Spring is about many things, for many people. But for me, one major focus is piles.


This is the Rose Garden whose gorgeous face graces the top of almost every page on the web site. To have it look as lovely as it does in June when that photo was taken, in April I need to:

Haul manure from the manure pile to put on each Rose.
Haul compost from a well composted compost pile to put on all the Flower beds in the garden.
Make piles of the weeds and Rose suckers that I have weeded out of the garden.
Haul away these piles of weeds and Rose canes and add them to a new compost pile.
Haul mulch from the native bark mulch pile to cover all the exposed soil in the garden.
Come inside at days end to find a pile of dishes.


Is it any wonder that I am missing Emily, who last year came home from college in April to be my pile partner?

This year, while Lizzy, Deb, Sophie, and Jess manage the office piles of orders and packages, I am in charge of the outside piles, because for Emily it is still


while for me, it is dawn breaking over the biggest pile of bark mulch yet.


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