Fun in the Rain

A busy week. Rain a near constant companion. Joy too!


Here is Lizzy surveying the scene with her cousin Caroline, moments after receiving her college diploma amidst a torrential downpour. Note mended ankle!
Everyone, including cousin Taylor in her signature pink raincoat, beat a retreat across a lush landscape to the dance studio where the cousins celebrate with some improv dancing.


The next day, Sunday, Ben runs a half marathon. The rain begins again right after he finishes running.

There is a two day pause in rain storms on Monday and Tuesday with overcast skies perfect for planting. The Angels’ plans to have us plant the gardens this week prove inspired, as always. Emily, Lizzy and their friends Lilly Callahan and Anna Pierce Slive prove to be a joyful foursome of enthusiasm, humor, and zesty wisdom. I haven’t had this much fun planting the gardens in years! Here we are planting the main vegetable garden which this year is a series of concentric rings broken by three equidistant paths. From above, it looks sort of like a peace sign.
The center was all lettuce.

In addition to the lettuce in the center, this garden has beans, parsley, leeks, basil, squash, pumpkins, corn, zinnias, and red shiso planted in it this growing season.

Compared to many years, this garden is very simple in its design and I am grateful for this.

The fabulous foursome rests on their laurels for a victory photo when the first garden is DONE! We even have a few moments of blue in the sky!

May May also thinks she needs a rest after her arduous supervisory duties.

The next garden, planted on Tuesday, is a spiral of brassicas including cauliflowers, broccolis, cabbages, and brussel sprouts with the outside of the spiral several rings of potatoes.

Here is Lizzy planting tomatoes behind this crop of garlic. Peppers and Eggplants also went into spaces outside the bigger gardens.

A pause at dusk on Tuesday. Almost a real sunset but not quite.

On Wednesday Emily and I worked to put annuals in all the different Flower beds. It rained harder and harder but we kept at it until everything was planted. Tomorrow we plant the last of the big gardens that needs to be planted.

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