Mollyanna Weighs in on Woolly Times

People ask me why I don’t write much anything about worldly events.

If I did, it would probably be variations on the good news, bad news, who knows? genre. One reason for this is that I have noticed that whenever I weigh in with some sour judgment about anything, I find myself walking in the shoes of the opposite point of view in the next nano second. Instant karma! Just add judgment! Elizabeth also seems to experience this syndrome with great regularity. No sooner does she say she is not interested in traveling and thinks she is done with Europe than she finds herself on a plane to Spain.

There is another reason for my growing conviction that I have no idea if anything is ever bad news.

I spend much of my time either out in the garden up to my elbows in Flowers or talking to Flowers as I write about them. In either case, I do whatever I am doing while also sipping the vibration of Flowers from a mason jar of water and Flower Essences. This makes me a honeybee an advertisement for how poorly all these new eco detergents work a Flower Child.

As a Flower Child, I find myself immersed in the Flowers’ constant joy and optimism to the point where it becomes my own vibration as well. This makes for odd cocktail party chat as most people think a Pollyanna like me is deranged. Therefore, it is probably a good thing I am no longer invited to any cocktail parties ( though this comment will no doubt bring in a few invites- Whatever will I wear? Something with grass stains.)

Okay, I really DID have a sensible reason for writing today.

This morning I worked on the Desert Flower Essence section in the next Guide. We plan to reprint the Guide in early 2009. This gives me the next few months to rewrite the whole book, section by section. Part of our work is to create new logos for each collection. I give you a sneak peak of the logos for the Desert Flower Essences.


This is a photograph of a computer print out of the art so it doesn’t do the logos justice at all, but it does give a hint of the exciting artistic adventure we are on with the help of our new graphics person, Jessica Miller.

As I worked on the Desert Flower Essence section, it was hard to miss how helpful these Flower Essences are for these times. I thought I would share with you the photos of just a couple of these Desert Flower Essence gems and also mention their timely strengths once again.


Desert Gold helps us know the abundant flow of the generous universe even in what appear to be times of scarcity or lack.


Purplemat helps us know less can be more and experience contentment with what is.


Desert Chicory helps us to trust the healing flow of our lives, collectively and individually.


Arizona Lupine helps us make the most of available resources in circumstances of apparent lack and also tap more deeply into our own inner strengths.


Desert Forget-Me-Not helps us remember our selves before difficulties left their mark, and helps us reclaim our joy and delight in the world and our sense of the world as a gift unfolding before us, not a punishment to be endured.

And then there are the Woolly Woolly twins, Woolly Easter Bonnets and Woolly Margiold. These two are certain support for these Woolly Times.


Woolly Easter Bonnets, shown here, helps us find the divine gift of cheerfulness when daily life is difficult while Woolly Marigold helps us not only acclimate but flourish and thrive with grace and generosity in seemingly barren or desolate circumstances.

Really, is it any wonder I keep my nose buried in Flowers and hydrate with Flower Essences? Tough times call for more Flowers. That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

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