Autumn Flowers and their Flower Essences

French Marigold

Here at the farm, frosts have begun their work of closing down the growing season and autumn leaves, without much fanfare, have fallen to the ground brown and crisp.

Broccoli in the lower vegetable garden

As I work my way through various gardens, preparing for winter, I am struck by the tenacious and audacious Flowers of autumn.

Calendula with a sleepy bumblebee

Whereas the maple, beech and birch trees have given up the ghost, many Flowers are at their most beautiful. Defying the inevitable, they declare themselves without regret or restraint.

Pink Grootendorst Rose

Flowers have no ego. They neither edit their self expression or put on a show to make a point. There is no self aggrandizing. There is no false modesty. They simply express who they are, and we all get to benefit from this life affirming act.


I can think of no better Flower Essences to embrace in any autumnal season in our lives than autumn Flower Essences. They linger in the joy of being themselves. With complete abandon, they shine their radiant colors undiminished by a brown, maroon and gray landscape. They live in the now.


So here’s to autumn Flowers who set such a joyous example for us to be our sweet imperishable selves no matter the temporary form our physical bodies take. Here’s to the Flowers of autumn that encourage to be fearless and free in all our endeavors. Here’s to the autumn Flowers who empower us to be true to ourselves.