The Sheehan Men

Now that the full time census here is three men and one woman- at least until next week- there are some obvious points to be made.

The Sheehan Men. They like sports. Four days of US Open Golf on TV can drift into five and not just because of rain delays. And that’s a sports joke that I can only make because of an epic amount of golf viewing last weekend.

The Sheehan Men. Their obsession with little white dimpled balls is not just an arm chair activity. They plan to play 54 holes of golf this Saturday with a 4:30 am departure from the farm and a first tee time of 6 am on their favorite gold course in southern New Hampshire. I think the dogs and I will not see them off. Probably will be asleep when they return too.

The Sheehan Men. Because when golf in all its variations is put on the back burner, there is always soccer. A crowd (of men needless to say) is gathering at 2:45 today in front of our TV for the US versus Spain game. Apparently its not often that the US gets to be trounced by the best team in the world- only, like, every time they are in a tournament. But who is quibbling?

Because the other thing about the Sheehan Men is that they haul rocks. Lots of them. Even Will (whose main job is eating) found time to carry rock this morning in between bowls of ice cream. Not only do they haul rock, but they place it nicely. And they even look cheerful while heaving solid granite around as if tossing feather pillows.


But then, the smiles could just indicate they know game time is now only an hour away.

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