We Need Your Animal Photos and your input!

One of our midwinter projects is to rewrite and reformat our Animal Wellness Collection brochure. Jess will do the actual layout. I am rewriting the copy. We hope to be able to put photographs of happy animal customers in the brochure. Much as we love our cats and dogs, we want YOUR beloveds to be represented too! We would LOVE you to send us your photographs of the animals in your life who have worked with and liked our Flower Essences.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Please send your photos to our email address of [email protected] It would be great if you put something like Animal Wellness brochure project in the subject line- but no worries if you don’t. And please tell us who is who in the photos and tell us your name too. While we won’t put your names in the brochure, we may be able to put your animals’ names. Thank you for your help and support!

Over the years all the photos you have sent have meant so much to us. For the first two decades we had an enormous 9′ X 4′ wall bulletin board where we tacked up the photos you sent- Now we have begun to put the photos you send us on Facebook so more people can enjoy them-

When we began the Facebook project, I was surprised to notice how faded our wall of animal friends had become. It was disappointing that most of those pictures could not be scanned by Jess and transfered to Facebook-

This means we would love those of you who sent paper photos over the years to send new ones by email. We would love to put up everything we receive on Facebook and hopefully twenty two animals will be in the brochure, one for each Essence. If your animal benefited from one Essence in particular, let us know. We know these animal photos will make this a much more engaging brochure!

I am rewriting the opening explanation of what Flower Essences are and why animals love them so much- I always find it very difficult to find accessible language. Your suggestions as I begin this task would be much appreciated. I also am trying to redefine each Animal Wellness mix since each has proven much more profound in its healing strengths than is suggested by these definitions.

Please send us your feedback to the [email protected] so we can better clarify how each of these Essences serve our animals and our own health and well being.

Just as I find all projects in the office much more fun when I remember to ask for help, it has lifted my heart to imagine the photos and suggestions you will send and how this will make this brochure so much better and so much more reflective of Green Hope Farm. From its first moments, it has always been a collaborative project.

Love and Thanks! Molly

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