April Projects

April is mostly about one thing for me. Weeds. Here is my weed pile from Friday’s weeding. At lunch today I went out in the rain and looked at where I had weeded on Friday. Not a good idea. Every last weed I missed has multiplied tenfold. At least I know what I will be doing when it stops raining.


One of our garden ponds has been more than a little green, as in day glow green. After much research into algae management and also a lost season with a barley ball that floated around the pond and did nothing to improve water clarity, Ben decided to install this rube goldberg UV filter to see if it will do the job of cleaning the water.

Within a day, the green was gone, but so far we are not sure this gray is a whole lot better.


Ben tore out the stone wall and plans to rebuild it with the UV filter inside the rock wall. Hopefully all this dead algae that has turned the water gray will now settle out and we will have that sparkling clear pond of our dreams. Good news is that the resident goldfish and koi in the pool seem unfazed in the face of changing water conditions.

On Saturday, before a lovely rain began, Ben and Will, with May May supervising, potted up our new grape cuttings for our “vineyard”. Maybe someday we will make our own vinegar for our Flower Essences!


William was in charge of writing the labels. As soon as the grapes were in their pots and the next job was transplanting the 6 zillion seedlings in the greenhouse into six packs, the place cleared out. Transplanting broccoli seedlings just doesn’t have the cachet of putting up grape cuttings for a vineyard.

When it started to rain, I sat down and finished a pair of socks for my wonderful six year old niece Taylor. What have I been thinking knitting adult socks when I could be whipping out many more socks for little feet? Taylor picked the wool. I hoped she would like that each sock was a bit different than the other. Looks like she does!

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