Baby Blue Eyes and Honeybees in the White Hawthorn Flower Essences

Baby Blue Eyes blossoms

It is always fascinating to notice big spikes of interest in a certain Flower Essences.  Each week there will be a couple of Flower Essences that step into the limelight with an unusually large number of requests for these friends.  This week we have been flooded with orders for Honeybees in the White Hawthorn and Baby Blue Eyes.

Honeybees in the White Hawthorn is made when the White Hawthorn tree in the perennial garden blossoms and every Honeybee from miles around comes to partake in its blossoms.  The noise of the Honeybees is so loud that we can hear it from all over the gardens. When we make the Flower Essence each spring, we sit a bowl of White Hawthorn blossoms in water up in the branches of the tree and ask that the vibration of the Honeybees be as much a part of the Flower Essence as the White Hawthorn blossoms.

A shaman from South America told me he slept with a beehive under his pillow so that he could benefit from the healing properties of the Honeybee’s sound vibration.  This was the original impetus for making this Flower and Honeybee moment in the garden into a Flower Essence.

The first time I went to consider the strengths of the Flower Essence, I felt the Essence would help people’s energy systems in the same way that Honeybees serve the land they work. 

Honeybees do essential work to balance the energies on land.  There is nothing random about where Honeybees go or why they go there.  Yes, it often concerns collecting nectar and pollen but it is also more than that.  Just as they will sting someone to release a fear, anger or intense emotion, they go to places on land where the energy is low and work to raise its vibration with their light.

When we first sent Honeybees in the White Hawthorn into the world, we felt it would help people and animals balance their inner energetic landscape much as Honeybees balance land. That proved to be an understatement.  This Essence bears so many gifts and helps us in such profound ways.  To see it fly out of here in such numbers is deeply heartening because it means people are being called to balance their inner landscapes in this time of outer turmoil. 

Our inner landscape is the only territory we have the volition and ability to deeply affect.  I can think of no more powerful way to approach the chaos of these times than to harness the vibrational model of the Honeybee to heal and balance our inner landscape.  The White Hawthorn Flower adds a deep note of healing the heart chakra which makes this combination of support from this Flower and the Honeybees an incredible healing duo.

Sun setting through branches of the White Hawthorn

To begin with I was puzzled by the flood of Baby Blue Eyes orders.  On the face of it, the Sovereignty Set seemed to offer similar support to Baby Blue Eyes, but obviously that wasn’t so because in addition to the Sovereignty Set, many were clamoring for Baby Blue Eyes too. What is going on that requires the extra support of Baby Blue Eyes? What is Baby Blue Eyes’ unique gift that dovetails with the Sovereignty set right now?

Here is the description from the website.

Baby Blue Eyes , Veronica chamaedrys

Spiritual resilience, knowing our value

Baby Blue Eyes helps us find a kind of spiritual toughness. This spiritual toughness is not to be confused with defensiveness. Instead, Baby Blue Eyes promotes the flexible, resilient, and detached energy of knowing who we are, knowing our own value and being able to experience what happens to us without taking any of it personally.

-Children LOVE this Flower Essence because it addresses a specific situation children repeatedly face; the experience of having their inner wisdom discounted.

Reading this illuminated why we might need Baby Blue Eyes so much right now.  We are bone weary.  We have been through a rough couple of years. We would like a rest, but instead events around us speed up and require more of us than ever before.  Daily patterns, institutions, people and other things we thought of as ordinary unwavering realities that we could depend on have fallen away or apart. We can’t lean on them.  More things fall apart every day.  We have to find a way to ground ourselves, but not to societal structures we once counted on because they are going, going, gone.

Then to what do we ground?

Baby Blue Eyes offers a way forward.  The Angels choice of vocabulary in all the Essence definitions is so intentional.  Here they articulate the territory of Baby Blue Eyes support- Spiritual Resilience.  They note this is toughness without defensiveness.  We won’t easily get through this time if we defensively dig into what was.  For one thing, those structures and self concepts are no longer there for us to dig into. 

So we need detachment, to literally let go of structures we thought would always be there or ideas about who we are that have proven limited or false.  Various forces try to pull us back into defunct self definitions, but we can’t go back there.  The terrain where those things seemed true doesn’t exist anymore and always was a distortion of ourselves.  It is time for an expanded experience of ourselves that knows who we are, and grounded in this truth, doesn’t take what others do or say personally.

We have to cross over from thinking we are confined by the limits of what appears to be going on to take our place as so much more.

What we call reality is just stage set earth. The roles we play are just a small sliver of who we are.  We are so much bigger than the parts we play.  Dear Baby Blue Eyes helps us ground in this new radically bigger self definition of self as Divinity in a sea of Divinity.  Baby Blue Eyes helps us hold onto this truth and not let go when others would try and pull us back into the old, tired and dead game.

I am so grateful for all you requesting these two Flower Essences this week.  What a gift to be called back to these two beloved Flower Essences and work with them during this time.  I salute all who listened to the call of these two Flower Essences and go forward seeking an expanded self definition. I say Bravo to all of you!