such as fear correlate with bass notes (though base notes themselves do not have heavy vibrations- this is just an analogy). The high notes represent the highest expression of our instrument, the highest vibration being love.

The Flower Essences are the piano teacher, showing us ways to use our instrument. If we have gotten ourselves into a rut of playing only the heavy, low vibration notes, Flower Essences show us how to access the high notes easily and freely. They remind us that if we can express the heavy vibrations, we can express the high vibrations because in truth they are one energy- its only a matter of how fast the energy is moving.

To drive this home and then spin off in another direction, consider this: when we are feeling hopeless, we are experiencing an energy that is hope slowed down. By learning from the Flowers or from other teachers how to speed up this energy of hopelessness, we find the hope that was always present with the hopelessness.

Then consider this, when we experience ourselves here on earth weighed down with confusion, doubt, fear and worry, we also exist in a band of energy in which we are not confused, worried or afraid. Flower Essences help us rise up into an experience of this radiant self, a self that exists now and always will.

Calling it a journey from 3D to 5D is one way to express a rising up of our energy systems to find conscious unity with the part of ourselves that knows not only what the heck is going on right now but knows that all is well. It is the journey from fear to love. It is a journey from unreality to reality. It is the journey from ego to true self.

I am particularly interested in the truth that only love is real. Divinity does not just forgive us the “mistakes” but forgets them all as never having existed. Our journeys in these lower vibrations are just maya sort of like movies flickering their shadows on a wall. They are illusions that have captured our attention but ones we now awaken from to find that the only reality is love.

While all Essences show us the way from dense energy to a higher expression of energy, I am reminded of the Angels’ focus in the beginning of this wild year on our combination Flower Essence, Be Fearless.

No matter the concern, being fearless is the solution. It’s sort of a short cut to love because while people often say “Where there is fear, there is no love”, the opposite is also true: where there is no fear, there is love.

Be Fearless and know you are loved and you are love! You are going through the Gate Beautiful and you are the Gate Beautiful! (more about that soon!).

Much love to you from the gardens of the farm where today the honeybees are collecting pollen from the still radiant Calendulas. I wrote this sitting with them, watching them head for home in a beeline of love for their hive.

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences from 2020

Hello dear Friends! Welcome! We’re so happy to share these New Flower Essences from the Green Hope Gardens of 2020. Their focus is to support you to shift from the 3D illusion of separation to 5D unity consciousness  They dovetail in a unity of purpose that beautifully reveals their own fifth dimensional unity consciousness, and they offer themselves with much love.

Existing in fifth dimensional consciousness, these Flower Essences come out to meet all of us wherever we are to help us along in our individual journeys. 2020 has been quite the year, and these Essences speak to this intensity. They are powerful tools offered from the part of our collective oneness that knows how to take us, both individually and collectively, across the threshold into conscious oneness and fifth dimensional New Earth.

When we look beyond the surface chaos clamoring for our constant attention, we notice the choices we need to make. Will we spend another minute tied to the millstones of old ego contracts, long dead ideas of who we are, ancient loyalties that separate us one from another and tired three dimensional games? Or will we step across the threshold right now to a higher dimensional experience of ourselves, one of expansive love and spiritual freedom?

Grandmother Earth has made her choice to evolve. She moves further into the fifth dimension every moment.  Sometimes we waiver but more and more we cut the bindings and seek to go forward with her into a vibration both unknown and more familiar than our very face.  We do not acquaint ourselves with something new as much as reunite with our true self.

This journey calls us to cast out the mistaken perceptions that bind us to old frequencies and manifest something beautiful that already lives within us. In oneness, becoming something is also a remembering something.  In this there is no room for fear, only love. We embrace our best selves and leave the shadow boxing behind.

Not surprisingly, the Flower Essences created this year by the Green Hope Farm community of Angels Elementals and Humans help us cross the threshold fearlessly, joyfully and without delay. 

I’ll give a snapshot of each new Essence below then come back with longer descriptions of each of these dynamos.

Angel Wing BegoniaBegonia coccinea If you’re here on Earth right now, you’re in deep! This one helps us continue in our brave course to live from our hearts. It also helps us feel the Angels at our side, compatriots offering steadying love and support.

Beeline– A new garden mandala orchestrated by Honeybees and infused with their wisdom and love became this Flower Essence combination. Just as Bees gather nectar and pollen then go straight home to their hives in a beeline, this Essences helps us gather up the gifts from all we have learned in our three dimensional experiences and take this harvest and ourselves swiftly home to source. Nature is with us in this journey, and never was there a community more willing to show us the way than the radiant light beeings that we call Honeybees.

BindweedConvolvulus arvensis Bindweed helps us unbind ourselves from counter productive three dimensional emotional and mental habitual ways of being so we can open and receive the fifth dimensional energies flooding into Earth.

Black Hills– This Essence speaks to our souls of our pure source and being. It is Grandmother Earth’s wake up call, a gift returning us to ourselves.

The Gate Beautiful– This year’s Venus Garden combination Flower Essence helps us cross the threshold once and for all from dense three dimensional living to the vibrant fifth. The word for beautiful in Greek means, “in the right time.” It is the right time.

Lion’s EarLeonotis nepetifolia The Lion’s Ear collective of wise elders in spirit offers its protection and guidance via this Essence. Words fail me when I try to suggest the gifts of what they offer, but later in this blog, I’ll try!

Moldavian DragonheadDracocephalum moldavica  Tender support for a discouraged heart. For moments when these unravelling times feel like too much and you need respite and relief.

Red Spider OrchidCaladenia stricta Red Spider Orchid cuts through our perceptual blinders and pushes aside distractions to reveal what is actually going on for us and what we must do about it.

Wild Pinks in a Fairy RingDianthus deltoides One blessing Elementals offer is to help us lighten up. This gift from the fairies shares a vibration that uplifts us with fairy magic and sparkle.

Yerba MateIlex paraguariensis– We are light. It is time to be set free from any interference that would suggest otherwise. Yerba Mate is a protector and a guide that reminds us of who we are and in sanctity ushers us on our way.

Alphabetizing has never been a strength of mine (just ask the staff Goddesses!) but in the case of these longer descriptions, I have intentionally left Beeline and The Gate Beautiful to the end.

Angel Wing leaves! I promise the Flower photo as soon as this Begonia blooms again!

Angel Wing BegoniaBegonia coccinea Begonias are about heart. This one specifically helps us feel both the calm and courage necessary to live from our heartfelt convictions.  It also peels back the veil to reveal that we are in the company of Angels, supporting us in our every move towards self-actualization.

We each incarnated to be here for this transition to a New Earth, but signing on was a bit different than executing the mission! This Essence helps us keep going with a brave heart and a greater awareness of the Angels around us, holding us close with their radiant wings as we too shine our infinite light.

I AM the courage of my convictions.


BindweedConvolvulus arvensis  If you have read recent blogs you will know that I struggled with this “weed” in the gardens this summer and also got repeated guidance and support to release old three dimensional ways of being to open and receive the fifth dimensional Divine light flooding the planet. I love how, like everything else from these fifth dimensional Flower messengers, it is all one: Bindweed has revealed itself to be an Essence that can help us break free from low vibration bindings to open and receive the light on offer.

This greater light energy is with us so completely that I wake up each morning in wonder and awe.  As I avail myself to this incoming light, I ask for support from Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters to release three dimensional habits and emotions to make room to receive the light of the fifth dimension. In other words, I ask to release anything that keeps my energy stuck. Then I visualize the light entering through my crown and moving through my mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. I’ve been writing about this in recent blogs if you are interested. Angels, Elementals and Ascended Masters stand ready to help all of us in this process.

I find asking in specificity for the release of stuck emotions and mental patterns that maintain the illusion of separation such as anger, pride, jealousy, bitterness, righteousness, judgement, resistance to change and envy is helpful. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t experience these emotions. It’s just that we need to process them then let them go to make room for the incoming light. This light energy is generous. It is here for all of us because, of course, we are all one and in oneness there is no separation into worthy and unworthy. Bindweed, being the most annoying plant in the garden yet holding this ability to welcome in immense light reminded me of that!

I AM the full release of all bindings and the full flow of infinite light.

Black Hills– A Green Hope friend from Deadwood, South Dakota sent me a box of Flowers and other cherished offerings she had gathered in the Black Hills. When I opened the box, my circuits were blown by the power of what she had gathered.

I decided to make an Essence from this offering and then see what I was to do with it.  First things first, I thank you Suzy for your journeying into the Black Hills to make this possible.

My father grew up in nearby Rapid City, and his parents helped create the Native American museum there. The Black Hills were his favorite place, and he had many stories of his childhood there. But my reaction to the Flowers was a different sense of recognition than a familial one. It went beyond the personal to the universal.

So much of what I know about Flowers comes from a body experience beyond words or beliefs. For many decades I have been trying to translate the vibration of Flowers into descriptions that suggest their gifts enough for you to want to work with their vibrations. Words can never contain the truth and vibration of a Flower and its Essence, but they can suggest the territory, sometimes, if I am lucky. That Flower Essences are beyond language is a wonderful thing, but it also leads me to not always know how to navigate cultural shifts in my descriptions. Flowers don’t speak from a place of culture but more from source. As the translator, I am the one making the mistakes! Please accept my heartfelt apologies for anything I say that feels wrong. The missteps are all mine and not the Flowers.

My experience of this Essence is that it calls all humankind back to the purity of our creation and the first breath. The Black Hills is a place from which Grandmother Earth breathes in infinite significance. May we honor this place by being worthy of her love.

This Essence, like all Flower Essences, comes from a place beyond language, bearing a significance beyond understanding (my understanding, anyways!). In particular this Black Hills Essence holds something of a place held sacred by its guardians as the heart of everything. I would very much like to go to the Black Hills to honor them. In the meantime, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with a refracted piece of their wisdom in the form of this Flower Essence.

My experience of this Essence is that it helps us to dissolve the chains of separation so that we can experience the pure source of our being.  Soul retrieval might be one way to describe its purpose. This pure source is the oneness now calling us back from division to remembered union. This Essence has made me burst into tears of gratitude and love- repeatedly- I have no explanation for this, but I am grateful. It has helped me find something essential of myself which I thought lost.

I will close with grateful thanks to the people of the Arikara, Pawnee, Crow, Lakota, Cheyenne, Omaha, Arapaho, Kiowa, Kiowa-Apache and other tribes who have been threshold guardians of the Black Hills. May we all be worthy of your sacrifice.

Lion’s Ear

Lion’s EarLeonotis nepetifolia The first time I encountered this Flower was in St John, USVI.  While hiking on a twisty road, I had to leap into a ditch to avoid getting hit by a speeding jeep. Looking up from where I landed I found myself in a divine appointment with this Flower. Given how significant this Flower and its Essence have become to me, I am certain Lion’s Ear arranged for me to find it via this speeding car. I have never encountered this Flower anywhere else and only have it to offer now because I searched out seeds to grow it here in the gardens.

I grew more serious about this Flower when another Flower Essence practitioner began to tell me her dreams about Lion’s Ear Essence. The deeper we explored this Flower Essence, the more it revealed itself as a tower of strength and advocacy for the Light within us. The more I learned the more aware I became of the immense and complex light energies aligned with this Essence.

To work with this Flower Essence is to be welcomed into a circle of the wisest healers that have ever lived on this planet. I hesitate to suggest how this collective will manifest in your life. Like a complex crystal, this Essence refracts the light into many different traditions. Suffice it to say that currently many spiritual elders of the shamanic tradition gather to help usher us through this dimensional gateway to a new life. This Essence helps us attune to these elders and avail ourselves to their precious support.  It is a rare invitation.  I have found the shimmering collective of Lion’s Ears to be an enormous help in the work of ignoring “mosquitos” of all sizes and shapes and to keeping on with holding my light as best I can.

I AM the drum. I AM the drumbeat.

Moldavian Dragonhead

Moldavian DragonheadDracocephalum moldavica The Elementals chose this one as a central note in the music of the Beeline garden. What a lovely new friend!  Its abundant blue Flowers attract many kinds of Bees especially Bumblebees. We weren’t at all surprised when we learned that this plant is used extensively in Moldavia as an herbal tea to lift up a discouraged heart. We found it an uplifting presence in the garden.

Consider this new friend if your heart is discouraged by your circumstances or the drama currently encircling us. This one sings of a deeper place of wholeness and holiness, It holds steadfast in truth as do so many blue Flowers, yet it also brings the courage of blue. It supports us to be our true blue self with serenity, quiet determination and unperturbable good cheer.

I AM a songline of happiness.

Red Spider Orchid

Red Spider OrchidCaladenia stricta This Flower Essence creates an inner space of great clarity. It cuts away the voluminous untruths and distractions drowning us. It illuminates a territory within us of revelation so we can know and own our truth.

So much of the data and energy coming at us is distraction. This Essence helps us disregard the clamor of the meaningless and zero in on the bones of truth that will move us forward. Like a lens that brings just the subject into focus, this Orchid telescopes in on the real that must be dealt with and dismisses the rest. It helps us resolve painful situations that press in on us by condensing the circumstances down to a zone of clarity and revelation.  

Think of this one as like a bouncer at the gates of our hearts that turns away all the frivolous distractions so we can better hear the still small voice of our own heart, the voice that knows what matters and what we must do.

I AM clarity and revelation.

Wild Pinks in a Fairy Ring

Wild Pinks in a Fairy RingDianthus deltoides Three dimensional life can try and pull us back with the siren song of sorrows new and old.  What happiness it was when Grace, my eight year old granddaughter, pointed to a fairy ring of Wild Pinks growing here and told me, “This needs to be an Essence.” We made it together and have used it all summer in a spritzer bottle whenever the mood gets heavy or low. It is as sparkly and uplifting as you can imagine.

I AM the sparkle of magic and happiness.

Yerba Mate

Yerba MateIlex paraguariensis  I have leaned on this Essence this year for the protective energy it offers. It brings unwaivering support to dismiss the unreal.  I use it daily with Golden Armor and Lion’s Ear. Not everyone wants us to go forward into the fifth dimension, and the interference has been significant in 2020. Here is what this Essence said to a healer friend, “I stand tall in the darkness, unperturbed by what I see. I am oblivious to that which fails to know itself. There is nothing that will ever stop my growth. I protect your knowledge that you cannot be damaged.”

I AM one with source.

Ageratum and Sweet Alyssum from Beeline

Beeline– All paths lead home, but some are faster than others. This brings us to Beeline.

The word Beeline is both a noun and a verb. As a noun it means “a straight, direct course.” As a verb it means “to go quickly in a straight course.” Because we are both wave and particle, this feels apt.  As an Essence it helps us beeline it home in a beeline.

Bees take the nectar and pollen they have gathered and go directly back to the hive in a beeline. When people are trying to find a wild hive, they will watch the beeline the bees make from wherever they are gathering food and follow the trajectory until they find the hive.

So it is that this Essence offers to help you find your beeline home so you can beeline it there. Making a beeline is not only the most efficient thing to do but a prudent one. Beeline exhorts us to go right home. If you find your unique beeline to Divinity’s door, why mess around with sideshows, distractions, minor celebrities or alternate routes suggested by mapquest? And once on the beeline, why leave it?  If you had afternoon tea with Divinity, would you stop off at a minimart on the way home? Bees embody this “direct to source” vibration and in this Essence they share this vibration. Beeline offers the bee’s gift of discernment that takes us home to conscious unity with source.  Bees live for the One and exist in union with the one. They don’t see the way they live as a sacrifice of self to the whole because they experience themselves as the whole.

How did the Bees come to create this Essence?  Our big Cherokee Trail of Tears garden gets a new mandala of Flowers each year, but it has always presented a bit of an obstacle (albeit a gorgeous one) to us humans going from other gardens to the tool and garden shed. This year the Angels suggested we run a direct path through the garden at the optimum angle to connect us to the shed. We planted the Angels’ design with delight at the way it immediately made gardening more efficient. To the northwest of the path, arcs of potato plants in a rainbow of varieties encircled a varied collection of pole beans. To the southeast of the path, many plants new to me joined a cohort of regulars. Sweet Alyssum and low growing Zinnias edged the path.  Behind them grew Blue, Lavender, White and Rose Ageratums from the “Timeless” series, Peruvian Four O’clocks, Korean Hyssop, many kinds of Nicotiana including Sacred Tobacco varieties and a long run of our new friend Moldavian Dragonhead.  I had thought that the Venus Garden was going to get all the plants that I had grown around the theme of Time, but this garden welcomed many of these time related Flowers.

Early in the summer, three swarms of Honeybees from our existing hives swarmed in the apple trees which encircle this garden. We gently moved them into new hives. Soon we had three vibrant hives permanently in place next to this garden. Swarms are completely in charge of when they leave an existing hive, where they go and if they settle in when a new hive is offered. We were so happy they stayed.

You would think by this point the name Beeline for this garden mandala would have occurred to me- after all it made it possible for us to beeline to our tools AND bees had been a theme in this garden all summer…but no, I was still trying on names like “Cut to the Chase” and “Direct Route.” Did you hear my whoop of delight when I finally got the Bee memo about the name?

Along with puzzling over the name, I wondered at the Flower ingredients. The joyful Zinnias merged into the honey scented fragrant Sweet Alyssum lifting us with their Christ consciousness energy. But what of these time related Flowers?  All paths lead home but some faster than others. Yes, I am repeating myself here. The issue is that we have all dithered quite a long time here on Earth, playing with the light and dark and exploring every nuance of three dimensional reality, but the planet is moving on to the fifth dimension and we have the wisdom and the skills to join her. This garden both reminds us how and also exhorts us to get on with it. It’s time.

I’m not saying all the delays have been on our own personal watch. 2020 has been an obstacle course of unexpected challenges and roadblocks thrown in our way. However this Essence helps us ignore a lot of this and without delay, make a beeline in a beeline to take the nectar and pollen of our journeys in three dimensions and beeline into the expansive fifth dimension calling to us.

The Gate Beautiful

The Venus Garden sits tucked inside a horseshoe of office building, farmhouse and barn- both protected yet somehow also rising above the fray of daily life to express its wisdom and truth.

This year we’ve renovated the barn to make a living space for Elizabeth and her two children. The “we” is almost 100% Jim who spent his “summer vacation” from the classroom rebuilding the barn into a home. One thing we knew going into the construction was that at any time during the garden season, we could expect a crew to come dig a trench from the barn to farmhouse for electrical, water and septic lines. Because this trench would likely dig up part if not all of the Venus Garden, the Angels had us grow all the plants for this season’s garden in a multitude of clay pots.

Petunias in shades of pink, purple and white mixed with Daturas, scented Geraniums, Sweet Alyssum, Mehera Marigolds and Thyme. They were joined by “volunteer” Verbena Bonariensis, Cosmos, Bells of Ireland, Blue Vervain, and Nicotiana in a saucy and playful movable feast. At the center, 13 pots of Mehera Marigolds encircled an immense planter of Thyme representing an unusual variation of numbers on a clock face.  The Angels had me turn the pots in a unique rhythm and also had me place a statue of St. Francis in the garden for many weeks. Then one day the bulldozer, excavator and skid steer with jackhammer arrived for the digging. I offered to move the pots, but the men said they would try and work around the garden.

All around the property was the uproar of trenches being dug and blasted, dirt and shards of bedrock being pile high and other gardens experiencing necessary destruction. A new septic system was required by the town planning board and this necessitated a road being created on the property down through the hayfield where an even bigger excavator tore up the earth to remove our old system and lay down another. Dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators in all directions left our toddler grandson Henry giddy with joy.

It was hard to miss that our little microcosm reflected the macrocosm.  2020 = upheaval and change. In order to move the place forward and expand the farm to house another family, we had to dig the whole place up.  So too in the macrocosm.

When the construction threatened forty years of energy work in the Venus Garden, people and spirit conspired to leave it intact and unscathed, yet dug deep all around the garden. This is the first garden where we grounded the fifth dimension, and it remains sacred ground. The workmen felt this and heroically maneuvered their lumbering equipment around the garden in surgically precise moves. Always there was an energy of orchestrated mess preserving the essential, not purposeless destruction. Another occurrence that uplifted me with confidence that in both the microcosm and the macrocosm the light in all of us will prevail is what I saw one afternoon as Henry and I sat down in the hayfield observing the excavator dig as fast as Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann. Rising up above the site towered an enormous Angel radiating a pink light. In this mess as with all our messes, the wisest most loving part of ourselves is there overseeing it all and ever ushering us towards healing and conscious unity. 

One day, as the staff leaped across ditches and climbed piles of dirt to find an unscathed place to eat lunch, Jen coined the phrase “necessary mess” to describe the scene. We have found it apt for the macrocosm too. Here and elsewhere, things are a mess but a necessary mess, one that will move us forward and one that we are not navigating alone. Yes, when we signed on to be down on Earth during this time, the discussion in heavenly classrooms before incarnation probably sounds too weird to be believed. Perhaps some of us tuned out the caveat about 2020. Who can blame us? We were psyched to get back down and help be part of this incredible shift of ages and probably didn’t pause overmuch to consider how challenging some of this would actually be. But it’s okay. We are doing it. We will prevail. And so many light beings are working together as a part of us to take us all forward on this beeline to unity consciousness and a New Earth.

And so, I finish with just a bit more about the Essence created before, during and after upheaval skirted the edge of this year’s Venus Garden. The Gate Beautiful.  In Greek, the word for beautiful also means “at the right time.” An earlier version of the Gate Beautiful was part of the Temple of Jerusalem destroyed in AD 70 by the Romans.  With the clock face and the centerpiece of Thyme, this garden is layered with vibrational data about time and the different way time is experienced in the fifth dimension. While I do not know all the ways the Gate Beautiful introduces us to fifth dimensional time and helps us make sense of it, I know it does this and that this is the right time for this introduction. 

Even more importantly, this Flower Essence combination helps us dismantle any threshold guardians within us as well as those forces outside ourselves who would delay us on our way to fifth dimensional life.  It speaks to our souls, knowing that it is the right time to walk through the Gate Beautiful to a new life here on Earth. There are many who have stood at the threshold trying to scare us off with false notions that we don’t deserve to evolve or that humankind can’t evolve or that we will have to to drop our bodies in order to evolve. Not true. The Gate is here. Now! Nothing can stop us. The Gate Beautiful celebrates the moment and supports us to feel strong enough in self love and courage to walk on through.

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!