Bee Balm Sings its Song

One interesting thing Einstein said was that the consciousness that created a problem cannot solve the problem.

One of my kids said to me today, “Well then, how do I find a consciousness outside myself to solve this problem I am dealing with?” This question made me think how each kind of Flower tries to show us the specifics of the different consciousness it can offer us for our healing.

Here’s the Bee Balm in one of the perennial beds right now.

In this photograph, the Bee Balm is in the shadow of the Magnolia tree because it was early in the day when I took this photograph. However, Bee Balm has a strong presence in the mid summer garden, even when it is in the shade. It lets us know in no uncertain terms some of the qualities of its unique healing consciousness, a consciousness outside our ken and therefore potentially helpful to our problem solving.

Looking closer

and then closer, the ways Bee Balm indicates its healing gifts become more clear.

Like other members of the mint family, Bee Balm has four square stems. Consequently, its Flowers do not flop over in rain and wind. These stalks are fibrous, sturdy, and tough. They rise up through other Flowers so Bee Balm never gets lost in the garden. Bee Balm’s stalks help it have a dramatic presence in any landscape, standing steady and strong. This is one way Bee Balm indicates its unapologetic vibrational punch.

The Flower heads are showy both in their architecture and their color. The blossoms spike out in all directions. Sometimes one mighty spiked head is topped with another spiky head. The spiky shape of the blossoms and the Flower’s bold coloring are two other ways it reveals its gifts. Each tubular blossoms with its spiked tips reflect Bee Balm and its Essence’s ability to dig deeply.

You may recall from the Guide how Bee Balm describes itself as a cleanser of hidden electrical tangles. It offers its Essence as an ally in any situation where we feel weighed down by a difficulty that just doesn’t seem to want to move out from that dark corner where it is hiding. Bee Balm talks about its ability to find this hidden business and resolve the problem once and for all.

Bee Balm’s overall structure, color, and petal shape advertise these unique gifts . While it may have developed its healing strengths as a consequence of the environmental challenges it faced during its evolution, it has a consciousness of oneness and knows that in supporting us, it supports this oneness.

Therefore with obvious delight, it shines in the garden, sings its song, and offers the glory of all it has learned to all of us.

I am glad for the chance each growing season to renew my friendships with the Flowers whose Essences fill our shelves. Today, I am glad for Bee Balm’s zesty offer to show us its unique way to houseclean our energy systems. I am grateful to be reminded of its willingness to help us resolve our challenges be they fiery red emotional dilemmas or obscure but niggling difficulties that drain off our life force in unproductive ways.

And now to offer some Bee Balm Flower Essence to the child with that great question!

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