Letting Go of Outcomes

This seems to be the story of life, letting go of outcomes.

Why is it so difficult for me to remember how often the best things in my life have happened when I let go of what I think the plot line is or should be?

Not that I have gone kicking and screaming through all changes, because sometimes the letting go actually happens while I am paying attention to the wrong things and don’t know I am letting go!

The Angels use this method of distraction a lot with me, and really, who can blame them? It works!

One regular area where the Angels have field day with me and can work wonders while I misunderstand or limit the plot line is in the creation of Flower Essences.

In my own defense, I have little resistance when my own imaginings drop away in the face of what actually is going on with the Angels’ brilliant creations. This kind of letting go of outcomes is FUN!

One of my favorite examples of this happened about fifteen years ago. Lynn and I went off to Bermuda intent on making Flower Essences from every Flower we thought would help with prostate issues. Lynn’s husband was having some concerns with his prostate and we were on a mission to make Essences from what we delicately called, “P Plants.”

Perhaps I have recounted this before, but one particularly hilarious moment of our P Plant Mission came when I was lowering an enormous long bright red and prickly Flower from a Monkey Tail plant into a canning jar in the gardens of a fancy Bermudian resort owned by one of Lynn’s friends. It was an ever so ever so British resort where we frequently stopped for afternoon tea. When we spotted this Flower, all bets were off as we shamelessly went for it. Needless to say, the guests of the resort looked on at our antics, horror stricken by our unseemly behavior.

This was one of those trips where we came home with several enormous suitcases full of cases of chilled Flower Essence water, relieved that the security person at the airport had known Lynn since she was a child and now knew all about our crazy project with these “lotions and potions.” Thanks to her friend, we would be ushered through to our flight as if we were carrying the crown jewels. And maybe we were!

Ah the world before 911! Now, the only journey most of our tropical Flower Essences make before they leave for your homes is from our greenhouse to the bottling room. Not nearly so exciting!

Anyways, once home with our treasure trove and with guidance from the Angels, we mixed our collection of P Plant Flower Essences with more Essences from the farm and called the mix, Flow Free. The first bottle went to Lynn’s open minded husband, one of many guinea pigs in the early days of the farm. His turn around was swift and surprising to both his doctors and himself. We were so pleased with ourselves.

But it would only be as the years unfolded that we learned that this mix was so much more than what it seemed. It would be another instance of happily letting go of outcomes.

Our first description of Flow Free suggested a focus on urinary tract issues. But right away, it was used by you for so many diverse reasons and suggested by the Angels for every kind of flow issue in creation. As I have mentioned before, it is an Essence I take every day, per Angelic direction- maybe to help me to go with the flow of outcomes!

Pack Leader is another Essence that already has a much bigger mission than I anticipated. It is so wonderful to let go of my expectations about this one as your stories pour in. This week I have heard of Pack Leader being used for a person heading up a union negotiation, a woman running a conference of alpha dog males, a person solving some serious problems among work peers, and then of course there are those of you using it for what I thought it was going to be about, being pack leader with your dogs.


That situation is the easiest to photograph!

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