Slug Moats

Here in the rain forest, the shameless slugs munch 24/7

They are on every surface of every plant and a random sampling of them suggests that every last slug is healthy and gaining weight.

Additionally, they have proven untroubled by the enormous quantities of Sluggo that I have spread everywhere. In fact, this organic sugar coated iron pellet material said to stop slugs in their tracks appears to simply whet their appetite for their favorite food- tender young Red Shiso plants.

And so, in an act of sheer desperation, I have protected the last few Red Shiso plants left alive in the gardens with individual SLUG MOATS.

Each SLUG MOAT is a small plastic party cup with its bottom cut out ( Thank you William). Each encircles a sad little Red Shiso plant.

Will this work?

So far, so good. I have seen slugs trying to climb the slipper slopes of the SLUG MOATS. but none appear to have gotten up and over. Our crop may rebound yet. If not, we could try marketing SLUG MOATS. They work at least as well as all that Sluggo and they have a sort of catchy name. William are you ready with the scissors?


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