The Angels on Grounding

A Green Hope friend named Mary asked me what I mean when I use the word Grounding.

I thought we would all learn more if I turned the discussion of Grounding over to the Angels of Green Hope Farm. The following is their words as received by me.

Angels: Grounding is not about anchoring to the material plane. Grounding is about anchoring to what is real and true and this does not include the material plane.

What is real and true? Few things that you see are real, but everything that is real is true.

We will forgo the riddles for a moment.

The truth is simple. God alone is real. Divinity alone is real. Love alone is real, No matter what word you choose to apply to what is real, it alone is real.

So grounding is a process of anchoring in the real, the timeless eternal God in everything.

How do you do this?

Your heart is the place to go. Your heart is anchored and in divinity more so than any other place in your life.

Other things and other people may be grounded in divinity, but you cannot ground through something else or someone else that is grounded. It must be your own connection.

This does not mean that you do not need wayshowers, other people and ideas guiding you to uncover what is real and what is not. You will need wayshowers, like the Green Hope Farm Flower Essence Grounding or a good spiritual teacher. The electrical patterns of wayshowers give you information that helps you on your journey to your own heart and to being grounded only in the real, but it is YOUR journey and you must take it. No one else can do it for you.

This gives you a litmus test for your spiritual journey. If some idea, person, or practice takes you out of yourself, away from the primacy of your own heart felt connection to divinity and leads you to rely on the practice or the person, then it is not leading you to divinity and it is not grounding you.

Most of humanity is in a swirl of ungrounded information in an ungrounded culture. Try to remember that all this is not real.

We offer you a metaphor that is timeless, even though it refers to a piece of equipment whose time has come and gone.

Consider a record on a record player. Consider this record turning at an accelerating speed. The experience of being grounded is like being at the center of a record where nothing is turning but everything is real. The experience of being ungrounded is like being out on the edge of the record while the record spins. It is easy to be in the center of the record. It is very hard to hold on from the record’s edge.

Anything that helps you ground will help you with that journey back to the center of the record where all is real. Anything ungrounding will keep you in the dizzy spinning place at the record’s edge, feeling like you are spinning out of control.

The good thing is that this spinning is not real. Nothing is real but the center of the record where divinity is. Even remembering this truth will help you back towards groundedness at the center. All things grounded, be they Flowers, their Essences, Teachers or their wise words will encourage you back to the center. All things ungrounded, and therefore not real, will not.

Molly: Why are Flowers and their Essences helpful grounding tools?

Angels: Consider the music of the spheres. The harmony of creation comes as each part of creation sings its unique song. Flowers know themselves to be divine, at the heart of creation, and part of all that is. They also know how to sing their unique songs. They sing in harmony with the music of the spheres.

Again, this does not mean you are to sing the same song as a Flower. It means that a Flower can offer you course corrections as you find your unique song.

This is really the aspect of grounding beyond the generic. When you are anchored in your divinity, it is not that you are nothing in a sea of nothingness. You are a unique expression of love in a sea of love. You have a song to sing, unique to you, in harmony with the whole of creation.

Flowers and their Essences guide you towards a remembrance of who you are and what your unique musical song is. They do this almost as a pitch pipe tunes an instrument. You play your musical song as best you can. A Flower or its Essence offers a musical vibrational note that helps you course correct towards a more refined expression of your true self’s song.

Then you play your song again. Other Flowers or their Essences help refine the tuning as needed. This is what good teachers do. They contain you. They help you see what you are and where what you do and how you express yourself falls away from your true self. They are pitch pipes for tuning the true self.

Like the Flowers or a wise teacher, we from the Angelic kingdom experience and contain the real you as well. We offer vibrations to help you tune to this true self. We too offer ourselves as wayshowers and companions for your journey to knowing self. The divine in us salutes the divine in you.

For example, if you have temporarily lost the bead on self kindness, we might bring to you the vibration of mercy. This vibration of mercy might remind you of a tender love that lives within you, a love not predicated on your mind’s idea of what is deserved or just. This vibration of mercy might help you find the place within where a similar love, something essential and eternally part of you, can be found.

In this way so many parts of your eternal self come forward to be remembered and the music grows sweeter with each remembering.

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