An Excellent Question that led to thoughts on Following Guidance

An e-mail to Green Hope Farm begins:

Hi to one and all!

I am enjoying my new essences but I had a weird question:

If I’m reading your material correctly, it seems like a little bit of essence has the same information as a large amount of that same essence. (The story that comes to my mind is where someone doses their water bottle and, without emptying it completely, tops up that bottle throughout the day.) If I’m correct in understanding this concept, then what would be the benefit of making mixtures of 9 drops Essence A, 12 drops Essence Q, etc.? I have a feeling I’m missing something here and I’d appreciate your help in understanding this.

Thanks in advance for your help and warm wishes to you all.

Dear Paul,
This is one of the mysteries of Flower Essences that I have no answer for. You are right in your statement that a little bit of Flower Essence is the same as a lot. You are right that topping off a water bottle, when you are just about out of water, works well and is a great thing to do.

HOWEVER, I have always, always been guided to use various drop amounts while assembling mixes for folks or when putting Essences in my own water glass. I have no idea WHY. Sometimes, if I am not paying careful enough attention, the Angels literally ask me to do a mix over to get the dropper amounts right.

So there is is. I know that this matters, but I do not know why.

So much of what I do, I have no answers for the why.

Once the Angels asked me to pick vegetable baskets for all my neighbors. When I got to each of their yards to leave the vegetable baskets, the Angels asked me to sit and meditate in each yard. I did this.

That night, we had a tornado come through our neighborhood. As it came over the nearest mountain towards our neighborhood, the tornado changed its course and moved just south of our whole neighborhood, As it passed the last house where I had been asked to sit and meditate, it returned to its original course. The tornado took down all the trees in its path for several miles.

While I often do not get such drama reinforcement for following mysterious directions, I often get some glimmer of reinforcement. These glimmers and the overall experience I have had of the impeccable wisdom and love of our Angel guides keeps me following, as best I can, all their guidance about little and big things.

All Blessings, Molly

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