Rhino Takes a Holiday

We decided to take overworked Rhino to Montreal for a mini break holiday. It was the least we could do for him after his long summer on dish duty. Montreal is a little over three hours from our farm. Rhino was game to drive up early Tuesday morning, wander the city for a day, spent the night in a hotel, and returned late the next day after more adventures.

Here he is on first arrival, fresh and ready for lots of walking.

Here’s Rhino on St Catherine Street leaving the three older Sheehan children to a shopping whirlwind. Will, Rhino, and their supervisory parental units had other plans.

They went to the rooftop hotel pool to chill.

Once revived, they could join the rest of the crew to beat the pavement again.

Gosh, it looks like we were the only people in Montreal in these shots. That’s what a Rhino does for you. Really clears the pavement!

Rhino even took in a museum.

Rhino particularly liked the “Il Modo Italiano” exhibit at the Musee des Beaux-Artes and insisted we get a shot of him in front of this vintage Alfa Romeo touring car.


But it was not ALL walking, shopping, and culture for Rhino. It didn’t take Rhino long to realize that this is a city that’s all about the food! Here’s Rhino looking at the view from the balcony of his new favorite bistro on Crescent Street, a street packed with restaurants.

Favorite sights in general for Rhino? Spotting this car, just his size.

And seeing the sartorial splendor of a city that loves its fashion.


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