It’s a Grandpuppy!

This weekend saw the arrival of our first grandpuppy.


I am as besotted as a grandmother can be. Here is the adorable Reina arriving at the farm. It was her last day with her ears down. By the next morning she had them both up.

Reina is a siberian husky born to run, a perfect dog for Elizabeth whose idea of a walk is well… you know…walking across a country.

How we enjoyed Reina’s every moment this weekend ( except that moment when she ran over to the beehives to take a sniff and I had to tear in there after her to pull the annoyed bees off her ears).

Besides the bees, her world proved a most accomodating place.

Then today, the besotted fan base grew larger when all the staff aunties arrived to find Reina settled into the office for her first day.

Now everyone is officially gaga except for MayMay who retains the right to be miffed, even as she has been polite to the new arrival.


Oh Puppies!

PS Reina’s first Flower Essence mix, given to her for the first time when we loaded her into our car for the ride home from northern Vermont, contains New Beginnings, Anxiety, Animal Emergency Care, and Digestive Woes. No doubt the Angels will be tweaking that soon but so far, things are going swimmingly!

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