The Parade of Roses Begins

During the last couple of days Roses have begun to fill the gardens. Here’s a quartet that are bringing us pleasure.


Cardinal de Richelieu Rose, a key ingredient in “All Ego Contracts Null & Void” and a dynamo in its own right.
Will Baffin, one of the climbing Roses in “The Sacred Masculine” mix.


Henry Kelsey, also in “The Sacred Masculine” mix. This one shares an Arbor with Will Baffin, John Cabot, and John Davis ( and why exactly are all these Roses named after Canadian explorers?????)


Last for today is Alika Rose which anchors the corner of the Rose Garden. It nearly glows in the dark with such an intense energy and brilliance ( totally lacking in this picture- I begin to think I should only photograph Roses in the rain so their true colors can be seen).

I said I would try to keep you in Roses, so I will post this missive before doing another on our stonework project masterminded by Ben.

Right after I first posted this, I found this photo of Alika Rose taken on a cloudy day this week. Such a better representation of its saturated color! Let it be a reminder to me to follow through on taking these pictures with clouds and rain or early dawn light only!

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