If a single mitten gathers dust in the forest, does it make any sound?

Thrilling news! Two brave souls actually read the first blog and weighed in.

Jan from NYC asked “ What DID you have for lunch?”
My answer? I don’t remember but Deb’s lunch was better than everyone else’s.

Laura from Bethesda commented “I have to laugh because over the last three or four days I have out of the blue been thinking about taking up KNITTING again! My first attempt was in Waldorf school — 5th grade — I made a pair of green mittens. They have always haunted me b/c I did a stellar job on the first mitten but lost focus and did a poor job on the other. I have always carried with me the feeling that the mittens represented my ability to do great things (mitten #1) and my equal ability to lose interest, flake out, and fail (mitten #2). Maybe reading of your knitting adventures will help me get past my age 10 emotions and try again”

Maybe not Laura! Though it may be a comfort to you to know that when I knit my first pair of mittens, I didn’t even get to mitten #2. I still have mitten #1 ( a fancy pink cabled affair) almost thirty years later just waiting for me to wrap up that project. ( And you wondered why it was called Green HOPE Farm).

In conclusion, you can count on me to lower standards. On the plus side, having faced the reality that I do not like knitting two of the same thing, I now knit both sleeves for a sweater at the same time so I don’t end up with sweaters with one sleeve. I call this second sleeve problem.

My children are already beginning their sentences with “This is not for the blog.” and the pile of paperwork next to my computer is exhibiting a rapid and unchecked growth pattern. Me, I am looking like the cheshire cat because I get to blog today!

PS Ben says that if you click on POST IT at the bottom of the blog you can post a comment right on the blog! Yahooo!

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