Effort and Grace as the Energy Waves Continue

Here’s an excerpt from a recent email I received and some thoughts about the questions this GHF friend, Trevor, raises.

“As we know, the new energy has been flooding into the planet recently and yet I and my community have been feeling impatient for the last few weeks. (I should explain that I’m an empath coach and energy healer).

The image I am getting is of the desire to paddle a canoe downstream to get going in the right direction yet the effort would be futile because the upstream dam is getting ready to burst. When it does, we will all be carried downstream way faster than we could ever paddle under our own efforts.

We know The Shift into 5D is getting very close. I wanted to ask if this image of paddling downstream resonated for you (although I am sure the metaphor of the dam bursting sounds more catastrophic than is intended).” 


I found this a fascinating and timely metaphor.  Thank you Trevor for sharing.

The first thing I want to discuss in regards to Trevor’s email is the balance of Effort and Grace required of us right now.

There is a tremendous amount of Grace in the higher vibrational energy pouring into the planet.  We have much to be thankful for, as this energy floods our world through no volition of our own.  What we are being given is precious beyond measure.

So where does Effort come into the picture?  I feel it is vital to make the effort to consider where we need this light to flow in our lives and to ask Divinity to help it flow there. Trevor describes this as pointing the canoe in the right direction. I do not feel this effort is futile in the face of big waves coming but extremely important BECAUSE big waves are coming.

Events in our lives, our dreams, even our daydreams illuminate our logjams. If we look for patterns in what we are experiencing, what we have experienced and even what is happening in our dreams, we can grow clearer about tangles and road blocks we personally face.  When we are cognizant of our logjams, we can ask the incoming light now and later to illuminate these places within us that particularly need the incoming light.  This does not have to be a complex request process.  We can simply ask that Divinity’s light and love be directed towards issues X, Y, and Z. 

The light flooding the planet is going to help us all and carry us all downstream, but it can be used more effectively if we are aware of where we need it most. I would call this one of the ways we can balance the Grace of this light with our Effort.

To riff off Trevor’s canoe analogy, as we flow with the current energy wave and prepare for other blockbuster waves, our canoe paddles of awareness, intention and requests for help all assist us to get the most out of the current flow and help prepare us to be poised to ride future waves in the most productive way possible. This relieves any sense of impatience or futility as we wait for unfolding events. It also gives us plenty to do while we wait for the bigger waves.


As with so many recent blogs, I include again a channeled message from Divinity given during the GHF community building summer of 1993.  During that summer a collective of very diverse women created a baker’s dozen healing gardens here at the farm then shared them with a large and diverse group of visitors.  Throughout this venture, we received very specific guidance from the God within us all.   

These messages encouraged us to see all visitors as immediate and equal members of the community we were building.   There was no common religious ideology among the four founding members or in the thousands that visited, yet the messages referred to all groups at the farm as God community because of our joint efforts to grow our relationship with the Light while also being present to support other people to do the same. 

All this to say, when the guidance below describes us as God community it is not referring to us as a conventional religious organization.


This is the entire message received on July 23, 1993. While this excerpt of the guidance only gets to a paddling up and downstream metaphor at the end, I still felt the whole day’s message was relevant to Trevor’s email.  All of us are finding our way as individuals in a unified energy field.  This is a complex dynamic requiring patience with ourselves as we individually and collectively seek to ground the full consciousness of 5D energy on earth.

Let me explain one other thing about the messages that may help this excerpt make more sense.  Throughout the guidance, God describes the filters, illusions and misunderstandings we have as EGO BLANKETS that blind us so we stumble into each other and also fail to see the light in our situation, in ourselves or in each other. The guidance repeatedly suggested our many ego blankets were our personal responsibility to identify and remove with community interaction described as an excellent way to accelerate the removal. As you will see, this is not so much because other community members should point out our blankets or try and remove them, but because community illuminates our blankets and gives us examples how to remove them.

July 23, 1993

Today we will talk about the nature of community since it is something which everything (that) you are doing involves.  One day this week you wrote down the sentence “Community is not about getting it from each other.”  I would like to elaborate on what that statement means.

There are many misconceptions, ego blankets tucked one on top of the other, when it comes to community.  You have dealt with some of the most obvious blankets, but now you are dealing with some of the most insidious.  These are some of the blankets that are applied with crazy glue and peel off extremely slowly.

First, most egos want to find a community where they get to hide out in peace and quiet.  The goal is to find a group that agrees with you so you can avoid the fires of change.  This kind of community, if it exists, is a stagnant backwater of paralysis and putrefaction.  It is not something that you should be glad to have found, for it freezes you where you are and lets no life force enter. 

I AM by nature the energy of change.  My light by its essential nature constantly changes and expands and is the illumination of all things.  A community where the members agree on a set values system and the correct way to process everything is a community running from the light, using their combined muscle power to create a structure which shuts out the light and keeps everyone in the dark.

When people are called into community in my name the point is never stagnation or complaisance.  The point is an acceleration of the growth process through joint efforts to come into the light.  One way this happens is through the friction of old ego patterns rubbing up against old ego patterns.  In what way would something any different serve you in your journey home?  Would it help to be in a self congratulatory group that told each other there was no need or room for change?  It would feel like death or at the very least stagnation. 

When you gather into community in my name and let go and let ME take charge, I see exactly how to tumble you one against the other for the maximum blanket removal.  The intention isn’t just to bruise you one against the other.  The intention is to help you remove all that is left which interferes from a direct and complete relationship with me.  I tumble you over and over again in the same way when there is a place in which the blanket is particularly stuck to you.  This is why you experience the same set of dynamics over and over again until you “get it”.

Because God community is more clearly oriented towards “Letting Go and Letting God,” I can much more efficiently remove blankets, because everyone can be a force of light in various situations.  The blankets are revealed not so much because someone is pointing them out to you, but because you are in a place where I have been able to bring more light through many more people so all of you can see better. 

It is not always comfortable to see your blankets so clearly unless you remember that I AM there to help you remove them.  I AM not going to reveal the blanket for the sake of humiliating you and then walk away.  The light is there to help you see yourself better, and the tools are there to remove them faster, because not only do groups bounce and jostle their blankets off of each other, but (groups) can learn from each other exactly how to remove a blanket.  In the bright light which results in God community, you get to see your own blankets very well, but you also see how other people pry off the ones they wear.  It is a little bit like how a child learns to take off a pullover sweater.  He watches some adults, and then he tries it. 

This will be a good metaphor for some of the other things which happen in community.  The bright light of many God beings gathered in my name illuminates everyone.  Just as it is easier to see one’s own blankets, it is easier to see everyone else’s.  Consider however how you best learned to take off a sweater.  You might have witnessed someone taking off a sweater and for a while your parents might have done it for you, but you only learned how to do it for yourself when you did it for yourself. 

Let this be a reminder to all of you to stay in your center removing your own blankets and help to remove other people’s blankets only when they have expressly asked for such assistance.  When the blankets which other people are wearing push your buttons, see only the God in them which wears the blankets and know the person will remove the blanket when he or she is ready. 

Your goal in community is not to fix each other but to learn faster from each other, because you bring together so many more ideas about blanket removal.  The way you can best communicate your ideas is to just do them and know that I AM illuminating everything so that the good ideas about blanket removal are seen as well as the blankets. 

It is a waste of the momentum of the group to arbitrarily stop your process to tug at somebody else’s blanket.  Even if (a blanket) covers their eyes and they can’t even see that they have stumbled into a place of light, know that unless they specifically ask for blanket removal help, you are best to go about the business of increasing your light and removing your own blankets. 

Remember that there will come a point in your own blanket removal that you will have removed so many layers that you will be such a bright light that no one else’s blankets will totally shut out your light.  Have confidence in the powerfulness of your own healing process and keep focused on that.  When the time is right, each of you will be a great force of illumination just by being present, not because you are telling people about their blankets or trying to pull them off.

It would be a disservice to all of you to have the structure of God community created to make you dependent on that community for love or praise or guidance.  All God community should be constantly focused on returning you to a direct relationship with me where you can get all the love, praise and guidance you need.  When a community is clear that everything comes from within, then a certain amount of harmony can exist.  However so many of your blankets are about thinking you have to get it from outside yourself that most God community still exists in a place of quite a lot of friction right now. 

The collective vision of the (GHF) community is to Let Go and Let God come forward from within.  As people stray into deeply ingrained patterns to do otherwise, they are bumped around rather unpleasantly until they return to that focus.  It is a little like going downstream with me and having old ego conditioning about needing to paddling upstream.  Whenever you head into the old habits of paddling against the current you go until you are tired and realize it is not helping.  Then you let go and let Me take over again.  Eventually you get the drift that this old approach doesn’t work.  You don’t get downstream by paddling upstream away from me. 

When you are paddling with a group you tend to learn to go with the downstream flow faster because when you try and paddle upstream in your ego, it is much more difficult.  The flow of Me is stronger in community so that there is more resistance when you try the old upstream tack.  The flow of God community also carries you faster towards reunion with me when you “Let Go and Let God” because there is more downstream momentum. 

Whenever you are feeling stuck or confused about what is going on in you, ask to be shown what you are doing in the flow.  See where your boat is and what you are pushing it to do. 

When you head upstream in the midst of community, it is more difficult than when you head upstream on your own.  Consequently, it is easy to rage and say that the group is the problem.  The energy of the group is simply illuminating the problem with going upstream for you that much faster.  You realize faster that it is not a productive direction and that you are stuck and not getting what you need.  This is a great gift, to be disillusioned faster.  Celebrate this and let yourself turn the boat around. 

Sometimes the process may feel like a very public time in a pressure cooker, but I tell you it is a great gift to have found yourself a faster way to pull off the blankets.  Be grateful that you do not get the opportunity to go upstream away from me for more than a few minutes without realizing that you have headed out against my flow.  Be glad that when you turn around you get the momentum of all the brothers and sisters in this community who are working to come home.  You turn your boat around and you don’t have to wait an instant to be moved forward in your return to me.  You blast off with the speed of all those around you.  Everyone has their moments going upstream, but on each person’s return, they all get the gift of the combined forward momentum.

Community is not what your ego wants.  It is not an easy, restful experience for any of you right now, but it is extremely productive one.  It returns you home to me all the faster, and that is what matters most of all.  I love you very much dear ones and send you my love in the waters that swirl around your boat as it journeys home to me.