Fax in our Time

It’s an Upgrade.

Three words I dread.

This time they spilled from the lips of thirteen year old Will. Our early era fax stopped working a few weeks ago and the consensus was that this had happened because our fax was too old to be fixed and that a new fax was necessary.

This all proved to be not true.

The old fax , the one I understood, was fine. It was a problem with the phone lines. The UPS computer shares the phone line with the fax and to use technospeak, the UPS computer hogs the line.

But this fun fact was discovered AFTER Will and Jim had treated “me” to a four function fax gizmo more complicated than the control panels on the first five cars I owned.


And after untold hours trying UNSUCCESSFULLY to get this new fax to work, while listening to fax calls from you get cut off, I went for a 1957 solution. I unplugged the UPS computer phone line. Now it gets plugged in once a day when we send our day’s end data to UPS.

Now we get crabby messages from UPS about our communication problems, but we also get faxes from you again. Whew!

Out in the fall gardens, I understand my tasks better.


Enjoy the seed pods.


No technospeak necessary.

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