The Face that Launched a New Combination Essence


This little face. The ones with the soulful eyes. Sweet Reina, a name which in spanish means queen.

Only it was clear from hour one that what she needed was not to be Queen of us, but to have us, her new people, be calm assertive pack leaders to her and our burgeoning tribe of dogs, cats, and other creatures working and living at the farm.

Yes indeed……. Necessity is STILL the Mother of Invention. And this meant, as Reina entered our household….

it was time to make Pack Leader, a new combination Flower Essence.

So I sat with the Angels and had them compose this wonderful new Flower Essence mix to support us to be calm assertive pack leader to the tribe of animals and people in our care.

And how fast did this remedy come together? Lightning fast, as they always do when the time is right.

And I am in awe and wonder at the perfection of the ingredients. Take the ingredient Flowering Dogwood for example. The name is, of course, wonderful for a mix about being pack leader, but then so is its vibrational wisdom; “Flowering Dogwood Essence helps us express ourselves with measured calm, proportional reactions, emotional restraint and balance.”

That is being a good pack leader! And this Flower Essence is just one of the many helpful ingredients.

Typical of the Angels, they had people call immediately for this remedy, the very moment I had written down its ingredients!

But what always astounds me about this flow is that the reasons people need a new remedy are always so diverse. For example, the first person whom the Angels recommended I send Pack Leader to was a college professor dealing with a very unruly class.

The Angels describe Pack Leader as supporting us to anchor in our own inner authority and find within us the calm and confident assertive energy necessary to handle the animals and the people in our life with appropriate boundaries, clear expectations, and from a place of emotional balance. This made it PERFECT for this classroom situation as well as the more obvious pack leader situation in my life right now, the need to be pack leader for the three marvelous and spirited dogs here at the farm.


Reina with her number one pack leader, Elizabeth, in the rain at one of Will’s soccer games.

Pack Leader is made with grateful thanks to Cesar Millan who clarified for me the nature of a good pack leader. This new mix contains:
Ageratum “Red Sea”. Beech, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cardinal Flower, Cat’s Claw, Celandine, Chives, Corn, Cosmos, Delphinium, Dill, Dogberry, Eyes of Mary, Feverfew, Flowering Dogwood, French Grass, Ginger Thomas, Goldenrod, Gratitude, Indian Pipe, Lantana Involucrata, Lobelia Spicata, Maple, Orange Hawkweed, Partridgeberry, Red Chestnut, Teasel, St. David’s Rose, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Wintergreen

And it is ready to serve YOU and the pack in your care!

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