Body by Reina

Several of the young people around here have been getting up at five am to do a workout called, “Insanity” Having seen several of the moves, I think the moniker “Insanity” is an understatement.

Today, some of us at the farm upgraded from “Insanity” to a new workout regime, one that requires more strength, more endurance, and more dexterity than “Insanity” as well as the ability to dodge sharp objects while using a pair of pliers.

We call it, “Insanity with Quills.”


Here is an action shot.

Frightening, yes?

Not to puff ourselves up or anything, but Elizabeth (who is no stranger to the original “Insanity’) and I have practiced “Insanity with Quills” twice in the last week. Our workouts have been a two person, one dog experience, but we could definitely get the same workout with a third person involved. Maybe a fourth.

Like all good workout regimes, we were sucked in by the beginner lesson. The first time, it was a modest four quill removal experience. It was no picnic, but no one was left bloody. We proudly showed everyone who came to the farm the four quills we had pulled from young Reina’s nose.

Today, in blizzard conditions, Reina decided to test our mettle by engaging with another porcupine on another mountain top far far away from the first porcupine encounter last week. Because much as we loved “Insanity with Quills” we were taking our lunchtime walks a long long way away from where the first porcupine did his damage.

Nonetheless, Reina came back from a momentary dash off the trail and into the woods with 45 quills sticking out of her.

Like a novice skier who wanders from bunny slope to black diamond run without noticing the change in terrains, we were suddenly in over our heads.

“Insanity with Quills,” part two.

Here Reina is, after we have wrestled for half an hour to remove the quills in her legs, chest, and between her toes. OUCH! She looks relaxed, a bit wary, but nothing near as disheveled as the people she has left in her wake (that would be me and Elizabeth).


Yes, yes, we got all the quills out. More hours of fun wrestling. And now, it is officially time to retire, “Insanity With Quills.”

Do you hear me Reina? NO MORE PORCUPINES!

Reina’s comment. “This workout goes better with Anxiety, Animal Emergency Care, and Recovery Flower Essences given to all participants.”

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