Labels and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

As we wait for the arrival of the new labels and logos, 120,000 strong all shipped from Nebraska last Friday, I continue with my Guide rewrite.

I am almost done my next to last read through. One project I have been working on while doing this edit is a document called, “Green Hope Farm Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns.” This list contains lots of healing concerns and my Flower Essence suggestions for these concerns. As I reread the Guide definitions, I cross check to make sure the Flower Essences are in the categories they need to be listed in, a process that has improved this list considerably.

This list has been in process for a few years but has become a big focus for us this winter. I am sure I will feel called to improve it almost daily, but it is a pretty comprehensive and helpful document right now.

If you want a copy of this new baby ” Green Hope Farm Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns”, please ask for it and this will get me to cut the cord and let it be born.

It is a pretty large document of fifty plus pages. You may want to get it by email so you can keep it on your desktop to print out or not as the case may be. We remain happy to check with the Angels and also look to this document for you if you don’t want to wrestle with this beast, but it is an interesting read! Every one of us in the office has put a lot of loving attention into this list.

I hope it proves a blessing to each person’s search for the most supportive Flower Essences.

Additionally, this list is going to go up on the website very soon.

Webmaster Ben and graphic design Goddess Jess have the new home page built ( but not launched) and are beginning to fill in the pieces. We will load all articles onto the site including this wonderful new list. For the first time the additional Essence list, formerly known as our research list, also will be found online. Once I have finished the edit of the Guide, Ben is going to give me a template so that I can put the current definition for each of the Flower Essences in the Guidebook onto the website too.

Is your head spinning? Mine is. And guess what? While I was writing this blog, the new labels arrived! Here is Jess, graphic design Goddess unpacking some of the boxes!


It’s now a week since I thought this blog was posted……. Something has gone mysteriously wrong again with the blog uploads……. Since last week, Iwe have begun to send out by email and mail the “Flower Essence Suggestions for Common Concerns” list!

We also began the process of changing over to the new labels. Lynn had QUITE the list of labels to write this week- and we began to use these new labels on new inventory- it will be awhile before we aren’t occasionally dipping into old labels because Lynn can only do so much, but we all ooohhh and aaahhhh every time a box with some new labels go out-

So I have put in a call to Ben to see if he can help me get this blog to post and then I hope to hear from more of you wanting this list- I am ready to let it roll!

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